13 Best Skateboards In India In 2024

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Skateboarding is a fun and active sport. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need a good-quality skateboard to ride on or perform tricks. Regular skating helps burn off calories, keeps the body flexible, strengthens growing muscles, releases stress, and improves the coordination between your eyes, arms, legs, and feet. Buying the right board that fits your lifestyle and location could help you gain more balance and perform better.

To help you select from the variety of brands and options available in the market, we give you a list of the best skateboards in India and a buying guide to help you choose well.

13 Best Skateboards In India To Buy

1. Strauss Bronx Skateboard

The Strauss Bronx skateboard comes with quality components paired with eye-catching graphics. It features high-grade carbon-bearing, PU wheels, aluminum alloy hanger, and baseplate. The non-slip grip tape offers better durability. You may take it for light tricks and cruising.


  • High-quality carbon ball bearings promote a smooth ride
  • Net dimension is 31(L)x 8(W)in
  • Comes with 55x37mm wheels
  • Maximum weight capacity is 100kg
  • Made with eight-ply layers of maple wood
  • Firm wooden base provides a secure footing
  • Five-inch wide truck made of solid steel

2. Nivia Skateboard

Here is a good-to-ride skateboard from Nivia, which is comfortable for beginners. The attractive design with artistic and iconic graphics could be a unique addition to your collection. It is lightweight and goes great on smooth surfaces. You will get it in two different colors of blue and black.


  • Premium ball bearings for a safe and smooth ride
  • Anti-skid deck for better stability and control
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Maximum weight capacity is 70kg
  • Net dimension is 31(L)x 8(W)in
  • Sturdy and durable

3. Jaspo Hurricane Skateboard

This classic skateboard for tricks comes in a double kick, concave design. It is also suitable for action and 360s. The sturdy skateboard is ideal for practicing and cruising for both adults and children. It features precision bearing, two-piece grip tapes, and 55mm PU wheels.


  • Lightweight and durable standard deck made of fiber
  • Four-inch nylon truck weighing 220.4lb
  • Capacity of 100kg
  • High-speed bearing, PU-injected 85A PVC wheels
  • Supersoft PU bushings
  • Ideal for skaters of all skill levels
  • Requires no assembly

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4. Swagtron 66242-2 Swag Board NG-1 Motorized Electric Skateboard

The Swagtron sway board is an electric skateboard that helps you ride effortlessly. It can be used as both standard and electric skateboard. Equipped with the latest sentry shield technology, it is chargeable and durable. It is made from maple wood and has a premium grip tape that gives it a trendy and fashionable look.


  • Flexible seven-ply maple wood
  • Grip tape keeps feet firm and balanced
  • Wireless LED remote helps control speed, brakes, and cruising
  • Remote also displays speed and battery status
  • Wheels made of polyurethane material
  • 24v li-on FE battery allows you to go up to 11mph and up to 10miles with a single charge

5. Klapp Skateboard

If you want to buy a mini skateboard for your child aged between five and eight years, this could be an ideal choice. It is a unisex board suitable for both boys and girls. The smooth finishing can be used for all street surfaces.


  • High-quality ball bearings for a smooth ride
  • Excellent and smooth finish
  • Comes in multiple colors and prints
  • Attractive and colorful 3D graphics on the board
  • No assembly required

6. Famous Quality Wave Board

The Famous Quality wave board is suitable for children aged above seven years. It features a slip-resistant concave deck platform and high-grade urethane wheels. The glowing wheels can make your ride safer by making the way visible.


  • High-grade bearings ensure a smooth ride
  • Heavy-duty wave board
  • Illuminating wheels have LED flashlights
  • Pivoting deck and 360° caster trucks
  • Alloy-made internal body and wheels
  • Smooth maneuverability of skating and snowboarding
  • Can withstand capacity of 100kg

7. EUPHORIC INC Waveboard

This wave board from EUPHORIC INC is recommended for kids. It features a unique steel torsion bar that helps achieve high acceleration without much effort from the skater. It also features an anti-slip concave platform. This skateboard helps improve balance, endurance, and flexibility.


  • Made of high-end ABS plastic
  • Net dimension is 33.7(L)x 9.05(W)in
  • Maximum weight capacity is 80kg
  • PU wheels come with glowing LED lights
  • Suitable for children over six years
  • 360° rotating castor trucks

8. Kamachi Skateboard

The Kamachi is a good-quality skateboard that comes fully assembled. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals as it offers proper balancing. The slow-moving wheels allow you to flip quickly and ride smoothly. It is useful for practicing tricks on walking streets, roads, and parks, among others.


