Wedding Cakes: 28 Divinely Delicious Cakes To Celebrate Your Union

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Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, as they well should, but that can make it a bit of a task when deciding on what style of cake to choose, never mind the pastry and filling, for your own dream ceremony. We’ve picked out 28 choices for those of you looking for something a little different for inspiration:

1. White Wedding Cake

Vanilla, butter cream, flower decoration and icing. You can’t really argue with that combination, especially when it looks this amazing. Nothing too fancy, just a gorgeous wedding cake.

2. Pink Icing Petals Wedding Cake

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Sometimes, wedding white is the right theme to go with, especially when it comes to wedding cakes that are as expertly decorated as this one. Gorgeous pink icing flowers garnish this exquisite white design making for a wholly appealing and appetizing confection.

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3. Gorgeous In Gold Wedding Cake

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For those looking for a cake that has its own unique old-world charm, this gorgeous gold creation will not disappoint. Masterfully crafted and shaped, this cake is decorated with intricate icing and fondant that gives it a highly regal look – perfect for those looking for a royal treat.

4. Giant Butterscotch Wedding Cake

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This stunning wedding cake comes in a delicious butterscotch flavour and takes almost as much effort as the wedding dress to perfect. The towering creation features a cozy heart-shaped cake topper for added effect.

5. Chocolate With Frosting

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Served literally on a silver platter, this beautiful dark creation is as delicious as it looks, and comes with an intricate vine vanilla frosting, with a healthy topping of flowers to round off it’s highly appealing look.

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6. Fancy Fall Cake

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This most wonderful cake design features a bevy of gorgeous and edible sugar leaves that fall off of the top on a vanilla and chocolate layered treat. Delightful to look at, and wholly delicious; a solid hit in the wedding cakes plan.

7. White And Cream Wedding Cake

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Tall and resplendent, this beautiful white wedding cake features a highly detailed and life-like flower embellishment – they are all edible of course, making this a most elegant and succulent wedding cake.

8. The Snow White

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If you’re a purist, there likely is no other wedding cake on this entire list that will catch your fancy as much as this one. A stunningly elegant design, this gorgeous pure white wedding cake has its appeal in its timeless design and simple but effective use of decoration.

9. Black & White Wedding Cake

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If you and your partner are of contrasting natures, this delectable wedding cake is a perfect fit. Featuring a contrasting combination of the serene with the naughty, this angel-devil cake is the perfect summation of your personality captured in confectionery.

10. Comic Craze Wedding Cake

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If you both share the similar love for comic books and are die-hard fans of superheroes saving the world, then this cake would totally suffice your desires. Not only will this cake cater to your love of superheroes, but it also has its share of an elegant touch that would keep the elderly relatives happy.

11. Ready. Set. Wed.

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If you both belong to ‘that’ group of limited but alive gamer couples, then this cake will definitely match your gamer personality and the unique wedding theme that you have got going. Let Mario be your priest and allow Pac-Man to eat away all the worries of your new life.

12. Colourful Fiesta Wedding Cake

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This brightly coloured master-work is for those looking for their wedding cake to match their vibrant personalities, while also looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Featuring a gorgeously embellished vanilla confection, the floral patterns and bright colours give this traditional classic a modern twist.

13. The Doughnut Tower

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Got a sweet tooth that requires something even sweeter than wedding cakes? We’ve got just the thing here, if you don’t mind departing from tradition more than somewhat. This majestic tower of the most decadent, scrumptious and flavoursome assorted donuts may be the perfect fit for the laid-back couple, and will captivate the eyes of the guests and have their mouths watering to boot.

14. The Layered Delight

Image : Shutterstock

This incredible looking cake starts off white a white hue at the top, but as it descends it changes colours from a light pink to a light orange hue. Looks wonderful, tastes wonderful and is a highly unusual wedding cake.

15. Vanilla And Fondant

Image : Shutterstock

The bow may tie the whole thing together, but don’t ignore the rest of this masterful creation either. Featuring simply an intricate fondant detailing, this cake is perfect for those looking for a stylish and memorable confectionery for their wedding.

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16. Wedding White

Image : Shutterstock

Sometimes it’s best to stick with tradition, and this white wedding cake is perfect proof of that. The white roses and mesh detailing make it stand out, while the cute cake topper rounds off an elegant and timeless design.

17. Simple Layered Wedding Cake

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For those looking for a bit of colour, but wanting to remain true to traditional themes, this vanilla wedding cake with minimal detailing is offset by the colourful flowers at the top and bottom, creating an elegant contrast and a wonderful wedding cake.

18. Flower Power

Image : Shutterstock

For those who enjoyed the previous design, but wouldn’t mind going one step further with the flower decorations, this cake is the perfect wedding confectionery.

19. Square Treat

Image : Shutterstock

This wedding cake leaves the traditional round design to go with a square design that is at once stylish and chic, but retains the charm of a wedding cake. The gorgeous detailing running from top to bottom doesn’t hurt either.

20. The Blue Beach

Image : Shutterstock

Having a beach wedding? Wedding theme or couple related to the sea? Get creative with this blue beach themed wedding cake, that is as appetizing as it is unusual!

21. Champagne Coloured Confectionery

Image : Shutterstock

Delicious cake, simple detailing, highly desirable result. A proof if there ever was one that sometimes, less is indeed more.

22. Wedding Cupcake Tower

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How does it work? Simple, the bride and groom collectively cut into the layer at the top, and everyone then proceeds to pick up a delicious berry cupcake made with fresh strawberries and cream. Yum!

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23. Fruit Decoration

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If you notice, all of this delicious looking (and tasting) cake’s decorations seem to come from its berries – the cake is bare otherwise. This is what makes it such an appealing design and an excellent choice for your wedding.

24. Fresh Fruit And Crème

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It looks almost too good to eat, but when the time comes to finally dig in, you won’t be ruing the fact that you had to spoil that beauty. Well, almost not ruing it.

25. The Strawberry Tower Wedding Cake

Image : Shutterstock

Coffee and strawberries? If that was what was on the menu the first time you guys met, then it makes it a no-brainer to go for this most delicious and good-looking of wedding cakes.

26. Deliciously Decorated Wedding Cake

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There’s something about fresh fruit and cake that seem to go so well together, and it’s almost as if the time you’re mature enough to enjoy such a grown up confection is at your wedding (and then on), which is what makes this cake a delicious and excellent pick.

27. Chocolate Wedding Cake

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Layers of vanilla or butterscotch cream that are sandwiched between thick slabs of chocolate cake, topped off with fruits and berries… Sounds a treat? Well, that’s because it is, and as evidenced by this masterful creation, it’s one outstanding looking cake to boot.

28. Cupcake Inspired Wedding Cake

Image : Shutterstock

Elegant, clean, and undeniably delicious. This brilliant wedding cake design may just be the perfect thing for those who are looking for wedding white and vanilla – but with a twist.

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