10 Best Spas In Kolkata – Our Top Picks

Kolkata boasts some of the greatest spots to relax your stressed muscles and mind.

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The range of spas in Kolkata caters to clients of all ages and is witnessing a steady incline as a growing business. As the current generation struggles with ambitions, responsibilities, and finances, the need for me-time is often overlooked. It results in deteriorating physical and mental health, increased irritability, and mood swings. Spas are no longer a waste of money; they have become a necessity. A rejuvenating day at the spa reduces stress levels, improves sleeping patterns, relieves pain, and boosts performance. Kolkata has quite a few well-known spas. Scroll down and take a look at the list!

Here is a list of Top Ten Spas in Kolkata:

1. The Thai Spa

The Thai Spa aims to bring the true essence of the spa culture of Thailand to India. It appoints native therapists from Thailand to ensure authentic therapies and a blissful environment. In India, it has 25 branches in 11 cities. They constantly upgrade their services through expert consultation to enhance customer experience. It offers massage services like Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Four Hand Massage, and Lomi Lomi Massage, along with Foot Spa, Body Wraps, and Facial Massages to get rid of the impurities and pollutants and hydrate the body. Each massage therapy is designed to provide holistic rejuvenation and has many healing properties. They can help treat various disorders and enhance general health and well-being. Their most popular service is the Rose Honey & Milk Bath, which is a post-massage relaxation service.

Website: thethaispa.in

2. Kenilworth Spa

kenilworth spa kolkata

This spa is located in Kenilworth hotel, which is on Little Russel Street. It offers a range of therapies like reflexology, body scrubs, body massages, baths, welcome drinks and so on. There are various body scrubs like oatmeal, rice, apricot and lemongrass, all of which relax a tired mind.

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3. The Oberoi Grand Spa

oberoi grand kolkata spa

This spa is located in the Kolkata branch of the Oberoi Hotels. They offer a vast variety of tranquilizing therapies like tamarind and orange body wraps, hot lava shell facials and body massages using Bali and Thai massaging techniques, couples massages and ayurvedic treatments.

4. Aura Spa

aura spa kolkata

This spa belongs to the Park Hotel chain of hotels. It offers an assortment of reinvigorating treatments that last from thirty to ninety minutes and have unique names like the Sirodhara treatment or the Abhyangam treatment. Each massage or body wrap exhilarates the body. This is a great place to unbend and unwind.

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5. Kaya Kalp Spa

kaya kalp spa kolkata

This Spa belongs to the ITC Sonar Hotel in Kolkata. It has a very diverse spa menu ranging from body wraps to massages. It is a place where one can relax and rejuvenate in serenity.

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6. Sanjeeva Spa

sanjeeva medical spa kolkata

This spa is located in the Vedic Village Spa Resort in Rajarhat and aims at holistic development. It focuses on not only the body, but also the mind and soul. It has a mix of spa therapies like aroma therapy, swedish massage, acupressure massage, reflexology and even massages for children.

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7. Taj Bengal Hotel Spa

Bengal Hotel Spa kolkata

The Taj Hotel spa kolkata uses natural ingredients in their spa. This is a majestic hotel with services that are nothing short of perfect.

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8. Swissotel spa

swissotel spa kolkata

The Swissotel spa has a few must try signature massages – Alpine Meadow Massage which is an aromatherapy massage, Floral and Milk Wrap which is an exfoliating massage, Holistic Aroma Massage and a lot more.

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9. Hyatt Regency Spa

hyatt regency hotel kolkata

The spa is named Club Prana and aims at Pranic treatments or treatments to soothe the soul. They offer aromatherapies, reflexologies, hot stone massages, swedish massages, balinese massages and a lot more.

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10. Keya Seth Spa

keya seth spa kolkata

This spa is open from ten in the morning to ten at night and offers skin and beauty treatments. For those looking for a place to pamper themselves for a day, this is the place.

Kolkata has some of the well-known spas. Hitting a spa now and then and getting massage therapy offers much-needed relaxation to your body and mind. It can also reduce stress levels, relieve pain, and enhance sleep quality. The Thai, Kenilworth, The Oberoi Grand, Aura, and Kaya Kalp spas are some of the famous spas in Kolkata. They offer different massage therapies like hot stone therapy, body wraps, foot massages, and hot lava shell facials. Additionally, they can combine massages with ayurvedic treatments for a better experience.

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