10 Easy Freehand Rangoli Designs That Everyone Should Try

Rangoli art form boasts a rich history and signals positivity, enjoyment, and celebration.

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Rangoli is a traditional art that has continuously evolved and has taken its present-day form. Consequently, rangoli drawing techniques have also evolved, and they vary from person to person. Here we have presented some freehand rangoli designs. Since rangoli is an art associated with all festive occasions and special events, let us learn to create them without hassle.

Best Free hand Rangoli Designs:

Freehand rangoli design with lord Ganesha at the centre

1. A beautiful and colourful Rangoli for all of you to begin with. This beautiful rangoli design is done with vibrant colours. In the center, Lord Ganesha’s design is done and he is surrounded by holy – ‘Om’. This design can easily be done on occasions like ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’ as well as for Diwali and Holi. The design will surely get you lots of compliments. You can also add some diyas to add to the design. This is a perfect free hand rangoli designs ever.

Freehand peacock rangoli design with floral borders

2. ‘Peacocks’ have been a great source of inspiration for many Indian artists. Here’s another example of that inspiration with a peacock rangoli design featuring a Peacock done in the middle of this freehand Rangoli. The outer border is decorated with floral patterns.

Freehand rangoli design with lotus and star patterns

3. This use of colours in this design is quite unique. A bright sky blue shade is used for the base. The star pattern in the middle is unique too and contrasting colours have been used. The lotus design done around the star pattern looks very beautiful.

Freehand rangoli design decorated with diyas

4. A short and sweet rangoli design of the freehand rangoli designs for you freehand artists. We love the use of diyas to enhance the beauty of the Rangoli. This one is small enough to be done at any place and in any small area.

Minimalist freehand rangoli design

5. Another unique and simple free hand Rangoli designs for you to try. This one uses very minimal colours, so it’s easy to do and the chances of mistakes are very less. The inclusion of diyas makes it even more appealing. The colours used are also quite different as green and purple has been used in this design rather than the common red, yellow, saffron etc.

Freehand flower rangoli design

6. This one is a flower Rangoli for you all freehand rangoli makers. We love the variation of colours and the floral pattern in the middle.

Freehand flower rangoli design for entrances

7. This beautiful and colourful design is for those who love small rangoli designs for their homes. We love how this design is small enough to be done at any corner of the house or even at the entrance. The use of colours is also nice with green, red, yellow, violet and white being used to make this rangoli.

Freehand hexgonal rangoli design

8. This one is a bit tough to do and we can see a hexagon shape being used rather than common patterns like square, octagon or circular shape. The colours used are quite bright and catch attention easily. Bright pink, purple, orange and white colours have been used. There are many small details in this design calling for special expertise in this art.

Freehand peacock rangoli design with diyas

9. This design is inspired by peacocks – the national bird of India and we see a pair of peacocks done in the centre of the Rangoli. The colours used are quite vibrant and make this a colorful rangoli design for all of you to try. The diyas used make it even more beautiful and appealing.

Freehand rangoli design for the festival of Kolam

10. This one is Rangoli design for the festival of Kolam. This design is quite complicated with very fine and minute details. The colours are quite vibrant making this a great choice for anyone to try.

Rangoli is an exquisite traditional art form boasting a rich history. It is usually drawn outside homes during celebrations to signal positivity and enjoyment. If you feel the presence of dots restricts your creativity, these freehand rangoli designs are ideal for you. With easy to complex patterns in this collection, everyone can find something they like, regardless of their expertise. You should be cautious when drawing symmetrical elements since no dots guide you. While you may find it difficult to reproduce these designs at first, you can gain mastery with practice, patience, and a steady hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of rangoli is best?

A rangoli design decorated with colorful flowers and petals can make any event colorful and special.

How many types of rangoli are there?

The different rangoli designs and patterns include free-hand rangoli, wooden rangoli, Alpana, flower rangoli, floating rangoli, dotted rangoli, chowk, glass rangoli, and Sanskar rangoli.

What is the difference between Alpana and Rangoli?

Alpana is a type of rangoli popular during auspicious occasions and festivals in Bengal. It is a sacred art; the designs are painted with hands using rice flour paste. On the other hand, rangoli patterns are colorful.

What is the purpose of Rangoli art?

Rangoli designs bring joy and are to welcome guests, gods, and goddesses into homes (for the acquisition of auspiciousness).

Why do we make Peacocks in Rangoli?

Peacock rangoli designs are made on floors or courtyards to welcome friends and relatives.

What is the difference between rangoli and Mandana?

Mandana is a type of rangoli design. Chuna (chalk paste) is used to draw Mandana rangoli designs to decorate mud houses.

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