10 Latest Foot Mehandi Designs Never Seen Before 2019

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For ages, Feet have been used as an artist’s canvas to draw various mehndi designs. In India and in some cultures, mehndi is applied on the hands and feet of a bride during Weddings and for other important occasions. The design on the feet can be completely coordinated with the one on the hands or can be different too. With the use of black, red and orange henna, one can draw various patterns and styles of the foot mehndi design.

Here is a list of some of the latest foot mehndi designs never seen before 2019

Rajasthani mehndi design

1.  This mehndi design is an example of Rajasthani mehandi design. You can see the typical “mirror reflecting art”, where the design on both feet are exactly the same and hence are mirror images of each other.

The peacock motif has been beautifully decorated, with some intricate designs. It covers only the feet giving it a non-messy look.

This mehandi design is ideal for brides and for any household occasions or festivals.

Black mehndi

2.  Black mehndi is fast gaining popularity all over the world. This foot mehndi made with completely black mehndi gives a quirky look to the traditional mehndi design. The veil sheet pattern is used to cover most of the space inside the mango leaf motif. The patterns on both the feet are different from each other making this design look unique.

Arabic mehndi design

3.  This foot design is a perfect example of the Arabic mehandi design. Only bold flower and leaf motifs are used to cover the feet, in the typical Arabic style. This design is neatly spaced, easy to design and easy to apply. This foot mehndi design can be worn by women of any age group and on any occasion.

4.  Another example of the “mirror reflecting art”, the design on both the feet are a complete replica of each other. The initial part of the feet is covered with veil sheet and flowers & leaves cover the entire foot and extending till the middle of the legs. This mehndi design is suitable for brides.

arabic mehndi designs for feet

5.  Arabic mehndi art is widely popular all over the world due to its simplicity and abstract designs. The flower and leaf design starts from the thumb and extends till the calf. Black mehndi is used to draw the borders and henna is used to fill up the entire pattern.

traditional mehndi design

6.  This design adds a modern touch to the traditional mehndi design. Unlike the usual patterns, the design is drawn only on the sides of the feet. Intricate details like mango leaves are filled with the veil sheet pattern. The design has been drawn using black mehndi which enhances the look. This foot mehndi design can be worn by women of all age groups.

Marwari mehndi

7.  This one of the foot mehandi designs is an example of the Marwari mehndi art form. A lot of intricate details have been added which gives a traditional touch to this particular design. The design covers up the entire feet and the sun motif at the end will definitely suit the brides.

henna tattoo foot

8.  If you are a beginner in mehndi art, then you can try this particular design. This design is very apt for simple occasions or for people who do not want to go over the top. The leaf pattern at the ankles adds to the beauty.

white mehndi

9.  This is the perfect choice for brides who love elaborate mehndi design on their wedding day. A very basic mehndi design is drawn on the feet with orange henna. The sparkles in different colours are used to cover the entire design. Small transparent stones are carefully placed over the design to give it a more elaborate look.

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henna designs

10.   With the proper use of black, red and orange henna, one can add different shades to the design. The floral pattern looks exquisitely beautiful making this design fit for a bride. Golden sparkles have been used to draw the ends of the floral pattern to give a unique look. Small coloured stones in golden colour are placed carefully on the design. . If you are looking for a different bridal foot mehndi, then design gets thumbs up from us.

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Do try them and do not forget to drop in comments below.

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