11 Best Tents For Beach Camping In 2021

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Talk about summers, and the first place that comes into mind is a beach. While beaches are the perfect spots to relax and sunbathe, the summer heat can get too much at times. That is when a tent for beach camping comes in handy.

The temperature at beaches varies from other places and the sun rays could seem stronger as they bounce off the water or reflect on the sand. A beach tent protects you from natural elements like heavy winds and rain and acts as a safe for your personal belongings. In this post, we list some of the best tents for beach camping along with the pros and cons for each of them.

What Are The Uses Of A Beach Tent?

A beach tent can:

  • Protect you from extreme weather conditions, such as harsh winds that blow sand, rain, and UV rays of the sun.
  • Provide warmth in winters and sufficient ventilation while safeguarding you from insects and bugs.
  • Store personal items needed for your day or an overnight stay at the beach, saving you back and forth trips to the car.
  • Accommodate a minimum of two persons and up to ten people in case of a large group or family outing.

11 Best Tents For Beach Camping In 2021

1. Neso Tents Beach Tent

Neso Tents Beach Tent

Measuring 82x78x66 inches, this basic nest tent provides sufficient shade on all your adventures. It is made of nylon/lycra blend and rust-proof aluminum poles. Weighing 4lbs, it is ideal for beachgoers, surfers, and camping enthusiasts.


  • Easy to carry over your shoulder or in the carry-on
  • Water-resistant and durable material
  • Offers SPF 50+ coverage, protecting you from 98% of UV rays
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Fragile to withstand constantly changing wind direction
  • Low sides make the tent’s height lower
  • Demands setting up your tent floor

2. Abco Tech Pop-up Tent

Abco Tech Pop-up Tent

Ideal for casual camping, this tent accommodates one to two people. It provides an instant and easy setup from either of the two doors. The tent comes with a combination of an inner zippered screen and an outer zippered nylon layer and two large mesh windows. The measurements of the tent are 88.6×47.2×37.4 inches.


  • Double layered doors provide additional security
  • The two windows allow breathability
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in its storage bag


  • Unlikely to accommodate more than two

3. Zomake Pop-up Tent

Zomake Pop-up Tent

The pop-up design of the tent comes in PU coated-silver polyester anti-UV fabric with a fiberglass frame. With two mesh doors and mesh windows, it can accommodate up to three adults and a fourth person in a few cases. Having an instant setup feature, the tent weighs five pounds and measures 95x71x39 inches. When folded, the tent is the size of an 80cm disc.


  • Spacious interiors, making it ideal for families
  • Quick installation
  • Mesh roof/sky window
  • Fabric provides UPF 50+ sun protection


  • Too large to fit into the backpacking setup
  • Folding the tent can be tricky

4. Oileus X-Large Beach Tent

Oileus X-Large Beach Tent

Made of polyester, this tent weighs four pounds, measures 92x45x45 inches, and packs down to 32×5 inches. It comes in a carry bag with a shoulder strap, six sand pockets, eight steel stakes, four guy lines, and one storage pouch. The floor is made of thick 8.5mm fiberglass poles.


  • Spacious interior allows sufficient space for two adults and two kids
  • Awning provides extra shade
  • Fiberglass flooring gives stability to the tent
  • Internal storage pockets can be used to store items


  • Is dome-shaped and might not withstand heavy winds
  • Placing chairs inside the tent could spoil the flooring

5. Sun Ninja Pop-up Beach Tent

Sun Ninja Pop-up Beach Tent

These tents are ideal for groups of different sizes and are available in three different sizes of four-person, six-person, and eight-person capacities. The multi-purpose tents are usable in sandy beaches, grassy areas, or even in rocky camping spots. The dimensions of the tent are 21.3×8.46×6.22 inches, and it weighs close to five pounds.


  • Easy setup with sandbags
  • Stability poles and anchors add steadiness
  • Water-resistant fabric makes it durable


  • Lack of privacy with no walls
  • Not enough coverage to block the sun rays out

6. Felicigeely Beach Tent

Felicigeely Beach Tent

The baby beach tent comes in a metal frame and weighs a little over two pounds. Measuring 65x59x43.5 inches, it is ideal for two to three people. The sun shelter is just perfect to be used at a park, beach, lake, sporting event, or in the backyard! It is a pop-up tent that does not require installation and is portable.


  • Easy and quick installation with no assembly needed
  • Mesh window allows breathability
  • Light-weighted, it is compact and easy to be carried


  • Merely two sandbags may not provide stability
  • Not enough legroom for tall people

7. Nxone Beach Tent

Nxone Beach Tent

The tent has three large roll-up windows, measures 83x55x46 inches, and weighs four pounds. The beach tent has 8mm diameter fiberglass rods and comes with sun-proof fabrics that provide UV protection and.


  • Fiberglass material ensures durability
  • Zippers provided for privacy
  • Three sand pockets, six steel stakes, and four tie-down strings provide stability


  • Insufficient leg room when closed
  • Installation can be a bit challenging

8. Kazoo Outdoor Camping Tent

Kazoo Outdoor Camping Tent

The Kazoo camping tent is made of high-quality material, dual zippers, lightweight structure, and interior mesh pockets. This makes it suitable for various adventures such as camping, hiking, surfing, family parties, and field trips. The dimensions of the tent are 82x82x53 inches.


