10 Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs To Try In 2022

Welcome prosperity into your home with the majestic splendor of these lovely designs

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India’s national bird, the Peacock, is most famous for its vibrant and colorful blue, green, and yellow feathers. Indians have taken inspiration for generations from this beautiful bird, which can be seen reflected in our peacock rangoli designs. It is a beautiful sight when the Peacock holds up his feathers in happiness, and it would be great to have such peaceful sights in rangolis.

10 Best Peacock Inspired Rangoli Designs To Try In 2022

Here we have selected some of the best Rangoli designs inspired by Peacocks. We know many of you are not very accustomed to making Rangoli, so we have included some simple ones as well.

Peacock rangoli design at the entrance

1. This is a very beautiful peacock rangoli design with the colourful image of a Peacock done on a white backdrop. We love the contrast of the colours created. The designs are done quite beautifully and do not have many details. So with a little practice, you can easily do this design.

Peacock rangoli design bordered with flowers for Pongal

2. This one is a more colourful design than the first one. The bright and bold colours used here like yellow, pink, green and blue make this very special. The design is quite extravagant and will need good skills to get a finish like this. The special feature here are the steel vessels filled with flowers.

Peacock rangoli design

3. Here’s a beautiful and colourful of the rangoli peacock designs with bright colours. The bright blue used here makes it look quite unique and bright. Doing this style of Rangoli will surely get you loads of compliments. We love the unique style of design too.

Peacock rangoli design with white borders

4. This design is bright but the white designs on the borders make it very sober. The design is very apt for any house functions and will look quite beautiful with its bright colours. The bright contrasting colours used here are beautifully used.

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A full bodied peacock perched on a branch for rangoli design

5. This one is a beautiful rangoli design depicting the beautifully colourful feathers. This design is simple yet will cover a large area. This design can be done at any corner of the house and it will surely get you a lot of compliments.

A full bodied peacock in shades of orange and blue for rangoli design

6. This one is a variation of the above one. The use of colours is different from the above and here we see more of orange, royal blue and purple. The main attraction here are the beautiful feathers recreated with colour and the actual flower used on the bough.

Rangoli design

7. So all of you there who are thinking these designs are way past their skills- we present this design that is so simple even those with minimal expertise will be able to do it. This design uses bright colours but does not have any complex designs. This is another one of the favourites in the rangoli designs of peacock.

Peacock rangoli design on a yellow base and bordered with red roses

8. Well this is a unique rangoli of peacock. The bright yellow base and the blue peacock body seem to contrast each other. This design uses a lot of details which would be too difficult for a new artist but we simply love the different way the Feathers are presented and we love the roses used as the outer border as well.

Peacock rangoli design featuring two peacocks and white flower border

9. Here we see two peacock designs done facing each other. The feathers are done with details and the whole back drop is kept very bright and beautiful. The border is done with white flowers to contrast with the bright colours used. This is also a perfect choice to be modfied with the addition of diyas as one of the peacock rangoli designs for diwali.

Peacock rangoli design for beginners

10. This one is very bright indeed and that’s mainly because of the use of very colourful shades like green and blue. But unlike most of the colourful rangoli designs in this collection, the feathers are not done with great detail which makes it very easy for a beginner to try.

Rangolis are an indispensable part of Indian culture. These decorations are often drawn outside homes during special festivals to symbolize positivity and liveliness. Nothing signifies Indian culture like the national bird, the peacock. These peacock rangoli designs are colorful, creative, and eye-catching and will elevate their surroundings. These rangolis tend to be bold and massive, so be ready to show off their majestic splendor on a large scale. You can add your own touch and personalize these gorgeous motifs. Even though it may seem challenging at first, you can master the art of reproducing these designs with practice, patience, and a steady hand.

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