10 Amazing Indian Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos have become a style statement with people all over the world. In India too, tattooing trend has caught up and we can see almost every second person sporting a tattoo. In this post, we will look at the top 10 Indian Tattoo designs which are being loved and appreciated all over the nation.

Best Indian Tattoo Designs

Let us have a glimpse at the best Indian tattoo designs with their meanings.

1. Indian Gods Tattoos:

Indian Gods Tattoos

Gods form a major part of Indian Culture. Indians believe strongly and have faith that worshiping Gods will bring them luck and prosperity. So for most having a tattoo of their God is probably the best design idea like in the picture above.

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2. Parental Blessings Tattoo:

Parental Blessings Tattoo

Everyone feels strong for their parents and some even tattoo their names or blessings as it keeps them close to their heart. This is also a strong way of expressing their love for family.

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3. Mehendi Tattoo:

Inspired from the Indian heritage, Mehendi is a tattoo made from Henna. It is usually done as a hobby and for auspicious occasions like weddings and religious functions. Mehendi can be designed on ones hands and legs in numerous designs which can form a tattoo. It is a form of temporary tattoo.

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4. Peacock Feather Tattoo:

 Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and is also India’s national bird. Peacock feather designs are also colourful and are loved by Indians. This tattoo design depicts how beautiful this peacock feather designed tattoo is.

5. Face of the Sun Tattoo:

Face of the Sun Tattoo

Sun is considered to be the source of all positive things in the Indian culture. It is worshiped as a God. Some even worship it every day in the morning. Sun tattoo designs are very famous with Indians.

6. Animal Tattoos:

Animal Tattoos

The love for animals is also shown in the form of tattoo designs in India. The most popular design is the Tiger which represents strength.

7. Flower Tattoos:

Flower Tattoos

In India, most of the people like to sport colourful flowers. This is an extension of the Mehndi art form where floral patterns are widely used.

8. Bird Tattos:

Bird Tattos

Bird tattoo designs are beautiful, earthy and clearly depict the love for nature. In India, many women can be easily seen sporting a beautiful and cute bird tattoo on them like the one in the picture above.

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9. Name Tattoos:

Name Tattoos

The names of spouses or kids are a common but are still the best tattoo design options these days which can be done in various languages. Many celebrities can also be seen sporting names of their loved ones as tattoos. These are some of the simplest tattoos to make and can be placed anywhere on the body too.

10. Zodiac Sign Tattoos:

Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Many Indians believe in Astrology and hence sun signs or zodiac signs are very popular tattoo options. They look trendy and denote the faith and beliefs of a person. These are also a statement that an individual makes as to the kind of a person he/she is!

So which of this style in the Indian tattoo designs did you like? Do tell us!

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