10 Best Sagittarius Tattoos – Our Top Picks

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Sagittarius is the sun sign for those born between November 22 – December 21.  Sagittarius is a fire sign and is symbolized by a bow and arrow. Jupiter is supposed to be the ruling planet and it is the ninth zodiac sign. Sagittarians are headstrong and confident people who always speak their mind.

1. Arrow Tattoo:

arrow tattoo designSince the arrow is an integral part of Sagittarius zodiac sign, you could get it tattooed on your hand to portray a piece of the inner you on your outer skin. An arrow can also be symbolic of how determined and goal oriented you are. You could tattoo it on your wrist or the behind your ear.

2. Bow and Arrow Tattoo:

bow and arrow tattooA bow and arrow is the traditional symbol of the zodiac sign. You could have a very simple design or a more complicated one to make both the bow and arrow look realistic. Effects like wood effect or a 3D effect will make the tattoo look life like.

3. Centaur Tattoo:

centaur tattoo artA centaur is a mythical creature associated with Sagittarius. It is a symbol of power and magic. You could make the centaur look realistic by adding muscles to it. A small centaur can be tattooed on the lower back or the shoulder blade.

4. Sun Tattoo:

sun tattoo ideasSagittarius is a fire sign and the sun is the best symbol of fire. The sun is a huge ball of fierce energy. When tattooed on your body, it will remind you of your confidence and strong personality whenever you lose faith in yourself.

5. 3 Arrows Tattoo:

3arrows tattoo3 arrows would make a great Sagittarius tattoo. You could add artistic touches and colour to it to make it look gorgeous and unique. It symbolizes single mindedness towards a goal, traits which a Sagittarian possesses.

6. Sagittarius Tattoo:

sagittarius tattoosIf you are looking for an appropriate Sagittarius tattoo, you could consider having the word inked on your body. This would look great and convey an exact meaning and avoid misinterpretations.

7. An ‘S’ with a piercing Arrow Tattoo:

piercing arrow tattooAn ‘S’ with an arrow piercing it is a very common Sagittarius tattoo. It includes both the zodiac sign and its name. Also this is a very flexible tattoo as both the font size and the colour can be adjusted. You could consider having it on your ankle or the nape of your neck.

8. Woman Holding Arrow Tribal Tattoo:

woman holding arrow tribal tattooYou could add your own twist to the Sagittarius zodiac sign by tattooing a woman preparing to shoot. This could possibly symbolize woman power and ambition in a fast paced and competitive world. You could add touches of colour to make it look artistic.

9. Fire Tattoo:

fire tattoos on armsSince Sagittarius is a fire sign, you might consider having fire tattooed on your body. This would symbolize drive and ambition. You could also colour it to make it look realistic.

10. Arrow with a Word Tattoo:

word tattoo ideasYou could tattoo an arrow with a word on your body. The arrow represents your zodiac sign and the word would represent something special in your life or something you believe in. The word could be your lover’s name or your fiancés name. It could also be something that you hold close your heart – like ‘hope’ or ‘faith’.

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