8 Boho-Chic Long Hairstyles And Haircuts

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Long and good textured hair is half the battle won. Of course, women also usually complain about how taxing it is to maintain and style their hair every single day. Common issues include the brittle ends that make the hair look lifeless and frail. If you have long hair and are struggling to find a haircut that suits your hair texture, shape and length, we have a few suggestions for the perfect boho chic long hairstyles for you.

Boho Chic Long Hairstyles :

1. Voluminous Style For Straight Hair

Naturally looking straight hair is to die-for. There’s so little to maintain and the hair can look effortlessly stunning. However, talk to women with straight hair and you will listen to how it can fall flat and look bland. This hairstyle with face framing layers takes care of everything, while adding the right amount of volume and bump. A few streaks of ginger or chocolate-brown at the tips adds sheen and suits all face shapes and make this one of the easiest boho chic long hairstyles.

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2. Messy Cut With Bangs

This style is best suited for hair that is thick and frizzy but has a natural bounce. The tousled layers give it a heavier but tamed look, getting rid of the split ends. Pair them with long side bangs that join the rest of the layers. If you’re the kind who loves to leave it everyday or wrap in a messy bun, then these boho chic long hairstyles should be your go-to look.

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3. Extreme Long Layers

For girls who find it difficult to grow beyond their genetic length and thus, don’t want to chop too much off, this might be the right hairstyle. It adds much needed traction at the top and towards the bottom of the hair, without taking away the volume from the middle. Get this cut and tie it up in a ponytail (either high or low) and you will get a groomed and terrific look.

4. Layers With Bangs

Bangs can never be ousted from boho chic long hairstyles as styling becomes so much easier. The key is to give the cut the overall shape of a triangle, essentially getting more layers out in front. Keeping the length intact, just a bit of trim on the ends – which can be slightly asymmetrical – will get you a very chic look.

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5. Layers And Fringes For Wavy Hair

Hair with a natural waviness can be fun while styling. Get this multi-layered, face-framing cut with side fringes for a fun, everyday, look. Remember to not shorten the fringe too much, making it look like bangs. Wavy bangs generally sit well only when you set them with a blow dry.

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6. Simple All-Over Layers

These boho chic long hairstyles are pretty straightforward and simple, and you won’t need to style it everyday. You can let your hair air-dry and it will still look neat. It layers equally without radically reducing the volume. Many good stylists trim the ends in an asymmetrical manner to achieve that much sought-after finesse of this look.

7. Multi-Layered With A Flip

If you’re hair goes down to your waist, it can get heavy for any hairstyle to keep it’s shape for a long time, unless you get a hairdo at the salon. To avoid this, get multiple layers starting from the crown till down below. The volume and weight is distributed and the bounce or curls will show. First, iron out your hair out and curl the edges with the flat iron for a nice flip, even better if you have highlights that will trace it all along.

8. Long Face Framing Layers

If you’re not a fan of either bangs or fringes, then here’s something for you. The layers will start from just around your chin and spiral down with sharp edges. The length of the multiple layers is subtle but noticeable. The sharp edges give the illusion of an overlap and you don’t have to practically do anything on a daily basis to look very chic. Fading hair colour or highlights is what completes the look and does great justice to the style.

So, there you have our favourite boho chic long hairstyles. Which are your favourite?

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