11 Best Mountaineering Gloves With A Good Grip In 2022

Snow, rock, or debris, these gloves are made to keep you safe.

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Mountaineering can be a challenging task, and you need the right gear for optimal security. So, here’s our list of the best mountaineering gloves to help you choose the right one. Mountaineering involves rocks, snow, and ice that can injure your hands and cause you to slip. These gloves protect your hands from frostbites, cuts and provide you with a strong, flexible grip.

If you climb mountains for leisure or sport, you need these gloves and other specialized gear to stay safe. Available in various sizes and designs, choosing the right gloves may be challenging. So, explore our list to learn more.

The 11 Best Mountaineering Gloves Of 2021

1. Dakine Men’s Scout Gloves

Dakine Men's Scout Gloves

These polyester gloves are quite long with a height of 4″ and provide superior protection against the cold when ice climbing. The overstuffed gloves are designed to be comfortable and keep your hands safe from cold wind. The gloves are created with material that allows for easy use of mobile devices with a touchscreen. The polyester used also has a water-repellent coating that keeps it dry when climbing over ice and snow. The insulation is breathable and allows sweat to evaporate quickly. Before buying, have a look at this video for more details.


  • Designed to keep hands warm in harsh weather
  • Liner is designed for easy removal
  • Glove insert is waterproof and keeps the hands dry
  • Gloves are made of quick-drying material
  • Long cuff can be fastened tightly around the wrist
  • Good price point
  • Teams well with absolute zero suits and parkas


  • Fingers of the gloves are small
  • Stitching may not be very durable
  • Does not keep fingers warm in sub-zero temperatures

2. Petzl – CORDEX, Lightweight Gloves for Climbers

Petzl - CORDEX, Lightweight Gloves for Climbers

These gloves are designed for climbers who are just getting started with mountain climbing. Leather is used on the areas of the palm and fingers that are exposed to high wear and tear when climbing. The area at the back of each glove is covered with stretchable nylon for added dexterity. Durable neoprene is used on the cuff, which has a hook-and-loop closure to ensure the gloves remain secure on your hands. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Hole for carabiners to attach the gloves to your harness
  • Breathable fabric wicks sweat away
  • Gloves are resistant to abrasion
  • Provides a secure grip


  • Material may not be durable

3. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

These leather mountaineering gloves are designed for use by professionals who spend a lot of time on mountains instructing skiers or acting as guides. High-quality leather is used to create the gloves, and the G-LOFT insulation dries quickly and keeps your hands warm even in wet conditions. The gloves have a unique Eagle-grip design, which keeps your range of motion free. The glove lining is also designed to be easily removed and can be combined and worn with additional linings to provide the hands with greater warmth. This video will give you more insights into the product.


  • Unique design of the fingers offers high dexterity
  • Made from material that provides superior insulation
  • HESTRA fabric remains dry for long and is windproof
  • Breathable fabric prevents sweat from accumulating
  • Goat leather provides superior grip
  • Leashes ensure gloves are easily attached to your gear


  • Gloves may not keep the hands warm for long
  • Size guide may not be accurate

4. Burton Kids’ Vent Mitten

Burton Kids' Vent Mitten

These gloves have a mitten design and are ideal for both men and women. The gloves are also available in various sizes for toddlers and children. The vents on the gloves can be opened when skiing or mountaineering, and a hand warmer can be inserted to deal with cold weather conditions. Featuring a waterproof membrane, the gloves are water-resistant and well-insulated to keep your hands warm.


  • Toughgrip material on the palm area
  • Microfiber lining and insulation are not bulky
  • Wrist leash is removable and keeps the hands warm
  • Name tag on the interior for identification


  • Thumb area is not very warm
  • Gets soaked quickly when playing in snow
  • Gloves might have an unpleasant odor

5. Outdoor Research Mens M’s Revolution Gloves

Outdoor Research Mens M's Revolution Gloves

These are excellent gloves and are ideally suited for sub-zero day time temperatures. The gloves are made with a combination of genuine leather, nylon, and polyester. Designed for use by men, they are ideal for ski touring and rock climbing and are waterproof. They are breathable, allow sweat to evaporate quickly from your hands, and feature an area for wiping your nose. Each glove has a gauntlet-style closure and can be pulled on easily, while the wrist is cinched tight with ladder lock.


  • Allows for good wrist movement
  • Gloves are machine-washable
  • Keeps hands warm when working outdoors
  • Leash can be easily removed


  • Gloves quickly get wet in the snow
  • Fingers might hurt when wearing the gloves

6. OZERO Ski Gloves for Men

OZERO Ski Gloves for Men

These gloves are easy to use when you are wearing a climbing harness. Created with durable leather on the palms, reinforced dual thread stitching, and cowhide leather patch along the thumb area, the gloves are long-lasting. The 3M Thinsulate used for insulation makes the gloves an ideal choice when working or mountaineering at extremely low temperatures of up to -40°F.


  • Wrist band is easily adjustable
  • Elastic around the cuff provides a snug fit
  • Adjustable string keeps wind from entering the gloves
  • Water-resistant material on the back of the gloves
  • Warm thermal cotton lining
  • Breathable materials wick away sweat


  • May not keep fingers warm
  • Stitching on the palm might unravel

7. Black Diamond Arc Cold Weather Gloves

Black Diamond Arc Cold Weather Gloves

These mountaineering gloves are lightweight and ideal for wear when you are free climbing in cold weather or trail running. The gloves prevent cold fingers when climbing, which usually happens around the thumb region. They are made of 100% nylon, goatskin, and polyester, along with microfleece backing. The insert of the gloves is waterproof and keeps your hands dry. The leather material on the palm is durable and provides a good grip, and the fingers are capped for added protection.


