10 Best Gold Chain Link Necklaces In 2022 And Buying Guide

Let the gold chains elevate your style quotient and make your look chique.

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Pamper yourself with our list of the best gold chains and flaunt your accessories. Besides being a fashion statement, gold is known to increase positivity, boost immunity, and reduce feelings of anxiety. So, when you wear gold chains, you look gorgeous and stylish and also uplift your mood and stay healthy. These chains are available in various traditional and trendy designs to pair with different outfits to create stylish looks. So, explore the products listed below to choose carefully.

10 Best Gold Chains

1. The LoveBing Hollow Chain

The LoveBing Hollow Chain

Hollow chains are light in weight and sometimes may look like artificial chains. But this one from LoveBing is different, as it is made of pure gold. Pair the hollow box chain with a pendant or use it as a stand-alone chain, its finely polished look makes it attractive.


  • Secured with lobster clasp.
  • Is sturdy and durable.
  • Both men and women can wear the chain.
  • Has a 14k metal stamp.

2. Sac Silver Yellow Solid Singapore Chain

Sac Silver Yellow Solid Singapore Chain


The twisted rope chain design makes it look attractive and elegant while extending the longevity of the necklace. The white gold chain is available in different lengths and designs that appeal to most women.


  • Comes with a 10k gold stamp, which means it is made of 41.6% gold mixed with alloys for strength and durability.
  • Has a spring-ring clasp.
  • Nine design and length options to choose from.

3. Style Designz Yellow Gold Box Cable Link Chain

Style Designz Yellow Gold Box Cable Link Chain


The chain is fully made from 14k gold and is not just plated or coated in gold. The round box design helps in establishing strong links in the chain, making it durable and suited for everyday use. Also, the chain is strong enough to be paired with a pendant.


  • Crafted and stamped with 14k gold.
  • Comes with a lobster claw clasp to secure the chain.
  • Has a shine and is attractive for party wear as well as daily use.

4. Pyramid Jewellery 10k Yellow Gold Personalized Name Necklace

Pyramid Jewellery 10k Yellow Gold Personalized Name Necklace


How about a customized chain? If that’s what you are looking for, this name pendant chain is worth looking at. It is also ideal for gifting to a loved one or a friend. It is crafted with Singapore chain design and has interlinked segments.


  • Has a spring-ring clasp.
  • Made of 10 Karat gold.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Customizable up to eight letters.

5. Beauniq Unisex Gold Figaro Classic Chain

Beauniq Unisex Gold Figaro Classic Chain


Look stylish and fashionable with this classic chain! The Figaro design makes the chain strong and durable and can be paired with a charm pendant or worn without one. It is a versatile chain that can be worn daily or on special occasions.


  • Is made of 14k gold.
  • Both men and women can wear it.
  • Secure the chain with a spring-ring clasp.
  • Available in seven length options.

6. US-Shopsmart Herringbone Chain Necklace

US-Shopsmart Herringbone Chain Necklace


This US-Shopsmart chain covers the neck well and makes an excellent piece of jewelry to wear at parties or weddings. The design, with the flat texture, is simple yet elegant enough to give you a royal look. The sturdy design of the chain also makes it durable, long-lasting.


  • Secure the chain with lobster clasp.
  • Flexible chain necklace for women.
  • Comes with a 10k metal stamp.

7. Ritastephens 14k Yellow Gold Tree Of Life Necklace

Ritastephens 14k Yellow Gold Tree Of Life Necklace


If you want an adjustable chain, this one from Rita Stephens is a good pick. The Tree of Life necklace with a pendant is beautifully crafted and comes in a cable chain adjustable design. The attractive gold tree pendant is very attractive, and the uniform cable chain design helps in hassle-free wearing.


  • Secure the chain with lobster clasp.
  • Comes with a 14k metal stamp.
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

8. Kool Jewellery Yellow Gold Rope Chain

Kool Jewellery Yellow Gold Rope Chain


Enhance your looks with a classy, elegant chain. The thin, rope chain can be a great pick if you want to highlight your locket. Its simple design makes it ideal for everyday use, and the rope design makes it durable.


  • Made of 10k gold metal and has a stamp verifying the same.
  • Secure the chain with a spring-ring clasp.  

9. Jewelry Affairs Yellow Gold Cable Link

Jewelry Affairs Yellow Gold Cable Link


The chain is crafted with 14k gold and can be worn alone, or with a lightweight pendant. The cable link style of the gold chain makes it durable and more robust. The beautiful shiny look of the chain makes it attractive.


  • The cable link chain comes with a lobster clasp.
  • Has a polished finish.
  • You can decrease the size of the chain by adjusting the internal links.
  • Made of pure gold.

10. Wellingsale Polished Gold Chain

Wellingsale Polished Gold Chain

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.


The Wellingsale rope chain has a polished look to grace the gold. The simple yet elegant chain is well crafted to meet the standards of Wellingsale. The Singapore rope chain design makes it stable with even texture.


  • Has a 14k metal stamp.
  • Lobster clasp to make it more secure.
  • Hassle-free and durable.
  • Even after exposure to air, the chain does not change its color.

How To Choose The Right Gold Chain For Women?

  1. Karats: Don’t get confused when you see 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, or 24k while buying a gold chain. Karats are the measuring units for pure alloys. A 24k gold is soft and pure gold. Gold ornaments with fewer karats are mixed with other alloys.
  2. Designs: If you prefer to wear the chain daily, go for anchor, rope, or cable chains. If you want a chain to wear on special occasions, go for a thin snake, wheat, and ball chains. Anchor chains have an interlocking oval design, rope chains look similar to a twisted rope, and cable chains are connected to one another and look identical to iron chains. Box chains are more durable as they are connected with box links.
  3. Strength: Chains in Figaro, cable, and anchor designs have links and are strong as they are joined individually. Though these chains are thicker, they possess the flexibility and do not break, fold, knot, or twist.
  4. Texture: The chain’s texture is another important thing to consider when you’re shopping for gold chains. Rough-textured chains may cause rashes to the skin. Also, your dress might get ruined because of the rough texture. Smooth textured chains move smoothly along your skin and do not damage your skin or clothes.
  5. Thickness: Consider the thickness of the chain if you want to add pendants to it. Heavy-weight pendants should be restricted to thick chains, while lightweight lockets go well with both thin and thick chains. If heavy-weight pendants are used with a delicate chain, there may be a chance of breakage. Also, delicate chains are more susceptible to getting tangled.
  6. Clasp: The chain you choose needs to have a non-breakable clasp that is easy to secure the chain around the neck. An s-hook catches the clothes and needs to be checked for proper closing. Also, it might slip from the ring. Fishhooks come with a metal ending and an oval box. A toggle clasp works well with heavier chains, while a lobster clasp is a self-closing clap and is more secure when compared to fishhooks and s-hook clasps.

Gold chains are a timeless accessory that will never go out of style, adding elegance to your attire and lasting for life. They may be a bit expensive compared to other jewelry, but the investment is worth it for gold lasts a long time. The best gold chain link necklaces are aesthetically pleasing and have an excellent design. They are also durable, finely polished, and come in various lengths. While making your choice, go for something you are likely to use often to attain value for money, even years after purchase.

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