10 Brilliant Leo Tattoo Ideas

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People born between July 23 and August 22 are born in the Leo zodiac sign. They are Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal and Encouraging individuals who are ruled by the Sun. The zodiac sign itself is symbolized by a lion. For those who want to ink themselves with their zodiac signs and are looking for some ideas, here are a few suggestions on leo tattoos.

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Leo Tattoo Designs

1. Leo Tattoo:

leo tattoo designsWhen considering tattooing your zodiac sign, you might consider inking the sign on your chest, upper back, lower back, wrist or ankles. If you want a minimalistic tattoo, you could consider inking the word ‘Leo’ itself. You could have it in any font you like. Instead of tattooing it in black you could consider inking it in other colours.

2. Lion Head Tattoo:

lion head tattooThe Leo zodiac sign is that of a lion and lions are a symbol of ferocity. To represent this fierceness, the tattoo of a lion head looks great. You could highlight it with hints of gold and red to make it look grand. The tattoo would look great on an individual’s arms of chest.

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3. Sun Tattoo:

sun tattoo designsLeo zodiac sign holders are ruled by the Sun. That is why for those wanting to ink themselves with their zodiac sign, the sun is a great tattoo mostly because of the numerous designs available.

4. Lion Body Tattoo:

lion body tattoo designsFor people wanting to imprint their Leo zodiac sign on their body, a lion might be considered. Lions symbolize power and confidence, traits that Leo zodiac sign holders posses in abundance. You could have a lion bursting into flames, or a lion inked in thin lines to outline the zodiac sign.

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5. Leo Constellation Tattoo:

leo constellation tattooEach zodiac sign belongs to a constellation. You could have the constellation tattooed on your body. You could have it tattooed on your torso or on your back. This tattoo would look great in black, gold or even white.

6. Coloured Lion Body Tattoo:

full lion body tattooA black and white tattoo might be too plain for you especially if you’re inking a lion. Colours like gold, orange and red would bring out the ferocity of a lion, the king of all animals. You could have a lion tattooed all the way across your back or on your arm.

7. ‘L’ Tattoo:

l tattoo fontWhen considering a Leo tattoo, you could consider just tattooing an ‘L’. This is a very small tattoo and can be inked almost anywhere on the body. This would look especially great behind the ears or on the back of the neck. You could ink it with your favourite colour or in classic black.

8. Butterfly Tattoo:

butterfly tattoo ideasYou could have a butterfly tattoo with a lion in it. This would be a very innovative tattoo because it would not only symbolize the fact that you aim high and are ready to fly to greatness but also the fierceness and confidence you posses to attain that height.

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9. Fire in Japanese Tattoo:

fire kanji tattooFire is a sign of fierceness and of ambition. To symbolize this, you could get fire in Japanese tattooed on your body. This tattoo would look great and mysterious ad not many people but you would know its meaning.

10. Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo:

leo zodiac sign tattooYou could have the zodiac sign itself tattooed on your body. This is the most common tattoo that people opt for. The Leo zodiac sign looks very artistic and you could tattoo it in almost any colour, though black is the most popular one.

These are the best of the Leo zodiac tattoos that you can find! Which one are you getting? Do comment!

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