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Owl tattoo designs are the most popular among animal tattoo designs. They can be worn proudly by men as well as women all over the world. Owls have always been considered as birds of wisdom and their tattoos like all other animal tattoos are symbolic of these traits of the owl.

Owls are also associated with a number of cultures like the Hindu culture, Celtic culture even with the Native Americans! It has always been an excellent hunting bird with its large eyes and out of the world night vision. The owl tattoo designs besides having the above redeeming traits also looks good.

The Best Of Owl Tattoo Designs

Let us have a glimpse at the top 10 owl tattoos for an idea. Hope you will surely try to have one of them inked over your skin.

1. The demure owl tattoo:

demure owl tattooThis owl while representing wisdom like all other owls also symbolizes modesty. Its expression is demure and somewhat coy. Cute to look at, it generally adorns the skin of females but can be seen on a selected few males too.

2. Totem owl:

totem owlThe owl is associated with a number of cultures. It is commonly called the ‘angel of death’. Many myths mention instances of owls being able to communicate with the departed. Due to this many cultures believed that the owl was the guardian and our only link with the dead. The totem owl was thus used on charms and protective bracelets. Totem owl tattoos look really cool and are extremely popular!

3. Punk owl tattoo:

punk owl tattooOften skilled designers, instead of making a simple owl structure modify it into something really cool. They add props like bowler hats, cigarettes, smoke etc to give the owl a better look, making it seem as if it has walked right out of a fable story! These tattoo designs are made by very skilled designers and look really good.

4. Coloured owl with a background:

coloured owl tattoosThe owl is mostly a side tattoo. Often it is made with an entire background of the midnight sky and the pale bright moon, all with tree branches and leaves. These tattoos are generally coloured rather than black and white. They are cute and more homely than funky.

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5. Cute owl girl:

cute girl owl tattoosOftentimes designers instead of making a realistic owl sketch, make a caricature of an owl with garments and makeup and other stuff. These owls are cute and look more like a cartoon. These tattoos are again preferred more by females.

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6. Large eyed owl:

big eyed owl tattoosThe most striking part of an owl is its large eyes! These tattoos depict that as the centre of attraction.

7. Owl face tattoo:

owl face tattooSometimes people prefer getting only the face of the owl with its large yellow eyes tattooed instead of its entire body. These faces look really cool or cute depending on the manner in which your designer chooses to make it.

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8. Full length owl tattoo:

owl tattoo designsThere are people who get the entire body of the owl from its yellow eyes to its sharp claws tattooed along the whole length of their arm. If made properly these can make you look really ferocious because while owl is a symbol for wisdom, it is also one of the best hunting birds and the look of its claws and beak is intimidating enough.

9. Outline of the owl:

outline of an owl tattooThe most typical kinds of tattoos are the ones where the designers just make the outline with sharp broken lines and curves.

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10. Black and white owl tattoo:

black and white owl tattooOwl tattoos that don’t use any colour look really mature. They make the owl look more ferocious and ancient than the coloured ones.

Are these tattoo designs interesting? So, which owl tattoo design you want to get inscribed on your skin? Leave us your thoughts.

10 unique owl tatoo designs for inspiration

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