  • Two zippered doors providing easy access
  • Fabric helps in keeping it waterproof
  • Sufficient ventilation through windows and ceiling vents
  • Allows space for storage of personal items


  • Fabric carries the danger of tearing after wear and tear

9. Movtop Beach Tent

Movtop Beach Tent

The Movtop beach tent is a sports umbrella that provides instant shade. With dimensions of 78x57x51 inches, the tent has a spacious interior, making it large enough for three to four people to fit in. It comes with two doors and two mesh windows. This tent stands out in terms of the eco-friendly silver-coated fabric that blocks 98% of the UV rays.


  • 360 degrees ventilation through the doors and windows
  • Extra stability with four extra sandbags along with the default four sandbags and stakes in four corners
  • Sufficient storage space for personal items through two pockets provided
  • Water-resistant and windproof design ensures steadiness in windy conditions
  • Comes with a hook to hang lights or a small-sized fan


  • Fiberglass frame has the possibility of breakage
  • Assembly is not a simple task

10. Poayhut UV50+ Deluxe Size Beach Tent

Poayhut UV50+ Deluxe Size Beach Tent

Weighing approximately six and a half pounds and measuring 78x70x51 inches, the beach tent can accommodate a minimum of three persons in the tent. Further, the width can be extended by 37 inches, leaving ample space for you to relax inside the tent. Polyester silver coating material used in the making of the tent protects you from UV rays.


  • Zippered doors ensuring privacy
  • Increased height of the tent
  • No assembly needed
  • 11 stakes and four pieces of rope used to keep the tent stable


  • Lightweight structure does not keep the tent stable in windy conditions
  • Difficult to fold the tent back

11. HG Easy Beach Tent

HG Easy Beach Tent

The easy beach tent measures at 25.9×7.9×7.4 inches and weighs 23 pounds. With four main fiberglass poles plus two corded fiberglass poles along with four taut guy lines, it is ideal for camping, picnics, events, and gatherings.


  • Excellent stability in windy conditions
  • Waterproof PU fabric guarantees dry and comfortable floor inside
  • Two side walls provide sufficient ventilation


  • Heavy weight makes it difficult to carry around

How To Choose The Best Tent For Beach Camping?

A good beach tent provides shelter and safety, besides being useful for storing personal belongings on the beach or camping trips. To choose the best tent for beach camping, here are a few important factors to consider.

  1. Dimensions: The tent should be large enough for your family or groups of people you plan to travel with most often. If you are a solo traveler, ensure there is enough floor space for you to stretch your legs while lying inside the tent. Always pick a slightly bigger tent with enough room to keep your luggage move in it without feeling claustrophobic.
  1. Safety: The fabric needs to be made of quality materials like nylon and be sturdy with water-resistance properties. Look for tents made of UV- resistant material, so that the fun vacation does not turn into something harmful. Tents need to have steadiness through their fiberglass poles, stakes, ropes, guy lines, sandbags, and so on. The tents with fiberglass frame provide extra stability and protect you from extreme windy conditions.
  1. Usability: Beach tents with unique features, such as extendable floor space and internal pockets, provide higher utility.  A tent with a few inches of extra space can look and feel spacious inside. Having large mesh doors and windows ensures breathability and sufficient ventilation. Further, a small feature such as the skylight ceiling can add great value to the trip.
  1. Portability: With travel being at the forefront of vacation plans, the best tent for beach camping should be easy to carry around. This can only be achieved if the tent is lightweight, foldable, and can be packed away in a shoulder backpack or the car trunk.
  1. Installation: The tent should also be easy to install and pack-up. Pop up tents are typically good at this with the pop-up design taking no more than a few minutes to set up the tents. Imagine the frustration and sheer waste of time if you end up having to spend 45-60 minutes just installing the tent! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is beach camping legal?

The laws on camping often vary from state to state. Therefore, it is good to check the local rules and regulations before setting camp on a beach. For instance, beach camping is legal throughout the entire coastline running through the state of Oregon! California and Louisiana are two other states with beach camping being legal in most of their beaches.

2. Why do most beach tents not have walls?

Beach trips are typically day-long outings and not overnight stays. Hence, a simple tent with ropes or rods to stabilize it is sufficient for setting a temporary camp at the beach. Tents for an overnight stay, such as a two or three-person camping tent with zippers and other amenities, have sturdy walls and door openings.

3. Do beach tents offer UV protection?

UV protection is one of the features of most beach tents. Without that feature included, it is not advisable to go for a beach tent since the effect of UV rays on the skin could be long-term. Always look for UV protection of SPF 50+ while choosing a beach tent.

4. Are there beach tents without a floor?

Several beach tents have no floor, and it is not a problem if your beach outing is not planned for more than a few hours. However, if an all-day or overnight trip, it is best to go for a proper tent with walls and flooring for protection from bugs, insects, and harsh weather conditions.

5. Do all beach tents come with awnings?

An awning is a material used to keep sun or rain off the doorway of a beach tent. Awnings can be super-useful in preventing droplets of rainwater from entering inside the tent or from sun rays directly falling into the tent. Even with these benefits, not all beach tents come with awnings, although they are very useful.

6. Are there beach tents for babies or dogs?

Beach tents are available for both dogs and babies. With babies on board, it is important to keep in mind that sufficient ventilation and shade would be necessary when the baby wants to nap after their meal or just after a nice play on the beach.

When getting a tent to accommodate your dog, ensure that the flooring is made of fiberglass or any other strong material as dogs can sometimes get naughty, and their nails could tear the floor of the tent easily.

Beach tents are an amazing invention for beach lovers and travel enthusiasts. Safety, dimensions, extendibility, and special features are a few things to consider before you buy a beach tent for a trip. The best tent for beach camping is one that has unique characteristics providing each user an individual experience.

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