19 Best Throwing Knives And Buying Guide In 2022

Lightweight, elegant, and durable—these knives have got you covered.

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Throwing knives are specialty knives designed for certain specific purposes, such as combat, hunting, or display of techniques for entertainment purposes. The best throwing knives are engineered and weighted to let the user throw them precisely. As seen in many movies and video games, one can readily identify them as weapons commonly used by ninjas and assassins.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best throwing knives you can get your hands on. First, let’s get to know the types of throwing knives, and then you can find the right one that meets your needs.

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Types Of Throwing Knives

Here are the different types of knives for you.

  1. Handleheavy knives: These are professional throwing knives and are used especially when preparing for competitions or honing their life skills.
  2. Bladeheavy knives: A blade-heavy knife is designed for practicing different balances and techniques like working on different types of throws, such as, rotational throwing. These knives are usually designed for beginners.
  3. Balancedthrowing knives: Knife-throwing enthusiasts practicing and trying out various skills more suitably use balanced throwing knives. The weight is well distributed across these knives’ blades and handles, making them easy to balance and control during target practice.

19 Best Throwing Knives

1. Best Easy To Access:Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Products

The Smith & Wesson throwing knives set model SWTK8BCP is made of sturdy stainless steel and comes with a nylon belt sheath for safe storage. Each knife in the set has a matte black color and is eight inches long. Individually, these knives carry medium weights and are easy to use at 4.1oz, with a combined weight of 12.3oz. Their blades are made of 2Cr13S.S. quality. Know more about this product in this video.


  • Easy to access
  • Sturdy
  • Well-balanced knives
  • Good for confident throws
  • Sharp point with blunt sides for safe holding


  • May lose color quickly

2. Best Lightweight:BladesUSA Perfect Point Thunder Bolt Throwing Knife Set

The perfect point thunder bolt throwing knife set from BladesUSA can give one of the best knife thrower experiences. These RC-595 knife models are cleanly designed from stainless steel for a good grip. They have black blades with sharpened edges and sides. Measuring 6x1x1inches, these knives have a spear-point blade shape and are suitable for experienced knife throwers.


  • Ideal for a well-balanced throw
  • Lightweight for lightning-fast throwing speed
  • Sleek design
  • Laser cut out stainless steel handles
  • Safe to store
  • Black nylon sheath stores three knives at once


  • May break on concrete surfaces

3. Best Easy To Hold:SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Throwing Hawks Steel Throwing Knives

The SOG steel throwing knives come in a pack of three and can be carried in a nylon sheath case. It is a specialty model made with a decent throwing blade length of two inches, supporting both AC and DC powers. This blade field tool has paracord-wrapped handles that are easy to hold and is tactically made as a throwing hawk safe to use in an outdoor set-up. It has a total of 10.75 inches with a convenient weight of 8.4oz for each knife.


  • Full tang blades
  • Built to last
  • Decently sharp for throwing
  • Well balanced
  • Suits pros and beginners
  • Superior grip


  • Handle paracord may unravel

4. Best Durable:Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point’s throwing knife set includes nine distinct knives with classy black blades. They are well-designed, with handles wrapped in a red cord. These spear point-shaped blades are sharp for aiming with a length of 6.25 inches. The total item dimension is 9x4x9 inches. These blade edges are plain for safe throwing.


  • Designed for well-balanced throws
  • Safe and easy carry with black nylon sheath
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Heavy-weight design
  • Easy to carry


  • May not be long-lasting

5. Best Elegant:SOG Fling Throwing Knives

The SOG fling throwing knives come in a set of three, each knife blade measuring 2.8inches in length. They feature handles wrapped in paracord, measuring 84 inches for a strong grip and weight. The black knife model FX41N-CP supports AC and DC power sources and weighs 5.4oz each with a full-tang length of 9.5 inches. Learn more about this product in this video.


  • Classic drop-point blade shape
  • Sharp points with blunt edges
  • High durability
  • Ballistic sheath
  • Elegant satin-polished finish


  • May not be well-balanced for a perfect landing

6. Best Ergonomic Design:SZCO Supplies Heavy Balanced Full-Tang Throwing Knife Set

The full-tang expendable throwing knife set from SZCO Supplies is one of the best knife throwers with its sleek design and balanced throw. Each knife measures ten inches, with the entire set carrying three knives. These knives have a complete stainless steel build, from blade tip to handle butt, making them durable and long-lasting. The total item measures 10×1.25×0.25 inches with a total weight of 27.2oz.


