Mehndi Song Playlist: 54 Chart Toppers To Rock On Your Big Day

The mehndi ceremony is something almost all brides-to-be look forward to. It is an important tradition and signifies the start of the new relationship. It is especially fun because no ceremony is complete without music and plenty of dancing. The bride’s friends and family make the most of this time, letting their hair down and dancing the night away to foot-tapping numbers.  We’ve compiled a list of the best mehndi song playlist, from the classics to the latest foot-tapping numbers, to make sure your party is as much fun as possible.

Bollywood Chartbusters : Mehndi Songs In Hindi

1. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

You knew this just had to be there. From the cult classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, this mehndi song is perfect for having fun. It has been popular over the decades and will continue to be so for some time to come.

2. Navrai Majhi Song

Sridevi, probably India’s most beautiful actress ever, shows just how anyone can get involved in the pre-wedding joy. The lyrics are perfect for a mother who is giving her daughter away in marriage.

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3. Bachna Ae Haseeno

Girls aren’t the only ones that gets to enjoy the ceremony. This mehndi song from the movie Bachna Ae Haseeno has Ranbir Kapoor as the playboy. It’s perfect for the bachelor saying goodbye to his single life.

4. Maahi Ve

What is it about Shahrukh Khan and mehndi songs? The movie Kal Ho Na Ho has some catchy numbers. However, the highlight has to be Maahi Ve, composed by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, The song tells the bride-to-be just how special she is.

5. Dilli Wali Girlfriend

If you combine a list of the best mehndi songs, Dilli Wali Girlfriend has to be on the list. From the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, this up-tempo song is catchy and fun and sure to get the whole family dancing.

6. Punjabi Wedding Song

From the movie Hasee Toh Phasee, Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra make the perfect on-screen pair for this melodious sweet sounding mehndi song.

7. London Thumakda Song

London Thumakda from the movie Queen is one of the best wedding songs. The up-tempo beats and eccentric lyrics complement the scene and convince you that everyone is having a good time. You can be sure that there won’t be a single person in the room who won’t dance to this song.

8. Saajan Ji Ghar

With Shahrukh taking the lead in mehndi songs in Hindi, it was about time another of the Khans took over. Salman acts as the dashing groom, charming the shy and beautiful Kajol.

9. Radha

Another peppy mehndi song from the movie SOTY, its catchy beat and the techno feel made it a smash hit. Alia Bhatt’s performance made her a big star overnight.

10. Desi Girl

The song Desi Girl from the movie Dostana is the perfect dance number. This mehndi song could cajole a dance out of even the most reserved family members.

11. Balam Pichkari

Another from the fabulous on-screen pairing of Deepika and Ranbir, this song was a smash hit as soon as it was released. Fast paced, the beats and accompanying music will get you shaking a leg quicker than you realize.

12. Ainvayi Ainvayi

Bollywood’s very own wedding planners – Shruti and Bittu – rock out to this upbeat song and we are sure that every time the song plays, it gets you excited to join in too. No wedding celebration is complete without this show-stopping number.

13.Mehndi ki Raat

Mehndi ki Raat is one of the popular mehndi songs in Hindi from the 90’s when India had a very active independent music scene. Models was one such Indipop band that made it big with this song.

14.Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali is a song from the Karishma Kapoor starrer, Zubeida. This melodious song is sung by Alka Yagnik and was a big hit when it was released in the year 2001.

15.Gal Mithi Mithi Bol

Gal Mithi Mithi Bol is a very peppy wedding dance number from the movie Aisha, starring Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol. The catchy song was penned by Javed Akhtar and composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Tochi Raina.

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16. Selfie Le Le Re

This mehndi song is a great way to get the celebrations rolling. In this age of selfies, no ceremony is complete without dancing along to this track and taking a quick selfie.

17. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

This mehndi song is catchy, energetic and will get the party started fast. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai promises to keep the party going until the early morning.

18. High Heels Te Nache

This peppy track from rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is dedicated to all the beautiful ladies dancing with their heels on.

19. Tune Maari Entriyaan

With the chiming bells ringing, this mehndi song will lift your spirits. The bells signify the approaching wedding bells and encourage you to dance in synchrony to the rhythm.

20. Babydoll

Made famous by the beautiful Sunny Leone, this catchy song must be the only one played at almost any and every wedding function around the country (just guessing).

21. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

What better song for the groom to dance to at the mehndi celebration than one asking his bride-to-be if she’ll marry him? Mujhseshaadi karogi?

22. Balle Balle

Balle Balle will give your mehndi ceremony a distinct Punjabi feel. The traditional beats along with the softer sections make it a must for any party.

23. Baari Barsi

What better song to have for a wedding than this upbeat track? Even though it’s set at a sangeet, it won’t feel out of place at your mehndi celebration.

24. Mummy Daddy

A classic from Govinda, everyone’s favourite hero from the early 90s, in the song he begs the parents to accept the girl of his dreams.

