11 Best Shoe Storage Boxes In 2024

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To keep your shoe dust-free and neatly segregated, the best shoe storage boxes available in the market can help. These shoeboxes create more space in your room, and with the transparent door option, you can have easy accessibility to your shoes.

The stackable shoe boxes are made of various high-quality materials, including plastic, cardboard, or wood. Some are also non-toxic and well-ventilated to keep away the foul smell. If you are looking for durable shoe storage boxes to keep your shoe rack organized, read on to find the best options to pick from.

11 Best Shoe Storage Boxes In 2024

1. Best Washable:See Spring Shoe Storage Box

See Spring Shoe Storage Box Image: See Spring

Organize your shoes with the 12-box pack of shoe storage set by See Spring. It has a stackable design and can be placed in hallways or bedrooms. Each box has a clear side-open front door for easy access to shoes and rear ventilation holes for odor-free storage. These durable boxes are washable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, these boxes can be attached to form a tower shoe rack with the help of the snap-tight clasp feature.

Color: Clear| Material: Plastic| Special features: Foldable, shatterproof, stackable, transparent| Number of items: 12| Item weight: 7.78lb| Dimensions: 13.1 × 9 × 5.5in


  • Waterproof
  • Foldable design
  • Easy assembly
  • Built-in pull-handle
  • Multi-angle view


  • Might be smaller than expected
  • May not be mildew-resistant

protip_icon Pro tip
Clear shoe storage boxes provide the convenience of identifying the contents without opening them, saving you time and effort.

2. Best Durable: Life Story Closet Storage Box

With its transparency and durability, the clear storage container is suitable for storing shoes and is easy to identify. This versatile storage box from Life Story can keep your expensive shoe collection or other personal items safe by protecting them from dust and damage. These storage boxes can also be used as a dedicated space for clothes or other items that take up most space in the closet. You can also use them for storing toys in playrooms. This shoe container comes in two ten packs for a total of twenty boxes.

Color: Clear| Material: Plastic| Special features: Stackable, dustproof, transparent| Capacity: 5.7l| Number of items: 20| Item weight: 2.99lb| Dimensions: ‎13.7 x 8 x 4.9in


  • Stackable shoe box
  • Protects the shoes from moisture
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Occupies less space
  • Lightweight material


  • Some may find the plastic thin
  • Some lids may not stay in place

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

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3. Best With Slot Lock:Kuject Large Shoe Organizer Storage Boxes


Keep your shoe collection organized and dust-free in the shoe rack with Kuject’s large-sized shoe organizer boxes. Its slot lock design ensures easy installation and saves space. Boasting a large storage space, these boxes allow you to store large shoes including sneakers, sports shoes, boots, high heels, and leisure footwear. In addition, these tried-and-tested stackable and durable boxes are less likely to break due to their thick frame. The perforated side facilitates enhanced circulation and keeps your shoes dry and odor-free.

Color: Black| Material: Plastic| Special features: Stackable, ventilated| Capacity: ‎13.2l, Number of items: 12| Item weight: 9.69lb| Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.1 x 6.42in


  • Clear front openings
  • Space-saving
  • Rounded corners
  • Smooth door handle
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Some boxes might be slightly flimsy
  • Lids might be slightly cloudy
protip_icon Quick tip
When opting for open shoe storage boxes, ensure not to place them in areas that receive direct and prolonged sunlight to keep your shoes, especially leather ones, protected.

4. Best BPA-Free:Iris USA Stackable Shoe Box

Iris USA Stackable Shoe Box Image: Iris Usa Inc

The high-quality, durable propylene plastic shoe storage boxes by Iris USA are lightweight and break-resistant. They have a snap-closing lid and non-slippery grooves on the top, facilitating slide-free stacking. The versatile shoe cabinets are suitable for storing heels, shoes, boots, flip-flops, kitchen supplies, books, art and craft tools, and more. Besides, they are Green Circle certified and BPA-free, making them a suitable shoe storage solution for homes with pets and children.

Color: Clear| Material: Plastic| Special features: Airtight, lightweight, stackable| Capacity: 4.7l| Number of items: 20| Item weight: 5.4oz | Dimensions: 14.1 x 7.99 x 4.53in


  • Includes 20 boxes
  • See-through design
  • Nestable and portable
  • Multipurpose


  • May not have perforated holes for air circulation
  • May not be water-resistant

5. Best Convenient-To-Use: mDesign Storage Organizer

The expert-approved modern holder has a reinforced front tab with hook-and-loop closure, making it more convenient to use. This eight-piece organizer from mDesign has a beautiful fabric exterior with a textured print to keep your shoe free from dust and debris. Designed to be stackable and easy to access, the lid is hinged in two locations to allow your shoes to slide out while the box is still stacked. The functional and versatile organizer can hold heels, flats, ankle boots, blankets, sweaters, underwear, and more. It is easy to care for with a clean damp cloth.

