6 Best Ways To Stop Your Teen From Smoking

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We can understand how worried you would be, if you realize that your teen has fallen prey to one of the worst habits. Since you are an adult and are able to realize the harmful effects of smoking, it is easy to stay away from cigarettes. But for a growing teenager, this may represent a forbidden pleasure and be very attractive. So it becomes must to know

Why Do Teenagers Smoke?

Have you ever wondered why teenagers smoke? Here are some possible reasons for teenage smoking:

  • Rebellion against something
  • As a demonstration / act of independence
  • To appear cool or older
  • Peer pressure
  • Parents are smokers

6 Ways to Stop Teen Smoking:

With proper guidance and approach, it is indeed possible to gently steer away your teenager from smoking. Some of the ways on how to prevent teenagers from smoking are as follows:

1. Act Early.

If you find that your teen is already smoking, it would be necessary for you to motivate him to stop the habit. Since youth have a rebellious nature, it will simply not be enough to reprimand your teenager. Things will be repeated over again, stealthily if needed, if your approach is negative.

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2. Set An Example, Be A Role Model.

If as an adult you are smoking, your teenager has every right to question your authority to prevent him from smoking! As a reliable parent, stop this bad habit so that it does not influence your teen in any way.

3. Explain the Consequences of Smoking.

Many teenagers who smoke and are not at all aware of its perils. This is why they should be taught about it. If your teenager gains knowledge on effects of teen smoking there is every chance that they will stop smoking.

4. Show Effects of Smoking.

Today’s youths are more conscious about their appearance. Explain to your teen as to how smoking will damage his skin. You can also show him on internet or if possible a real example, that how smoking can make him look much older sooner.

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5. Reduce Allowance:

In order to make your teenager quit smoking, you can deduct his monthly allowance. Remember always to keep a track on your child whether or not he is indulging in other wrong means of earning money and suiting his requirements.

6. Conversations Helps.

Speak to your child and understand what has driven him to start smoking. Many a time a casual chitchat can help solve bigger matters in parenting. Find ways how can you encourage your teen to quit smoking as quick as possible. Teach him the count 1 to 20 slowly whenever he feels the urge to smoke a cigarette.

Teenage as many quotes – is difficult to handle, but actually it’s not. You can become a successful parent to your teen being there for him always. There are times when your teen would want you to be there for him/her and lend support. A parent not able to achieve it might push his/her teen, unconsciously in the world of bad habits.

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Set aside all your worries and be there for your teenager. On having a loving parent who is ready to listen to them, your teen will be empowered against smoking habit. If you are not able to make your teenager quit smoking, it is best to take him/her to a de-addiction center for counseling and/or treatment.

Hope our article on teen smoking enlightens you regarding smoking habit in teenagers; do share your views with us in the comment section below:

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