  • Spear point-shaped blades for convenient aiming
  • Tenacious target knives
  • Competitive double-edged blades
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Improved safety with no-slip grip
  • Lanyard finger holes


  • May chip on a hard collision with each other

7. Best Lightweight:Tactical Master PS Target Master Black Widow Spider Throwing Knife Set

The PS target master black widow spider throwing knife set from Tactical Master comes in a pack of six individual knives with sharp blade points for accurate aiming. This model A1101BK is designed with a special lightweight feature and is suitable for knife-throwing practice for adults. The black knives carry metal handles for much-needed balance and are classic with 440 series stainless steel. It has a decent blade to knife length ratio at 2.5:5.5 inches.


  • Designed for well-balanced throws
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Thick nylon sheath attachable to arm
  • Pre-sharpened point supporting further edging
  • Safe with blunt edges


  • May not be suitable for distance throwing

8. Best Risk-Free:United Cutlery Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Large Triple Throwing Knife Set

The Gil Hibben second-generation cold steel large throwing knives from United Cutlery come wrapped in a three-pocketed sheath. These knives are available in stainless steel color, measuring 8.75×3.4×1.4 inches. With a blade length of 4-5/8 inches and medium to heavy weight at 15.8oz, they have a thoughtful design and are suitable for experienced throwers.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Test-proven to sustain toughest conditions
  • Safe design for risk-free throwing
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals


  • May be imperfectly balanced

9. Best Corrosion-Resistant:Kccedge Best Cutlery Source Tactical Throwing Knives Set

The Kccedge Best Cutlery Source throwing knives set comprises three distinct knives designed as survival, hunting, and tactical tools. With a total length of 7.5 inches, these knives are well designed as skull-throwing pieces and feature razor-sharp edges. The blades carry an intriguing rainbow-colored hue that sets them apart from other products. These are fixed blade knives made of stainless steel and supporting manual power sources. The blades are designed in a classic spear-point shape for better aiming.


  • Convenient to use
  • Professionally heat-treated design
  • Balances out hardness with a tough composure
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Multi-purpose use


  • May sustain scratches easily

10. Best Rust-Resistant:Milletech Throwing Knives Set

The quality throwing knives set from Milletech comes in a pack of six measuring 7.5 inches each and weighs 2.4oz. These tools are designed as hunting knives in silver and carry blades that are double-edged. They have a stainless-steel build, from blade point to handle, making them extra sturdy. These outdoor survival throwing knives are safe to store in a nylon sheath that comes along.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Designed for balanced throwing
  • Professionally heat-treated for toughness
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Easy to carry


  • May not be suitable for professional knife throwers

11. Ka-Bar Throwing Knife Set With Sheath

Ka-Bar’s throwing knife set comes with a nylon sheath where both are designed in black. The set carries three distinct knives made of stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. One of the best knife thrower sets, these tools measure 9.38×1.38×1 inches and carry a classic design with a spear-point blade shape. They have a plain blade edge which ensures safe knife throwing.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Includes a three-pocket polyester storage pouch
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Support distance throws


  • May not be well-balanced

12. Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife Set

The Kershaw Ion throwing knife set model 1747BWX is a professionally designed high-performance tool set that carries three full-tang knives. These are lighter knives at just four oz. Each knife features double-edged blades in spear-point shape for accurate aiming. They are made of steel and carry a blackwash finish. The set comes with a nylon sheath that helps safely store and carry the knives. These knife handles are paracord wrapped for an improved and controlled grip.


  • Easy-carry pocket knifeset
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ensures safe throwing
  • Does not sustain finger marks or scratches
  • Lanyard ring for weight addition and balance


  • Knife handle may break

13. New Spikey Metal Ninja Throwing Knife

The Spikey metal ninja throwing knife from New comes in a sleek design with blades shaped as spear points for an improved aiming experience. From tip to handle base, the knife is made of metal. Weighing 10.6oz, these heavy throwing knives enable distance throwing with improved balance. The product package measures 12.76×4.45×1.3 inches and is easy to store and carry.


  • Blunt edges for safe throwing
  • Blade allows better handling
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitablefor beginners


  • Tip may bend easily

14. Gil Hibben Gen III Throwing Knife Set With Sheath

The third-generation Gil Hibben knives are backed by an elegant design that supports a sturdy build too. The knives come as a set of three and weigh 32.32 oz in total. You can safely store the knives tucked in the black sheath. The product measures 13.03×3.9×1.77 inches.


