Best Candid Wedding Photography In Mumbai To Check Out

When it comes to wedding photography, the world has seen some serious stylistic changes and improvements, and the world of candid wedding photography in Mumbai has been making quite the waves. Erstwhile wedding photography in the Indian setting used to create a distinct brand of nostalgia. Like how everyone in the Egyptian wall paintings is facing their torso to the front while the feet are moving to the right, everyone in the wedding photos are just facing the camera, stone faced, muscles tightened and air held in (to not show the paunch, of course… who hasn’t done that?) Well, fortunately, this is not so much the case anymore. Wedding photography has been redefined in the mainstream, and has taken a whole new turn into an artistic experiential storytelling through photography. Subtle moments and details are now the focus of attention than generic photo-taking to fill the quotas in each ritual, or to fill the pages of the album. Because the latest thumb-rule in candid wedding photography says that ‘it’s not about the day… it’s the moments.’ Candid wedding photography, as the name itself suggests, is for the camera to do its job, without a drastic and plastic confrontation of the person with the lens! The camera looks out for those fleeting moments that should just be caught without alarming them.

haldi rasm

Image : Candid Wedding Stories Photograpohy

Candid wedding photography in weddings in Mumbai, have developed their own style, with a professional and artistic trademark in their work. One of the most rudimentary strands in candid wedding photography is that whether it is the groom’s or the bride’s side, whether it’s haldi ka rasm or mehndi ka rasm, there are going to be moments that have to be remembered forever – like how the groom is ragged into a haldi fighting pit, or capturing the rhythm of a song in the sangeet!

lovely moments

Image : Two Fireflies One Camera Photography

Sometimes the most amazing and intimate moments can truly happen to you when you are in a crowd! When hundreds of eyes are watching you, that one second where your eyes met your partner’s, amidst all the flowers being thrown at you, and the shehnaai or nadaswaram in the background. Those few shared glances with your new partner in the beginning of a new journey… it’s priceless.


Image : Candid Wedding Stories Photograpohy

Sometimes candid wedding photography is about capturing the right smile at the right time. Those adult jokes cracked by seemingly innocuous aunties and chachis about the suhaagraat or just an honest whisper between a bride and her sister, and the laughter or a cackle that follows, are worthy of the shutter-flutter.


Image : Two Fireflies One Camera Photography

The reception is one of the later developments in the Indian weddings, where the friends and acquaintances are there to be treated and for the newly-weds to share their happiness with their close ones. In such occasions, the gasp on the bride’s face when the groom breaks out into a surprise performance, and just candid moments of grooving to tunes with a drink in the hand, and much more animated seconds of life like the first dance (or the first official kiss!), are captured with great finesse and beauty by candid wedding photographers.


Image : Candid Wedding Stories Photograpohy

Candid wedding photos can be that of a bride’s selfie, or a photo of a selfie within a photo, of that hug between the groom and his mother, or the kiss of father on the forehead of the bride.


Image : Lakshya Chawla, Shutterdown Photography

The bidaai can be one of the most difficult moments in the wedding scenario where the daughter or the bride, is sent off to her in-laws, officially declaring her as a daughter of the other home. The anticipated moment of estrangement, can still be overwhelming no matter how prepared one is. All pretense is dropped, for some good ol’ fashioned tears to come down the cheeks, and hugs from mom and dad to say everything’s going to be okay… this is as candid as it gets.