Color: Charcoal gray| Material: Fabric| Special features: Lid, clear window, stackable| Number of items: 8| Item weight: 1.85lb| Dimensions: 14.5 x 7 x 11.75in


  • Efficient shoe storage solution
  • Clear windows
  • Protects from dust and debris
  • Multipurpose organizer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy and stylish design


  • May not fit high heels
  • May not retain their shape

protip_icon Pro tip
To ensure the durability of your shoes during long-term storage, insert crumpled acid-free paper into them, as this helps maintain their shape without causing any damage to the pair.

6. Best Ventilated: Yitahome XL Shoe Storage Box

The 12-pack set of shoe storage organizers is multifunctional and provides additional storage to keep your shoe collection neat. It is equipped with a clear door to make it easy to find the shoe you want. The ventilation and anti-mildew design facilitates air circulation and ensures there is no peculiar smell. It has a multifunctional design, allowing you to use the space for clothes, books, socks, electronics, and even toiletries in the bathroom. Constructed of ABS material, it is waterproof, easy to clean, and is environmentally friendly.

Color: Black| Material: Polypropylene| ABS| Special features: Ventilation, space-saving| Capacity: ‎7l| Number of items: 12| Item weight: 15.4lb| Dimensions: 14.1 x 10.9 x 8.2in


  • Lightweight and soft material
  • Durable construction
  • Stackable design
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to assemble


  • Material may be thin for some
  • May bend

7. Best Odor-Prevention: Waytrim Storage Shoe Box

The eight-pack shoe storage box can prevent messy shoe storage. It has ventilation holes that allow air circulation and odor prevention. These tried-and-tested portable shoe cabinets are made of strong and sturdy material, and you can stack multiple units to maximize storage. The black translucent shoe box protects your privacy, and the black material prevents the shoe from exposure to sunlight. It helps you increase your closet size with its management space, making it ideal for organizing closets and living areas. The foldable drawer-like boxes are made of soft plastic, and the frame is made of hard plastic board for durability.

Color: Black| Material: Plastic| Special features: Foldable, transparent| Number of items: 8| Item weight: 8.13lb| Dimensions: 13.78 x 9.84 x 7.36in


  • Washable and wipeable shoe box
  • Waterproof top
  • Dustproof and breathable
  • Easy to open with one hand
  • Strong ABS frame


  • May not lock together
  • May be smaller than expected

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

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8. Best With Swinging Door: Pinkpum Large Shoe Boxes

Pinkpum Large Shoe Boxes Image: Pinkpum

These stackable shoe boxes by Pinkpum have a transparent body and a swinging door for easy visibility and access. The perforated rear set vents of the large-sized shoe storage boxes help keep your shoes dry and odor-free. You can easily store your large shoes like ankle boots or sneakers in them. In addition, they are washable, enabling you to keep them neat, clean, and dust-free. And made of durable, sturdy, ABS and high-quality PP plastic, the stackable shoe cabinets can be placed in the living room, bedroom, closet, garage, or hallway.

Color: White| Material: Polypropylene| Special features: Stackable, transparent, ventilated| Number of items: 12| Item weight: 8.69lb| Dimensions: 13.2 x 10.2 x 6.2in


  • Snap-tight locks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes 12 boxes
  • Waterproof
  • Can accommodate a variety of shoe sizes


  • May not be easy to assemble

9. Best Dust-Resistant:Sterilite Storage Box

Sterilite Storage Box Image: Sterilite

Keep your shoes neat and organized in the shoe rack with the help of these stackable shoe box storage bins by Sterilite. The four-pack shoe storage box comes with a capacity of six quarts each, providing ample room for storing standard-sized shoes. Each box has a tight non-transparent lid with an indexed surface area for secure stacking. In addition, the durable boxes have a transparent body, enabling you to view your shoe collection from all sides.

Color: White| Material: Plastic| Special features: Lid with grips| Capacity: 5.6l| Number of items: 4| Item weight: 8oz| Dimensions: 13.2 x 8.5 x 4.8in


  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean
  • Dust-resistant
  • Comfortable grip


  • May not be suitable for storing large shoes
  • May not keep the shoes odor-free

10. Best Stackable Design: SupBro Storage Shoes Box

SupBro Storage Shoes Box Image: Sup Bro

The easy-access storage shoe box has a stackable design and is suitable for organizing shoes and saving space. SupBro shoe boxes have a crystal clear plastic front door to notice the shoes easily. The door of this shoe rack has upgraded magnets that ensure tightness, and the ultraviolet-proof material protects your leather or canvas shoes. It is firm enough to carry a 100kg maximum load, and the material is durable. In addition, you can also place shoe brush and shoe polish on top of the rack.

