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Are you a football lover and unable to express it properly? Tattoos are a mode of art and can be interpreted differently by two different people. Some find it very attractive and trendy and some find it immoral. Football tattoo serve as an excellent way to show your love towards football. These permanent tattoos are very attractive, captivating and colourful. These football tattoo designs are an excellent source to get connected with the football world.

The Most Interesting Football Tattoo Designs

1. Football helmet tattoo designs:

Footballhelmet tattoos

Want to carry your passion on your skin? These tattoos are a perfect choice for football lovers. These are very simple to create because it just involves creation of football team’s helmet. These are very colourful and attractive.

2. Football tattoo:

Football tattoo

Love football a lot? Get a football made on your skin that shows your love for football. Many attractive football designs are available these days. These tattoos show your love for only football and not a particular team or player.

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3. Football game tattoos:

Football game tattoos

Get some portion of football game inked on your skin. These tattoos are very mesmerizing and captivating. These are usually adapted from cartoons. Getting some portion of football game made will always help you recall your favourite game which you can never forget.

4. Football player tattoo designs:

Football player tattoos

Football tattoo lovers can get a famous football player made on your skin. These serve a wonderful choice and are eye catchy too. Getting a particular football player made shows your love towards a particular football player. You can even get 2 or 3 football players made on your skin to make it more striking.

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5. Football logo tattoo:

Football logo tattoo

Football logo tattoo are very simple and attractive. This tattoo designing just involve getting your favourite football team logo made on your skin. Attractive designs with other artwork is available these days to make it more captivating.

6. Getting same football tattoo made:

Getting same football tattoo made

Love your football player and his tattoo a lot? Get the same tattoo as your football player has with some changes is a nice idea. This is a new concept and whenever you see this tattoo it will help you recollect your favourite player and his tattoo.

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7. For diehard fans- football tattoos:

For diehard fans- football tattoos

Are you a diehard fan of football? Unable to find an exceptional way to show your love? Getting a permanent tattoo made is the perfect idea for die hard football fans. Getting football related tattoos made all over your face with the name of the football team along with some slogans related to the team is a perfect idea.

8. Small football tattoos:

Small football tattoos

Looking for attractive girlie football tattoo design? Usually big tattoos do not look good on girls. Getting small and cute tattoos inked is the perfect idea for girls. Get a cute football related tattoo made on your cheek to show your love for your favourite team.

9. Football club tattoos:

Football club tattoos

Get your favourite football club tattoos made. These are very striking and captivating. These tattoos have become very common among football lovers.

10. Simple football tattoos:

Simple football tattoos

Are you a tattoo lover but want to get only a small tattoo made on your skin? Get small and attractive football tattoos made with just the initials of your favourite team or player.

So which one of these football tattoo designs did you fall in love with? Leave us a comment!

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