11 Stylish Shoes To Buy For Girls In 2021

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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” said Marilyn Monroe. Isn’t that so true? Without the right shoes, no outfit is complete. Shoes can transform your look, even on days when you don’t want to spend time dressing up. Sometimes, shoes for girls can become the most important part of their outfit.

Girls’ shoes should be all about comfort, style, and confidence. In this post, MomJunction shares a list of shoes that can be a part of every girl’s wardrobe.

11 Types Of Shoes For Girls

What are the wardrobe staples when it comes to footwear? This is a question that most girls have. Let’s have a look at some footwear ideas that are not only comfortable but also uber-chic.

1. Athletic

Girls’ athletic shoes may range from regular walking or running shoes to sports shoes for basketball, skateboarding, tennis or even horse-riding. Every athletic activity may require a specific style of footwear to support the movement of feet. When girls are into sports and outdoor activities, they need to wear shoes that provide the right comfort, cushion, and fit.

2. Boots

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Boots are essential when you live in cold or tropical climatic conditions. Some are ankle, calf or knee-length, and some boots may cover the entire leg. Whether you are buying snow boots, rain boots, or boots to jazz up an outfit, they make you very stylish.

3. Clogs and mules

Clogs and mules
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Perfect for playtime or a trip to the beach, clogs are shoes for those days when you just want comfort and nothing else. They come in such colorful and vibrant shades that will turn even the most boring outfits interesting.

4. Flats

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Flats may be ballerinas, sandals, slip-ons, or plimsolls. They are all so comfy and keep you grounded, with little risk of twisting your ankle. When you have a lot of walking to do or have a tonne of errands to run, just wear these shoes, and you are good to go!

5. Heels

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Preppin for a party? Yo! Grab a pair of heels and glide. There is something about heels – they not only help you look taller but also make you feel powerful and confident. The trick is to buy heels that are comfortable for both the ankles and feet.

And if you are confused because you are not very comfortable but still want to experiment, then begin with wedges or block heels. Browse through the wide range of heels and pick your style.

6. Loafers

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Ideal for casual wear, loafers look cool with just about anything. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a pair of jeans, skirts or even palazzo and lounge pants, loafers will fit right in. Some loafer styles also go well with formal wear. Buy loafers, get the feeling of walking on a cloud and thank us later.

7. Outdoor and adventure

Outdoor and adventure
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Hey, you cannot go wrong with shoes when you are all pumped about that upcoming hike or trek. Outdoor adventure activities require you to wear shoes that will help you perform better. Therefore buy shoes that are specifically designed for hiking, trekking, adventure sports, trail running, or underwater activities.

8. Oxfords

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Oxfords and brogues are shoes that are a class apart. You have seen guys flaunting this style, but are apprehensive about trying them? Well, fashion has its own rules. If you like wearing them, dictate your style in your terms. These versatile shoes will become a statement piece of your stylish wardrobe. Go, grab a pair now if you want to try them!

9. Sandals

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Just like flats, sandals too, are super comfy! Whether you are looking for plain, glittery or something in between, there should be at least one pair of sandals in every girl’s closet.

10. Slippers

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Flip flops, bedroom slippers, or just any slip-on style footwear, these are light and designed to be worn indoors. Whether the floor is cold, warm, sparkling clean or dusty, slippers will keep your feet protected.

11. Sneakers

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There is always room for one more pair of sneakers. Sneakers literally cuddle your feet and are so light that you feel like you are walking on clouds. They come in amazing colors, patterns, and designs, leaving you spoilt for choices.

All of them seem appealing, but which of these styles is for you? Keep reading to know that.

How To Buy The Right Shoes For Girls?

Buying shoes is not just about picking the right size. There’s more to it. Here are some hacks that you can use while buying shoes.

  1. Fit is more important than your shoe size. Hence, check if your shoe fits right from the tip of the toe to the heels.
  1. Buy shoes that match the shape of your feet. Don’t go by trends if they don’t make your feet happy.
  1. Never buy shoes that are too tight, expecting them to loosen up later.
  1. New shoes sometimes give a shoe bite, but if your feet feel a pinching sensation, then you are buying the wrong shoes.
  1. Also, be careful about the inner lining of the shoes. The fabric should feel soft on your feet.
  1. Most importantly take care of your feet and keep them groomed.

Whether you are searching for sports shoes for girls, party wear or even basic flip flops, there are plenty of options online. Go ahead and pick your favorites now! And hassle-free exchange policies make shopping convenient and fun.

Which style of footwear is your personal favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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