  • Portable and ideal for any skill level
  • Topline wooden construction
  • PU wheels
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Small-size dimension is 17(L)x 5(W)in
  • Medium-size dimension is 24(L)x 6(W)in
  • Large-size dimension is 31(L)x 8(W)in

9. Sprugal Skateboard

The Sprugal skateboard, available in vibrant color schemes and skeleton motifs, offers fun and entertainment to your child. It features bigger wheels for proper balance and great speed. This allows you to ride on many surfaces, including poolside, streets, and parks. Other unique features are non-slip strong board surface, multilayer maple deck, hanger, and baseplate.


  • Made of maple wood ply, and two-sided graphic finishes
  • Wooden base adds safety, security, and comfort
  • Aluminum alloy trucks with PU bushing and cushion
  • ABEC 9+ skateboard bearings
  • Durable PU brushing wheel
  • Net dimension is 31(L)x 8(W)in
  • Comes with 62x38mm wheels
  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity of 75kg

10. IRIS Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Iris skateboards are available in different vibrant hues and HD printed graphic designs that make them attractive. It has a super-strong base plate and suspension shockers, which offer safety and security during skating. The illuminating wheels come in different colors, making them ideal for children, teenagers, and youth.


  • Made of non-bendable and durable polypropylene material
  • Offers stability and comfort
  • Four casters made of resistant PU
  • High-speed ball bearings support skateboard and move it smoothly
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sturdy wide deck lasts long
  • Supports skateboarding on different surfaces

11. Prospo Skate Board

If you are a skating fanatic, then you may prefer buying this stylish skateboard from Prospo. It is made from high-quality material and is recommended for children aged between 7-14 years.


  • Comes in bold color prints
  • High-grade bearings ensure a smooth ride
  • Net dimension is 24(L)x 6(W)in
  • Rubberized smooth sail wheels
  • Strong metal construction
  • Megna finish
  • Firm and sturdy wooden base

12. Jonex Super Tenacity Mini Skate Board

This is another mini skateboard you may prefer for your kid. The non-skid surface with a green top layer makes it look stylish and attractive. It is easy to handle and carry, making it an ideal skateboard for children aged from four to eight years.


  • Holds up to 48kg
  • Wheels made of strong rubber
  • Net dimension is 23.5(L)x 6(W)in
  • Carbon ball-bearings offer a smooth ride

13. Skera Speed Printed Skate Board

The Skera speed printed skateboard comes in both small and big board sizes. You will get them in attractive prints and designs. It features soft bushings, high-speed bearings, PU wheels, anti-skid surfaces, all of which make the skating effective.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 60kg
  • Heavy-duty, durable wheel construction
  • Soft bearings that are easy to glide and ride
  • Sturdy and durable product
  • No assembly required
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Skateboards?

There are some important factors to consider when buying a skateboard.

  • Type: Skateboards are available in the standard, cruiser, long, and mini types. Mini skateboards are suitable for children below nine years of age. Standard boards are ideal for beginners, be it, adults, or teenagers. Cruiser boards and longboards are suitable for professionals.
  • Deck size: Decide the appropriate size based on your skate shoe You should go for skateboards that have sufficient space so that it controls the feet effectively.
  • Capacity: Consider the one that offers the highest capacity. If it is for teenagers, the one that withstands up to 60 to 70kg is ideal. For adults, you may choose the one that can take up to 100kg.

Skateboards are usually made of wood, and wood can soak moisture quickly. Store them indoors, when not in use, to maintain them well and keep them safe. When you see the deck is chipping away, clip them out so that the tear does not become significant. If you notice any parts wearing-off, then it is good to replace them. The condition of the board must be perfect for the safety of the user.

Skateboarding enjoys much popularity as it is a fun sport that helps you lead an active life and burn calories. Available in many sizes and shapes, you can pick a standard skateboard if you’re a beginner and a cruiser or long skateboard if you’re a pro. Whether you’re a beginner at skateboarding or a pro in need of a new skateboard, our list of the best products provides you with options for both levels. When you consider your body weight and level of expertise, finding the right skateboard to have a sense of balance and stability will be a cakewalk.

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