7 Romantic Love Movies That Retain A Timeless Appeal

While genres like ‘horror’ and ‘drama’ are prone to producing the odd gem now and again, it seems it is always the romantic niche that elicits the biggest reaction within us, and if you’re a big fan of all things about romance and movies, then you’re going to love the wild ride offered by these seven romantic love movies, even if they manage to jerk the occasional tear from you:

1. Wild At Heart (1990)

Director David Lynch may be more famous for Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks, but there’s no doubt that his 90s romantic love movies deserve much more attention and this particular one remains a cult classic amongst underground circles. Featuring the sizzling chemistry of Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern, the movie depicts love at its most visceral, most naked and most dangerous.

2. Manhattan (1979)

Woody Allen was the creative mastermind behind this film that also saw him amongst the cast alongside the ever wonderful Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Mariel Hemingway plays the role of Allen’s young girlfriend while Streep plays the ex-wife. Love interest Keaton only shows up to further complicate the mix as the film explores questions about love and desire in the great borough of Manhattan; one of the most fun romantic love movies of the last century.

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3. True Romance (1993)

If we were to give you a three line overview of the plot of True Romance, you probably would have placed it in the genres of “bizarre” and “action” respectively. However, director Tony Scott falls into no such trap as he sets out to tell the story of how one unassuming store clerk (Christian Slater) sets out to rescue his hooker girlfriend (Patricia Arquette) from forced bondage… only to run into her not-so-nice pimp. True romance, as the title says.

4. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Again, this may not the feature that director Paul Thomas Anderson is most famous for, but then that doesn’t stop it from being a smashing good film. What’s even more interesting is that its lead roles are played by none other than Emily Watson and Adam Sandler, who even though it may not be apparent at first, share a wonderful chemistry that remains the highlight of the film throughout. Add to that gorgeous Los Angeles and Anderson’ classic cinematography and ranges in tone and you have on your hands one good romance film.

5. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet might not seem like the perfect match, but they were once deeply in love… so deep in love in fact, that separation is causing serious mental anguish. However, make no mistake, while the plot runs deeper than your everyday romcom, this might just be one of the best romantic love movies you’ve ever watched, so waste no time and watch it if you haven’t already. Director Michael Gondry and writer Charlie Kaufman’s magnum opus.

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6. Annie Hall (1977)

The second Woody Allen film to future on our list, Annie Hall is a defining moment in romantic love movies because of its exploration of how finding true love doesn’t mean that it will last. However, let us not ruin this movie for you by claiming it to be only serious, while the themes it deals with (the gradual fading of love, the questions of “where did it go wrong?”), the movie also keeps things light with a number of classic Woody Allen comedy moments. One to savour.

7. Blue Valentine (2010)

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Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams share a sizzling on-screen chemistry, but the film explores a much deeper and important question – that of what happens to love in which there are problems right from the start. It can be a bit sad, but there’s no cynicism, no “love is dead,” just a frank assessment of what happens in this particular relationship, and it’s so well done that’s it’s worth a watch or three.

So this is our list of seven romantic love movies that haven’t received the hype as some of the other more popular ones did. But nevertheless, you will agree with us once you watch them. So get the popcorn ready and prepare for a movie marathon.