Color: Black| Material: Plastic| Special features: Foldable, transparent| Number of items: 2| Item weight: 6.18lb| Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 8.8in


  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saving organizer
  • Washable material
  • Foldable design
  • Large space
  • Sturdy material


  • Magnets may fall off with time
  • Instructions may be vague

11. Best With Magnetic Door:eWonLife Large Shoe Storage Boxes

eWonLife Large Shoe Storage Boxes Image: Ewon Life

eWonlife’s large shoe storage boxes feature connecting sheets, enabling you to stack them horizontally or vertically in a secure, slide-and-tip-free manner. The opening adopts a magnet adsorption design, enabling easy access to shoes, and can be closed with a gentle push. Additionally, the transparent design offers a 360° view of the shoes, enabling you to keep track of your footwear without having to open each box. These boxes also have a rear ventilation side to prevent odor accumulation and can be an elegant addition to your home and office.

Color: Black| Material: Plastic| Special features: Stackable, dustproof, airtight| Number of items: 12| Item weight: 11.38lb| Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.8 x 7.2in


  • Dust-, moisture-, and light-proof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes 12 boxes
  • Can accommodate large shoes


  • Material might be slightly flimsy
  • Might not be as clear as expected
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Shoe Storage Box?

Here are some points you should consider before buying a shoe storage box.

  1. Space-saving: Storage boxes for shoes should be designed in a way that they can be stacked easily, leaving the maximum surface area in your room.
  2. Design: Look for transparent designs as they act as a shoe display case and allow easy accessibility to the shoes.
  3. Size: Buy an organizer that is spacious enough to keep the biggest shoe. Small organizers have their limitations.
  4. Ventilation: Shoe boxes that are well ventilated will keep the shoe odor-free. Always dry your shoes before keeping them in the box.
  5. Material: Shoe boxes come in wood, plastic, or fabric materials. While wood is most durable, you can narrow down your selection depending on your choice and requirement.

Gina Hartranft, a home organizer and founder of Orgnze, says, “I recommend you get a clear box that is well-ventilated—It gives you a clear view of your shoes, protects them from wear and tear, and keeps your closet fresher. It also allows you to rotate your shoes more often and know what you have. I’d also recommend using a dryer sheet for the athletic shoes.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out?

It depends on your needs. If you intend to make a room more convenient and space-efficient, or if you have spare pairs of shoes to store, shoe boxes could come in handy. Make sure to check on them periodically and sun them to avoid mold build-up.

2. What is the most efficient way to store shoes?

Storage boxes are more convenient and efficient ways to store shoes free from dust while giving you the luxury of keeping them organized. With the help of storage boxes, each pair of shoes can be stocked separately, which prevents them from getting dirty with other shoes. Also, transparent storage boxes facilitate easy visibility and detection.

3. Where should shoe storage boxes be stored at home?

Being portable and stackable, most storage shoe boxes can be placed in a wardrobe or closet, along a wall, and on the floor in the laundry room. You just have to plan as per your convenience and space availability.

4. What size shoe can I fit in a shoe storage box?

The largest shoe size most shoe storage boxes accommodate is either US 12 or 13. A few could also come with the capacity for sizes 14 and 15.

5. How should I clean shoe storage boxes?

While it depends on the material of the storage box, most plastic-based ones can be wiped or washed with water. The cardboard-based ones may be cleaned with just cleansing wipes, and most fabric-based ones can be wipe-cleaned with a damp cloth. However, it is best to read the package instructions for optimum care.

6. Do shoe storage boxes have ventilation holes?

Most shoe storage boxes come with ventilation holes or openings to air the shoes, prevent mold build-up, and dissipate the odor.

The best shoe storage boxes can act as a dedicated and more convenient space to store your footwear. Such storage boxes help keep your footwear organized for easy access. When picking such storage boxes, you must check their size and durability. Such boxes are available in various designs and come with ventilation to keep your shoes odor-free. You may choose one that helps declutter your spaces and store your shoes efficiently. We hope the comprehensive list above will help you make an informed decision.

Infographic: Why Should You Use Shoe Storage Boxes?

If you own quite a few pairs of shoes, storing them might be a hassle. Improper storage can cause damage to the shoes and create issues, including dirt, insects, odor, and more. However, shoe storage boxes can help you. Follow the infographic below to learn the benefits of using shoe storage boxes.

Benefits Of Using Shoe Storage Boxes

Illustration: The Bridal Box Design Team

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