  • Capped fingertips allow for easy use of mobile devices
  • Keeps the hands warm in temperatures of around 15°F
  • Water-resistant material keeps the hands dry
  • Suitable for moderate Pacific Northwest winter weather


  • Not suitable for use in blizzards or extreme cold
  • Not suitable for wear when riding bikes in winter

8. mysuntown Ski Gloves Winter Gloves for Men and Women

mysuntown Ski Gloves Winter Gloves for Men and Women

These gloves are ideal if you are planning to go skiing. The material on the palm provides a good grip on ski poles and gear. There is also a buckle on the elastic wrist to keep the gloves secure on your hand. A one-pull system closes the gloves and keeps wind from chilling your hands. The waterproof mountaineering gloves keep your hands dry when climbing or setting up a fall line in snow and ice.


  • Gloves have a fashionable design
  • Can be worn by both men and women
  • Cotton interior for comfort
  • Thick lining keeps your hands warm
  • Helps achieve a high level of performance when climbing


  • Long gloves tend to trap moisture within
  • Gloves may not be ideal for snowboarding

9. Marmot Men’s Spring Glove

Marmot Men's Spring Glove

These lightweight gloves are ideal when you want to keep your hands warm while working outdoors or mountaineering in moderate weather conditions. They are designed with a falcon grip system, and the articulated fingers allow for freedom of movement when crack climbing. The patented MemBrain fabric used in the creation of the gloves is water-resistant and keeps your hands dry.


  • Fabric helps wick away sweat from your hands
  • Stretch material allows your hands to move freely
  • Durable leather mountaineering gloves


  • Expensive
  • Interior of the gloves may not be comfortable

10. Savior Heated Mittens for Men Women

Savior Heated Mittens for Men Women

These gloves have a heating system that runs on batteries. The exterior is made with a combination of lamb leather and polyester. Each of these warm mountaineering gloves has a pocket that fits a battery. The mitten design and heating element ensure your fingers and the back of the hands are warmed sufficiently. The gloves are ideal for outdoor sports in winter and keep your hands free of pain.


  • Ideal for ski touring in the Rocky Mountains
  • Three temperature settings
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch
  • Heats up within seconds
  • Water-resistant polyester on the exterior
  • Wrist buckle keeps the gloves secure


  • Thumbs are not warmed sufficiently
  • Size chart may not be accurate

11. Hestra Ski Gloves – Fall Line

Hestra Ski Gloves - Fall Line

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

If you’re all about gloves that serve you well in the mountains while scoring ten on ten in terms of style, the Hestra Ski Gloves are made for you. They’re made from premium-quality leather and are designed to resist abrasions and moisture. These pair of gloves are ideal for cold weather conditions as they feature foam insulation that helps keep your hands nice and toasty when it gets chilly. Add to that weather-resistant neoprene cuffs, and unparalleled comfort and fit are what you get.


  • Durable fabric
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Can be hand washed
  • Offer superior pole grip


  • May not be entirely waterproof

How To Choose The Best Mountaineering Gloves?

Often, when you are choosing gloves for mountaineering, you have to take several factors into account. Here is how you should go about picking the best gloves if you are into mountaineering.

1. Check the weather conditions

If you are climbing a high mountain in winter, you will need the warmest gloves for mountaineering. The temperature in winter can also vary depending on the region. For example, the Rocky Mountains often experience below-freezing temperatures, and heated gloves are ideal for such conditions.

2. Measure your hand size accurately

Use the manufacturer’s hand measurement chart when measuring your hands. Do not use a hand measurement that you have used to buy gloves in the past as manufacturers use different rules for measuring hands.

3. Ensure that your gloves can be layered

You need to ensure that your gloves can be easily layered because one glove is often not sufficient. So, if you are mountaineering during summer, you should use a liner with a soft shell and then wear a lightweight or mid-range weight glove if there is a possibility that you will encounter snow and ice. During winter, or in sub-zero temperatures, you should layer a heavy glove over the liner or use mittens to keep your hands dry for long.

4. Get waterproof mountaineering gloves

Some mountaineering gloves are not fully waterproof and tend to get wet soon. So, check if the gloves have a full-waterproof lining.

5. Ensure your gloves provide good dexterity

While getting winter mountaineering gloves, you should ensure that they do not cramp your fingers and restrict your movements, as you will need a good range of motion when dealing with ropes and gear.

6. Buy several pairs of gloves

Body heat escapes quickly through your hands and feet, so you should provide them with the best protection when mountaineering in winter through ice and snow. Buy several pairs of gloves as you will need to swap wet gloves with dry ones and keep your hands warm.

7. Consider gloves with a mitten design in sub-zero temperatures

If your hands are cold, you will find it difficult to climb. So, in sub-zero temperatures, it is ideal that you use the best winter mountaineering gloves with a mitten design. You can insert a hand warmer into it to keep your fingers warm.

Mountaineering is more than just a passion for some, and others view it as an extreme sport. If you are serious about mountaineering, ski touring, and exploring the outdoors during winter, you need to pay attention to your gear and get the best gloves.

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