Best Wedding Gifts For This Wedding Season

Weddings are joyous occasions. Family, friends, and colleagues all gather around a happy couple on this auspicious event to celebrate their new beginning together. In most countries, it’s a tradition for guests to bring gifts along with their best wishes for the new couple as they start this journey in life together.

However, choosing a gift can be tedious and tricky, especially in our country where the wedding season extends over almost six months. Each time you go to a wedding, you have to buy a gift that resonates with your best wishes towards this new couple. It is quite natural to run out of ideas as you want your gift to not only be practical and aesthetically pleasing, but also memorable. Of course, you can always take the easy way out and hand them some money in an envelope, as per tradition. Except, a gift like that is neither personal nor memorable.

If you are looking for inspiration to buy wedding gifts that are memorable and express your warmest wishes towards the couple, you have come to the right place. Here’s our list for the best wedding gifts for Indian wedding seasons:

  • Romantic Getaway Voucher

Romantic Getaway Voucher

What newly-wedded couple wouldn’t love an extended honeymoon period? You can gift it to them by giving them a voucher for a romantic getaway. As they start on their new journey together, this is the time they can get to know each other without the stress of regular life. They can be carefree, away from the eyes of well-intentioned but invasive relatives. It can be a day at the beach or a night in the arms of a mountain range. Either way, you can never go wrong with a romantic getaway for the newly-wedded couple.

  • Cookware

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A newly married couple needs all the help they can get. After all, they are starting on a new journey together. Be a part of their journey by giving them quality cookware that will set up the foundation of their new home and be a part of their household for years to come. Like they say, a couple that cooks together stays together. Try to invest in something that combines style and functionality.

  • Couples Spa Day
Couples Spa Day

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Spa days are awesome because it lets you take a relaxing break from the hectic schedule of life. Imagine sharing this day with your partner— both getting massages, soaking in a hot tub, or getting a mud facial. It sounds like the ultimate paradise for a busy couple who may soon have to return to normal lives once the wedding fever fades out. It lets them take a break from the hassles of regular life and just relax in each other’s company.

  • Bedding Sets

Bedding Sets

It is a common tradition in India to give a new bedding set to newly-weds. It symbolizes union and society’s blessings. Therefore, if you do decide to give the new couple a bedding set, make sure you pick out something unique like the ones featured in the Toujours Collection by SPACES. Investing in quality bedding like the ones from Toujours Collection by SPACES  enriches the couple’s experience of living together, making their journey more exciting than ever.

Each bedding set from the Toujours collection by SPACES comes in a stylish box, featuring one super-king bed sheet, pillow covers, two Euro shams, one comforter, and one decorative cushion. It comes in a variety of rich colors like Sangria, Midnight Blue, Scarlet, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Grey, Ivory, and Beige.

  • His And Her Beauty Products
His And Her Beauty Products

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Gone are the days when beauty products were confined to “for women’s use only”. Nowadays, we see a lot of products in the market that is not only gender-neutral but is specifically targeted towards male consumers. You can take advantage of this and give the new couple an assorted hamper of his and her beauty products. It can range from beard oil to smooth waxing strips or even disposable face masks. You can handpick the products according to the couple’s specific needs and even add a personal note to the hamper.

  • Assorted Baked Goods And Tea Box
Assorted Baked Goods And Tea Box

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If a couple has a shared love for food, an assorted box of baked goods and tea will be a cherished gift. You can personalize the hamper by picking out some of the couple’s favorite desserts from their favorite bakery or the cafe they first met at. It can be an assortment of the couple’s favorite kind of chocolate too. Don’t forget to add some flavored tea leaves to the hamper that complement these desserts.

Putting a little bit of thought into what you gift someone makes a world of difference. Choose something that can make their new lives easier and more comfortable. The design and presentation of the bedding sets featured in the Toujour collection by SPACES are grand but not gaudy, making it the perfect gift for stylish newlyweds who are looking forward to starting their journey of love.

Do you have a wedding gift idea that we missed on this list? If so, let us know in the comments below.