10 Important Tips To Teach Life Skills For Kids

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Parents want their kids to excel in everything, be it in academics or extracurricular activities. But, what is not clear to most is that every kid is different and exhibits certain skills that others lack; these skills play a decisive factor in her.

As a parent it would be wrong to expect that your kid will learn everything from school. It is true schools exists to educate children and develop their intellect, but there are certain skills which a child can learn best at home. These skills are called life skills, which will help your children, endure, and survive through most emergencies in life. Life skills education for children by parents is also very important. Life skills for children have to be learned and developed over the years.

10 Best Life Skills For Kids:

Here is a list of life skills for children, which are relevant in most countries, for e.g., snow shoveling is a very useful skill for countries experiencing winter for maximum part of the year. A child can also learn necessary skills depending on the culture his/her family follows. We have compiled 10 skills for you that will help you understand the importance of life skills for children which are very useful and universally acknowledged for kids to learn:

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1. Cooking:

Both girls and boys enjoy cooking. As a parent, you can ask your kid to assist you in the kitchen from a young age. Gradually you will notice that she enjoys the process and cooking will become easy to her. This is always a good thing, as it will instill healthy and polite dining etiquette. Also this may ensure that your kid can cook a meal for herself whenever you are not around.

2. Wilderness Survival Skills:

You can take your kids to wilderness survival camps. Such camps will teach your kids’ skills such as how to build a shelter, cook over a campfire, move safely over harsh terrain, etc. These skills will help kids build self-confidence and independence, at the same time experiencing fun adventures.

3. Home Garden Basics:

This is a life skill that teachs children to respect and cherish nature, and also become self-sufficient if needed. Consider using your backyard garden for this purpose. Your kids can learn basic skills about how weather affect plants; how seeds sprout, how gardeners cope with plant problems, etc. You can also name a tree after your child, and watch them grow together.

4. First Aid Skills:

Children hurt themselves quite frequently while playing, so this should be a high priority life skill training for them. They should learn how to save themselves and others from accidents and emergencies.

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5. Swimming:

You can teach this essential life skill during a fun water activity. Your kid needs to learn how to swim even if she does not live close to water. This is one skill that may not only save the one who knows it, but also others.

6. Money Management Skills:

This is one of the most important life skills that you can teach your children. Teach them the value of money and how to save money in order to use it in future. Guide them in calculating on how much money they need to spend and how much to save.

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7. Laundry:

This is a skill which every kid should learn at an early stage. Washing their own clothes will be helpful for your kid when he/she goes to school or college. Your kid will not only learn how to take care of their own clothes, but they might also enjoy the activity!

8. Household Repairs:

If you have noticed, children are always eager to know what is inside a TV, fridge, washing machine, mobile, etc. Motivate them to learn something more from their inquisitiveness. You can teach him/her to change a light bulb, how to unclog a toilet or turn off the gas. But don’t forget to guide them about the safety measures they need to keep in mind while handling electronic goods.

9. Defense Skills:

You can’t be with your kids all the time to protect them from life’s unpleasant surprises. So why don’t you get him/her admitted in a defense skill class, such as a karate training program? Such lessons will not only enable your kid to avert any sudden attack, it will also help in his/her overall mind-focus development.

10. Time Management:

You should start teaching your kid how to manage time from an early age. Teach her to dress without help, get ready before school, and finish homework within a specified time. As she grows up, she’ll know how to manage time effectively.

We hope that these life skills for children will be helpful for your kid to develop as a leader when he/she grows up. If you feel there is any other important life skill which ought to have been in this list, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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