20 Best Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2019 You Cannot Afford To Miss

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Diwali, one of the most widely celebrated festivals, is known the world over as a festival of lights. With loads of firecrackers and lights the day is celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm by people of all age groups. However, one cannot refute the role of colors in this festival. People buy new clothes and gifts and decorate their houses with multitude of colors.

Since rangoli and colors are interwoven, elaborate rangolis are designed on this day in the entrance of every house to ask for the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Understandably, making of a rangoli is not everyone’s forte as it calls for a certain amount of skill and ingenuity. Given time and practice, you too can make a grand statement by drawing a beautiful rangoli at your door step.

With loads of intricate designs to choose from, picking up the right one can be a daunting task. To make this selection easy, here is a compilation of some striking dowali rangoli designs. Since diyas are an integral part of Diwali many of these designs feature diyas in them:

Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2019

rangoli designs for diwali

1. This is a beautiful rangoli to be crafted at the threshold of a door step. The vibrant colors which instantly brighten up the house are sure to elicit appraisal from your guests. It is a semi-circular pattern with vibrant hues of blue, red, yellow and white giving it an alluring look.

 2. This design features a white background with a symmetrical pattern layered on top. The floor on which the rangoli is to be drawn can suffice as a backdrop, but the use of white color as the base is sure to make the design pop out. It looks vibrant due to the combination of colors like green, blue and yellow. The two dimensional portrayal of diyas on the floor along with greetings for a ‘Happy Diwali’ makes it an apt pattern for this festival.

3. This is a floral rangoli using the petals of flowers which are very commonly available. The making of this particular rangoli does not call for a vast skill-set. Once the outline is drawn, it can be filled with petals by younger ones in the house too. Therefore, the entire household can participate in crafting this beautiful rangoli. In this design, petals of marigold have been used. You can replace them with any other flower of your liking. Make sure that the different colored petals are all more or less of the same size.

4. This is a design of an eight pointed star formed by a variety of geometric patterns. This design can incorporate the mixed use of colored chalk, rice powder and floral petals to get the desired effect. The purple, pink, yellow and white colors are accentuated by the stark black outline of every layer.

gudi padwa

5. Speaking of easy rangoli designs for diwali, a small rangoli does not imply that it cannot look as elegant or welcoming as a relatively bigger one. This design is perfect if you are short of time or do not possess a lot of expertise in the art making rangolis. It comprises of six circles outlined with white powder, the interiors of which are filled with colors of a different kind. The central circle is made to resemble an assortment of smaller flowers. A diya can be placed in the center of each circle and the play of light and shadow is sure to have a mesmerizing effect.

rangoli designs for diwali indian

6. This is definitely the best of rangoli designs for diwali if you want to highlight a traditional lamp or an ornate diya stand that you might have at home. It is a circular pattern which radiates from the centre where the lamp is to be placed. The use of multiple shades of the same color in this rangoli gives it an added dimension. Diyas may be used in the periphery to enhance the look.

onam pookalam

7. Rangolis incorporating floral petals are great for beginners, since they are more forgiving to mistakes. It looks beautiful irrespective of the occasion. This particular design, though a little labor intensive, when finished is sure to leave a lasting impression.

rangoli for diwali

8. A diya being symbolic of Diwali is an inseparable part of its celebrations. This rangoli features a diya drawn in the center from which the rest of the design radiates. Although, this rangoli is primarily done using a single color, white, the application of various hues like green, purple, blue and pink alternately, highlights the pattern.

rangoli designs

9. Lord Ganesha, on a bright red backdrop, is the central figure of this design. This is a vibrant pattern combining free form artwork and an elaborate meshwork in concentric circles. This design should be attempted only by those with a steady hand.

diwali rangoli

10. This is again an ideal rangoli design for diwali as it has a lot of diyas to get you in the festive mood. Though the design is simple, it looks quite beautiful when decorated with diyas.  It is a floral design in the center drawn on a contrasting background with serpentine curves in the periphery. Diyas can be placed wherever suited to enhance its beauty.

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diwali rangoli with diya

11. This design incorporates the twin aspects of Diwali in it, namely bright colors and lights. The diya stand in the center encircled by a row of flowers is highlighted by a vivid pattern of petals drawn using colored powder. It is circumscribed by a pattern of bigger petals. These are filled using small mono colored petals of authentic flowers. The outer perimeter is a compilation of many smaller designs using multiple colors and diyas to highlight it.

flower rangoli designs

12. A flower rangoli is suited for any occasion. This design is a little out of the ordinary with an abstract design. For an art work of this nature it is wise to trace a pattern on the floor and then proceed to fill it with a myriad of colors ranging from violet, white, yellow, orange and red. Diyas along the periphery makes this design relevant for Diwali.

rangoli designs for diwali simple designs

13. This is a bright rangoli with contrasting yellow, pink and blue colors incorporated in it. In the centre is a design of a peacock with small floral motifs around it. At the periphery of the circle are alternate patterns representative of small and big diyas.

diwali best

14. This is a unique design which employs the use of twisted, dual colored ropes to form the boundary. The insides are then filled with varied colors. Suitable placement of diyas of various sizes and shapes adds to the ingenuity of this design.

diwali rangoli designs with flowers

15. This is a simple rangoli design, the beauty of which is elevated by the combined use of bright colors, diyas and floating candles. The circumference of this rangoli is decorated with roses and a small transparent bowl with water is placed at the center of the pattern. This bowl holds a few floating candles. Diyas are palced on the inside of the pattern as well as on the outside.

diwali design rangoli

16. This is a small, simple yet extremely vibrant design. In addition to the ornate colors used, the colorful pattern of the diyas adds a definite charisma to this rangoli.

Diya Rangoli

17. The circular pattern of this rangoli is not only easy on the eyes but is also not very difficult to craft. The diya stand in the center and multiple diyas on the periphery adds a touch of mystique to this design of rangoli.

diwali rangoli designs with diya

18. This rangoli is a perfect mix of straight lines and soft curves. The drawings of diyas along the sides, highlighted in pink, make it an ideal rangoli for this festival. Flowers and earthern diyas can be added to impart a festive look.

diwali decoration

19. This is a rangoli done with yellow, orange, green and white colored grains of rice. The betel leaf shaped design makes for a very traditional pattern. Diyas add a touch of light to this beautiful work of art.

rangoli designs for new year

20. This rangoli with concentric circles and mango motifs teamed with the use of vivid shades of blue, yellow, orange and purple makes for an elegant yet an easy to do design for Diwali. The pink motifs on the circumference alternating with the earthen diyas add a charm of their own.

Well, these were the top twenty designs of rangoli for Diwali. One of these can adorn your door step too. All you need is a little bit of imagination, a touch of aesthetic sense and loads of patience!

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