Best Wedding Decoration Hire-Worthy Curios: Dream Décor On Your D-Day

Weddings are expensive affairs. Getting the best wedding planners and décor experts will cost you a bomb! But for couples getting hitched, all is not lost. We live in the post-industrial ‘knowledge society’. You can do without the planner if you have to.


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#Rescue Team: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are here! They expose us to new ideas every day and are popular among brides-to-be for wedding inspiration. After deciding on the wedding theme and budget, the next question couples face is whether they need to buy or hire?

#Truism: Like Christmas decorations or any wedding decorations you buy, even simple ones like bunting flags will reside in the attic for a greater part of the year/forever.

#TBB Suggests: We recommend hiring wedding decorations to save money. You can splurge on something else.

1. Birds & Cages

Bird & Cages-Wedding-decoration

Did you know that Scarlet Macaws are one of the few bird species that mate for life? Wondering why are we talking about birds now? Well, these colourful birds symbolize a marriage of hearts that’s meant to last forever.

We are not asking you to have live birds in cages at the wedding. But birdcages are beautiful décor elements that can be used in a multitude of ways to give a chic touch to the wedding.

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Birdcages with flowers/candles inside them can be used as table centrepieces and/or be hung from the ceiling.

Mirrored birdcages on console table are so glam; we suggest you make them a permanent addition to your home.

2. Circle Around Your Love


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Hiring a bicycle prop for your wedding will give it a nice rustic charm. The bike can be used as a prop for photographs by the guests and the couple.


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3. Luminous Love Props


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Illuminated letters spelling out L-O-V-E or your initials are great additions to your wedding décor. Most wedding hire vendors now rent these at modest prices.

4. Look Laser Sharp As You Say Your Vows

Look Laser Sharp As You Say Your Vows-wedding-decoration

Renting laser-cut floral curtains is a great idea as they make great ceremony backgrounds. If you want a fairytale feel, go for floral patterns and if you desire a more modern look, you can use geometric patterns instead.

wedding-decoration-Look Laser Sharp As You Say Your Vows

Or rent a laser-cut aluminium metal screen like this one. Such panels are also being used as space separators or backdrops to other décor elements.

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5. The Carnival Of Love


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If you are having a marquee themed wedding, you cannot leave out the bunting. For tent weddings or lawn weddings, hire bunting flags to add a carnival feel to the décor. Buntings come in various forms – printed, personalized and pom-pom style ones.


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6. Myriad Ways To Use Mason Jars


Mason jars with flowers make awesome table centrepieces or aisle markers. Mason jars can also be hung from the ceiling or trees with candles/flowers inside.

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7. Type In Your Good Wishes


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Renting an old typewriter for guests to type in their messages for your future is a great idea. The tech enthusiastic generation will love this blast from the past and for the older guests it will evoke nostalgia.

8. Floral Geometry


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Geometric theme weddings were trending in 2015. They are all the rage among couples looking for a modern wedding theme. Floral hangings in geometric shaped frames, or geometric pendant lights and table accents are great hires to add grace and modernity to your wedding décor.


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9. Swing Along In Love

South Asian weddings are using decorated swings as décor highlights in pre-wedding functions involving the bride. The jhoola is rented and done up with traditional flowers for a bride’s mehndi, usually marigolds are used.


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If it is an outdoor wedding, make sure you include a tree swing among your hires; children and adults will both love it. The couple can also have a few romantic shots taken centred around the swing.

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10. The 2 C’s Of Decor

Chiavari chairs and chandeliers are must-haves for an indoor wedding ceremony.

Chiavari Chairs


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Chiavari chairs look elegant both with/without further decoration.



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Chandeliers spread a soft warm glow making the ambience romantic.

So, have you made up your mind regarding the rent vs. buy confusion? We hope these ideas will help you realize your wedding décor dreams without overstepping your budget. If you want us to feature more ideas on wedding hires, do write to us and we will be glad to add them to our list.