8 Unique Wedding Gifts to Stock A New Couple's Bar

Customarily, it seems that for the most part, people’s understanding of wedding gifts for couples seems to be limited to articles of clothing, or a myriad number of cosmetic products; accessories to help start off the new couple’s kitchen ventures (that admittedly has some wonderful selections, which are not limited to several varieties of tupperware), and funny keychain holders that play on the lock and key metaphor with all the frivolity that is associated with a great sense of humour. Thankfully, we have more choices that we can explore. If you really want to help out the newly-wed couple, then you have to ensure that at least they don’t have to grumble about bad cocktails or glass of single malt that has coke poured in to it.

Who needs a kitchen, when you have a first class bar setup that will help ease the couple into their hopefully holy matrimony. Other than glasses, shakers and bar surfaces, there are a host of things you can get. Scroll down to imbibe some flavour, and impart the gift of good taste – wrapped in the finest glass, poured from and mixed in the best shaker, poised to make your day and sublimate yourself in to life. Here are the best bar themed wedding gifts for couples:

1. Shot Glasses with a Different Impact

Unique Wedding Gifts - Shot Glasses with a Different Impact

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Avoid being run of the mill, and gift your favourite couple a set of glasses with a difference. The Urban Chakkar Transparent Fist Slammers Shot Glass pack, which comes in a set of 4, is ideal for those wild tequila nights. Approach the zenith of happy, salubrious inebriation in fine style, and imagine all the fun you’ll have while doingdrunk drunken Hulk impressions. You never know where that will lead; if you’re lucky it will be something like: Purple pants, purple pants; ripping tearing purple pants, on the floor.

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2. The Ultimate Curio- Conversation and Utility!

Unique Wedding Gifts - The Ultimate Curio- Conversation and Utility!

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Show your depth of emotion with this touchingly personal and thoughtful gift. A custom made Anniversary Wine Box can hold your wishes for them, literally even. Why stop at 5 years, when you can start with it? Place increasingly mature vintages of vine in the slots, and let the couple taste a future that the couple have earned though the strength of a commitment that will stand decades. It can be presented proudly near the bar and ensure conversations for ages to come.

3. Helpful Coloured Knick-Knacks

Unique Wedding Gifts - Helpful Coloured Knick-Knacks

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If your friends like having a lot of their friends over, and everyone’s at least an amateur sommelier, then after the first bottle of white has been cleaned out people are going to have trouble remembering their glasses of heady wine. The Mastrad Glass Markers set, which comes as a package of 12 pieces, will help you sort out the problem, literally. Coming in a range of colours from orange, black, red, yellow, green and blue, these things won’t lead you aglass. Did anyone say thoughtful wedding gifts?

4. Bottling It All Up Isn’t Always Bad


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There are few tragedies that shake the soul as much as stale wine. Let’s not get into it, it’s a horrible thing. Help your newly-wed friends to avoid this hassle by gifting them the AG Heart Shaped Wine Bottle Stopper which will commemorate their love.

5. Directions For a Lifetime

Unique Wedding Gifts - Directions For a Lifetime

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The Best Craft Cocktails, a grimoire of secret techniques and tricks composed by master bartender Jeremy LeBlanc, this one is self-explanatory. Full Monty, Afternoon Delight, Silk Panty Martini, Buttery Nipple, Sex on the Beach, Menage a Trois, Between the Sheets, Climax. You get the gist.

6. The Tools Maketh The Drink

Unique Wedding Gifts - The Tools Maketh The Drink

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Aid your friends’ mixologist leanings with this stunning set of bar tools. Done in elegant steel and wood finishing, this Orb set of stirrer, whisk, muddler, long spoon and tongs will help them in crafting superbly sublime alcoholic concoctions for a long time coming; and will further lend their vintage air of class to elevate their home bar.

7. Bar Fundamentals

Unique Wedding Gifts - Bar Fundamentals

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Before they can move on to using professional tools such as whisks and muddlers, every bar owner needs to be in possession if their foundation stones. The perfect gleaming tower that represents the pinnacles of mixology is held up by surprisingly humble creations. The stepping stones towards any greater cocktail are made up from a thorough understanding of these things: a jigger (a peg measure, for the uninitiated) to pour out your base; a cocktail shaker – now coming in some fantabulous designs, other than your basic models, they can now add aesthetics to functionality; a cocktail strainer which is employed to remove ice from the shaker, this of course only being a necessity if your shaker doesn’t come with one that is built in, though you do of course find the numerous few who prefer the utility of a strainer with a tight spring; a hand juicer to fully utilise the zest and power of fresh fruits, it allows you to squeeze your flavours into your concoctions; and last, and perhaps the least of this august company is the humble speed pour, which allows you pour straight from the bottle without any spillage while ensuring measurements that are on the dot, or to the ml as it were. One of the quintessential wedding gifts for couples who are so inclined.

8. The Inception – The Spirits of the Bar

Unique Wedding Gifts - The Inception – The Spirits of the Bar

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Truly, it can be said that if you have all the things mentioned above and you do not find yourself in possession of at least one bottle of alcohol, then you are indeed clapping with one hand. Given that your friends are already into fermented spirits because this is why you considered getting them something of this ilk, then you can add to their collection with a bottle or two of the choicest liquors and liqueurs available. Rather than going for a normal run-of-the-mill base spirit, give them something that they’ll both appreciate and feel good about having. You can perhaps have them try out some liqueurs that would complement their choice of base spirit; consider: Amaretto, the legendary sweet-bitter liqueur of love from the land of the lusty Italians; or some Kahlua or Baileys, both are amazing cream-based choices. If your friends are very serious however about learning all the subtle nuances of taste, then get them some bitters; Angostura is a standard one, the tried and trusted choice.