13 Best Winter Snow Boots For Kids To Keep Feet Protected In 2022

Stylish snow boots let kids have uninterrupted fun with snow games in harsh weather.

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The cold weather doesn’t have to stop outdoor fun for kids. All you need is warm dresses and a pair of the best snow boots for kids. These can help keep your little one’s feet protected and warm and can offer endless hours of enjoyment in the snow. There are different types of winter boots available that are feature-rich and come in attractive designs. Browse through our list of the best snow boots your kids will love to wear.

13 Best Snow Boots For Kids In 2022

1. Best Insulation And Protection: Columbia Kids Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Snow Boots

Columbia Kids Bugaboot Plus


These sturdy snow boots for kids offer insulation and protection from snow. This review video helps you know more about the product.


  • The gaiter of the boots is well-insulated for cold protection. A few other variants also feature faux fur around the mouth of the gaiter for added protection against the frigid air.
  • The sole is made of anti-skid material to grip melting snow.


  • A few parents noted that the boots are a bit stiff for children to walk in.

2. Best For Extreme Weather: Bogs Kids Classic Snow Boots

Bogs Kids Classic Snow Boots


This pair of snow boots for kids is designed to tolerate extreme weather. Take a look at this video to learn more about this product.


  • The snow boots can keep the feet warm in temperatures of up to -30°F (-34°C).
  • They are waterproof and lightweight.
  • The soles of the boots are non-slip for optimum grip.
  • The upper of the boots (main body of the boots) is stretchable.
  • Available in different colors and patterns for kids of different ages.


  • A few parents noticed that the rubber on the boots tends to peel out after little use.

3. Best For Ankle Support: Merrell Snow Bank 2.0 Snow Boots

Merrell Snow Bank 2.0 Snow Boots


These comfortable snow boots from Merrel provide sufficient ankle support. You may check more about this product from this video.


  • The snow boots for kids are made of 100% leather for durability. The upper is made of waterproof leather.
  • The sole is made of rubber for adequate grip on snow.
  • The gaiter has soft and insulating material on the inside.
  • The snow boots keep the feet warm in temperatures of up to -25°F (-32°C).


  • A few parents reported that the boots do not protect the feet from melting snow.
  • Not cruelty-free.

4. Best For Strong Grip: Sorel Childrens Flurry-K Snow Boot

Sorel Childrens Flurry-K Snow Boot


These snow boots from Sorel offer ample grip to a child walking on snow.


  • The material of the boots is a mix of textile and synthetic materials, which improves endurance in snow.
  • The sole of the boots is wide and has multi-directional lugs for a strong grip.
  • The hook-and-strap fastener above the ankle keeps the gaiter secure.
  • Usually fits as expected.


  • May not be easy for a child to put them on their own.

5. Best Hook-And-Loop Closure: Columbia Youth Powderbug Plus II-K Snow Boot

Columbia Youth Powderbug Plus II-K Snow Boot


The Columbia Youth snow boots for kids offer optimum grip and protection from snow.


  • The deep lugs on the sole prevent feet from slipping on snowy paths.
  • A hook-and-loop closure along with a bungee cord on top of the gaiter provides a snug fit.
  • The boots are made of synthetic leather and nylon for durability and protection against snow.


  • Some had issues with the fit even when they picked the right size.

6. Best Waterproof And Lightweight: Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boots

Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boots


It is a durable and stylish pair of snow boots for children who love spending a lot of time in the snow.


  • The bottom of the snow boots is made of waterproof and lightweight thermoplastic rubber.
  • The sole is made of rubber, which is durable.
  • The snow gaiter is made of nylon and contains insulating material to keep the feet warm.
  • The snow gaiter can be closed with a bungee cord that the child needs to pull.
  • A single-strap closure makes wearing the boots convenient.


  • A few parents noted that the pattern of the sole causes snow to clump tightly.
  • According to some parents, the pair of snow boots for kids is not ideal for the harsh weather.

7. Best Removable Moisture-Wicking Liner: Kamik Rocket Snow Boots

Kamik Rocket Snow Boots


These snow boots keep your child’s feet dry and warm at the same time.


  • The lower part of the boots and sole are made of rubber, which is waterproof.
  • The boots’ upper is made of synthetic nubuck leather, which is waterproof.
  • There is a hook-and-loop strap and a bungee cord on top of the gaiter to keep the boots secure.
  • The insole provides thermal insulation, and there is a removable moisture-wicking liner, which helps keep the feet dry.
  • The boots are available in 16 color options and several size options.


  • The inside of the boots is narrow, which can make it hard for children with wide feet to use them comfortably.

8. Best For Warmth: Nova Mountain Snow Boots

Nova Mountain Snow Boots


These are a pair of heavy-duty snow boots with adequate weather protection.


  • The gaiter shaft is lined with soft fabric for comfort and warmth.
  • A single hook-and-loop strap on the gaiter closes it in a single step.
  • A bungee cord on the mouth of the gaiter shuts its shaft to prevent snow and cold air from entering.
  • The snow boots can keep the child’s feet warm in temperatures of up to -25°F (-32°C)
  • The anti-skid sole contains deep lugs for additional friction.


  • The shoes may not be all weatherproof and could cause melted snow water to seep into the boots.

9. Best Rubber Sole With Anti-Slip Pattern: Ice face Kids Snow Boots

Ice face Kids Snow Boots


The snow boots look good and are functional too.