25. Gal Mithi Mithi

Gal Mithi Mithi Bol is the perfect dance number that is one of the best mehndi songs in Hindi. It’s set at just the right pace so you can show-off all your dance moves.

26. Sadi Gali

This mehndi song reflects the tone of the movie perfectly. It’s fun, exciting and very catchy.

27. Char Botal Vodka

The song leaves you in no doubt about what you have to drink. It even tells you how much you have to drink! That’s that the kind of information we like.

28. Party All Night

Want to party like a boss? Party All Night will get everyone pumped to dance the night away.

29. Badtameez Dil

From the moment you hear the first trumpet blast, you know this is going to be epic. Try copying Ranbir’s epic dance moves and this song comes to life. One of the recent hit mehndi songs in Hindi.

30. Drama Queen

This bass heavy song is sure to get all the young and young at heart on the dance floor.

31. Lat Lag Gayee

This one of the popular mehndi songs in Hindi that has powerful vocals and a thumping bass line that makes it one of the best songs to dance too.

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32. Dhating Naach

This song is the traditional blockbuster dance number. Intense, fast and loud. If this doesn’t get you on the dance floor, nothing will.

33. Party On My Mind

If you’re at a mehndi celebration, you want to have a good time. This funky song mixes its techno with a traditional beat and makes the perfect dance track.

34. Gandi Baat

There’s definitely nothing gandi about this chart topper! From the time the beat kicks in, you’ll struggle to stop yourself from dancing.

35. Gulabo

This fun track from the movie Shaandaar will have you grooving to its catchy, blaring trumpet. Come up with your favourite Indian or western dance moves, they both fit equally well.

36. Galla Goriyan De Vich

Just before the wedding is the time where excitement builds and the full family joins in the celebration. Galla Goriyan is the perfect mehndi song to get everyone in the groove.

37. Johnny Johnny

Johnny Johnny is Bollywood’s rehashed version of the nursery rhyme. It is catchy with its simple lyrics and thumping bass line.

38. Sapne Mein Milti Hai

The whistling melody along with the traditional Indian groove give this 90’s song a groovy feel.

Telugu Mehndi Song Playlist

39. Ninne Pelladukuni

The first Telugu mehndi song on the list, this one is catchy and sounds distinctively South Indian.

40. Meghaallo

The constant drum beat combined with the melodious vocal performance make it a great dance track.

41. Dhinkachika

Whether you’re a fan of the Telugu version or Salman and Asin’s quirky dance steps, Dhinkachika will bring out the best in everyone.

Tamil Mehndi Song Playlist

42. Varaha Nadikkarai Oram

Shankar Mahadevan, the vocalist, adds a unique twist to this hit tamil wedding song. The rhythm of the tabla and the accompanying music complement the vocals very well. A must-have for any Tamil wedding.

43. Athan Varuvaga

From the chiming bells to the classic music vibe, this song will get everyone swinging along to its catchy beat.

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44. Vasantha Mullai

This slow-paced mehndi song is fun and gives enough time to come up with your fanciest dance moves. The older generation will love it as it pays tribute to the older song of the same title.

45. Maduraikku Pogathadi

The song’s catchy tune and foot-tapping beat will get you dancing before you realize it.

46. Vaada Mappillai

The song is a playful duet, an exchange between the man and woman. The lyrics are complemented by a thumping beat and a melodic tune.

47. Pista The Run Anthem

This fast song that’s random and crazy too will speak to anyone with rhythm in their hearts and body. Jump on the dance floor and freak out to this extremely fun mehndi song.

48. Selfie Pulla

The song has garnered more than 8 million views on YouTube and has become a sensation of sorts. It was sung by the hero Vijay himself along with singer Sunidhi Chauhan.

49. Kummi Adi

From the first moment the powerful vocals kick in along with the acapella beats, you know this mehndi song promises a good time. It’s upbeat, and a lot of fun. It can be played at any wedding event

50. Valayapatti Thavile

This hit Tamil song incorporates different ragas from Carnatic music throughout the track. It is a fun track to dance to and will appeal to the fans of classic music as well as the younger generation.

Rajasthani Mehndi Song Playlist (Bollywood)

51. Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje

Probably the most famous Rajasthani song to come out of Bollywood. The song has a swinging rhythm and will make sure everyone is having a good time.

52. Rangeelo Maro Dholna

This is an evergreen mehndi song, popular even now, more than a decade since it first arrived. The fun beat and Rajasthani melody will get everyone pepped up.

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Punjabi Mehndi Song Playlist

53. Vekh Main Mehndi Leke Aagayi

This classic mehndi song is perfect for kick-starting the mehndi ceremony. It is slow-paced, so even the older family members can have a good time.

54. Kala Sha Kala

This Punjabi song has become a classic of sorts. The typical Punjabi beat, as well as the strong vocal performance, make it a must have.

So, there you have it. 54 of the most popular mehndi songs for your party. Create a playlist and let the good times roll.