  • Suitable for beginners and pro knife throwers
  • Balanced knife
  • Delicate and beautiful
  • Works for basic defense
  • Solid construction


  • May have an unsuitable handle angle

15. Sahara Sailor Throwing Knives Set

The Sahara Sailor aiming knives set comes in a pack of six, with each knife made of stainless steel and designed for well-balanced throwing. These tools are specially designed for knife-throwing competitions and suit beginners well for practicing. Each of these small throwing knives is 7.4 inches long for an easy hold in adult palms. The knives are available in a metallic black color and provide a great throwing experience.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Come with a lifetime warranty
  • Triple-edged design
  • Suitable for aiming at distanced targets


  • Blade point may dull out fast

16. Snake Eye Tactical Ninja Sword And Throwing Knife Set

The Snake Eye Tactical cold steel throwing knife set is an artistically designed tool that works as a ninja sword and a martial arts knife. Designed in classic metallic black, it is made of 440 series stainless steel material and supports long-lasting use. This ninja sword comes with two additional aiming knives free with this set so that you can continue your practice without new knives for long.


  • Features very sharp edges
  • Well balanced
  • Versatile
  • Easy to carry with attachable loop for belt or shoulder


  • May be too long

17. Jxe Jxo Tactical Throwing Knives

Jxe Jxo’s knife throwing set is specially designed for tactical target hits and is suitable for competitions. It is designed in a full-tang length of eight inches and is available in a set of two. Its other uses include hunting and tactical survival. With a razor-sharp, stonewashed edge, its blades are good for cutting and slashing too. Each knife in the set is made of high-carbon steel and comes with a nylon belt sheath.


  • Breaches the hardness measurement of 58HRC
  • Features high strength and toughness
  • Can be used as a utility knife
  • Designed as a fixed blade knife
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Lack of heaviness may work against its throwing balance

18. Nother Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Training Set

The 6.8-inch aiming knife set has three pieces in it, with each knife made of stainless steel for sturdy, long-lasting use. These training knives have blades with a black coating and are heat-treated for strength and hardness. They are ideal for use in outdoor activities and knife-throwing training. Their simplistic design makes them easy to clean, while a nylon sheath helps store them safely. The knives feature a weight of 4.5oz and a blade length of four inches.


  • Double-edged blades
  • Well-designed leaf-shaped blades
  • Extra holding grip through red nylon rope handle
  • Rust-free make
  • Well-distributed weight balance


  • Unsharp tip may not hold on to target

19. DamaskerUS Black & Silver Throwing Knives Set

The DamaskerUS throwing and aiming knives set has 24 knives in silver and black colors for you to choose from. The overall length of these knives is a decent six inches. Each is a balanced throwing knife with a 3+3 inches blade and handle for a great throwing experience.


  • Comes with two separate sheaths for knife storage
  • Designed with correct weight for target throwing
  • Suitable for everyday practice
  • Carries a futuristic, sleek style
  • Handles are black cord-wrapped for improved grip


  • May be too heavy
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Throwing Knives?

Consider the following essential factors when purchasing a knife thrower set.

  1. Type: You can choose from balanced-aiming, blade-heavy, and handle-heavy knife types per your level of expertise.
  2. Sharpness: Choose a knife with blunt blades and a sharp tip for target throwing. It is thus ideal to avoid sharp-bladed knives for this purpose.
  3. Length: The ideal length of aiming knives should range between six and 13 inches for adults. Shorter ones are preferable if you have a petite body frame with short palms.
  4. Weight distribution: The weight distributed upon a throwing knife’s design determines how well one would control it. Heavier knives are thus preferred for target throwing.
  5. Look: Consider the blade shape and design to suit your needs.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of the best throwing knives after carefully considering the build, quality, grip, functionality, and additional features. To help you choose the one best suitable for your game, we have also included a buying guide that outlines the various types of these throwing knives and the safety features you must consider before getting one. We have carefully handpicked those that are best in class and endorsed by users on various e-commerce sites.

You can look for new knife models designed as per your specific needs. Ensure its shape, weight, and size complement your target throwing practice needs. You can know more about how these knives perform through various customer reviews. We hope our list of the best knife thrower sets can help you choose the right one.

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