  • The faux fur on top of the gaiter provides warmth by preventing cold air from entering the boots.
  • The sole is made of rubber and has an anti-slip pattern.
  • The boots are waterproof and well-insulated for maximum warmth.


  • The boots may start disintegrating just after a few months of use.

10. Best Easy-To-Wear:  CIOR Snow Boots For Kids

CIOR Snow Boots For Kids


The snow boots from CIOR feature an easy-to-wear and straightforward design.


  • Available in 31 designs and multiple sizes for big kids.
  • In some variants, the shaft has faux fur lining for comfort and to keep the feet warm.
  • A strap with a hook-and-loop fastener makes it easy for the kids to wear the boots.
  • Bungee cord closure prevents cold air from entering into the shoe.
  • The sole of these snow boots is made of rubber and has a non-slip pattern.


  • The boots tend to rip or crack after some months of use. The buyers felt that the quality could have been better.
  • A few sizes come in only one color option, which not everyone will be happy about.

11. Best Stylish: Kamik Snowgypsy Snow Boots

Kamik Snowgypsy Snow Boots


The Snowgypsy snow boots are a blend of style and utility.


  • The shaft of the gaiter has foam insulation and faux fur at its opening for added warmth.
  • The upper of the boots is made of waterproof nylon.
  • The inner lining of the boots wicks moisture.
  • The snow boots come in 11 color options with each variant featuring a different colored faux fur.


  • Some parents were not happy with the construction and durability of the boots that could start to rip apart after some months of use.

12. Best Durable And Long-Lasting:  Dream Pairs Snow Boots

Dream Pairs Snow Boots


This pair of snow boots from Dream Pairs is durable and designed to be easy for the child to wear.


  • The gaiter features a zipper on one side and a hook-and-loop at the front. There is also a bungee cord on top of the gaiter to prevent snow and cold air from entering.
  • The sole and upper of the boots are made of rubber.
  • These snow boots for children feature thermal insulation with protection against temperatures of up to -25°F (-32°C).


  • Some parents reported that the components of the snow boots tend to break or tear after some months of use.

13. Best For Visibility: Northside Icicle Snow Boots

Northside Icicle Snow Boots

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.


A durable pair of snow boots with multiple design choices that will leave the child impressed.


  • A zipper at the front of the gaiter makes it convenient for the child to wear the boots.
  • The gaiter features a reflective strip at the back for easy visibility.
  • The insole is sufficiently cushioned for comfort.
  • The boots are available in 28 color options across various sizes.


  • Parents report that the snow tends to pack on the soles of the boots, which may make it difficult for the child to walk.

What Are Snow Boots For?

Snow boots, as the name suggests, are specially designed to give a solid footing on snow-covered terrain, and to provide warmth and insulation to the child’s feet. Some of the key features of snow boots include:

  1. Rubber sole: Most snow boots have a rubber sole. Rubber is waterproof and protects the foot from heavy and slush-like snow.
  1. Adequate grip: The sole of the boots contains deep ridges, lugs, and other patterns to provide maximum grip on snow-covered land.
  1. Built-in snow gaiter: The top of a snow boot extends beyond the ankle to form a shaft called a snow gaiter. The snow gaiter is made of insulating materials to keep the feet warm. Snow gaiter also prevents snow from getting into the boots when the child walks in deep snow.
  1. Waterproof materials: Most components of the boots are waterproof and prevent snow from making the foot damp.

Snow boots are often confused with winter boots because they have a few similar features.

Snow Boots vs. Winter Boots

Winter boots have nearly the same features as snow boots, but they do not have snow gaiters. Winter boots usually do not have a rubber ‘upper’ (main body) of the boots and are not waterproof.

Snow boots can come with several features, which you should consider before picking a pair that meets your requirements.

How To Choose Snow Boots?

Here is a list of the features you should look for when purchasing snow boots for children:

  1. Grippy sole: Most snow boots feature rubber lugs on the sole for optimum grip in snow. However, the number of lugs and ridges on the sole may vary depending on the intended use. If your child plans to wear the boots in heavy snow, then you can consider snow boots that have more and deeper lugs for better grip.
  1. Sufficient gaiter length: Boots with longer gaiter can prevent the snow from getting inside the boots, even in case of heavy snow.
  1. Sturdy stitching: Check if the boots are stitched well. If your child tends to be active outdoors, then pick boots that are well-made and won’t tear when used roughly.
  1. Insulating materials: Prefer boots that feature soft and warm material. Look for extra padding or faux fur material at the rim of the top.
  1. Easy to wear: Some snow boots for children may come with conventional shoelaces while others feature a strap. Most are usually slip-on shoes that are easy to wear. Select an option based on what is convenient for the child.

Snow boots make it safe and comfortable for a child to venture outdoors, even in winters. Buy the snow boots considering the weather in your area, the extent of use, and the cost, considering that children outgrow their shoes soon. If you are buying for a teen, then spending a little extra is okay, as the child may be using them for longer than a younger child would.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Children love playing with the snow in winter. So, we have listed the best snow boots for your little ones that can keep them safe while they have fun playing in the snow. We have selected these products based on detailed research of various websites and user feedback to ensure quality and design. To help you make an informed decision, we have also included some useful pointers.

What kind of snow boots did you get for your child? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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