15 Best Fisher-Price Toys In India-2024

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Every modern-day child, be it an infant, toddler, or preschooler, may have played with at least one Fisher-Price toy. The range of quality toys, which are also affordable and attractive, make them one of the most preferred toys for gifting. Fisher-Price’s collection of interactive toys for toddlers is engaging and could help promote the child’s physical and cognitive development.

Over the years, Fisher-Price has manufactured over 5000 different toys. With such a huge variety, it does get difficult to choose ones that are good for your child. MomJunction has put together a list of the most popular and best Fisher-Price toys for your child.

15 Best Fisher-Price Toys

1. Fisher-Price Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag Image: Mattel

These award-winning blocks from Fisher-Price encourage creativity and imagination. This set of 80 blocks is compatible with all other Mega Blok sets and helps develop focus, attention, organization, and fine motor skills in young builders. The primary-colored blocks are great for open-ended play and can engage little ones for long durations.

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2. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

This Xylophone from Fisher-Price is a classic musical toy that is suitable for toddlers aged 18 months and above. It helps in developing fine motor skills when the child uses the mallet to strike the colorful keys. It also aids in building sensory skills due to the musical sounds it emits and promotes music intelligence, curiosity, and creativity. The xylophone has wheels and can be pulled around.

3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Rock-a-Stack is a popular toy from the Brilliant Basics range of Fisher-Price and is designed for babies aged from six to 24 months. The toy can be used for stacking, plugging, and sorting. It is made with bright colors and aids in the development of gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. It encourages babies to differentiate between shapes and sizes and also promotes their sense of touch.

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4. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Refresh

The Chatter Telephone from Fisher-Price is a pretend-play toddler toy suitable for kids aged 12 months and above, thereby making it a good gift for a one-year-old. The phone makes fun ringing noises and has eyes that move up and down. Toddlers can pull it around or sit and make imaginary calls. The old school dial introduces them to numbers from 0 to 9.

5. Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Trip

Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Trip


Aimed at preschoolers aged three and above, the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro is a magnetic drawing pad that can easily be used for scribbling, doodling, and writing. It comes with a slide eraser to wipe away what is on the slate and a pen attached with string to prevent it from getting lost. This is a travel size Doodle Pro that encourages artistic expression and helps develop fine motor skills while on the go. It is easy to carry around to keep your child engaged during trips outside the home.

6. Laugh & Learn Time To Learn Smartwatch

This is a pretend smartwatch from the Laugh & Learn range of Fisher-Price that is designed for babies and toddlers in the -36 months age group. It makes a clackety-clack sound when shaken, and the buttons emit lights, songs, and sounds. It has a toggle switch and turn-dial to keep little hands busy.

7. Fisher-Price Butterfly Shape Sorter

This infant to toddler toy from Fisher-Price is suitable for babies aged above six months. They can enjoy filling and spilling shapes from the butterfly, an activity that helps in developing fine motor skills and problem-solving skills as they match the shapes and place them in the right slot. The shapes are easy to hold on to and introduce the baby to different colors and shapes.

8. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

This play gym from Fisher-Price can be used by babies from birth onwards right up to the time they turn three years old. Its use differs depending upon their age. The play gym has six different activity toys, including a take-along piano with light-up keys. It has an assortment of 65 different songs, sounds, tunes, and phrases, and the piano can play up to 20 minutes of music. It can be used for tummy time and introduces babies to colors, animals, numbers, etc.

9. Fisher-Price Baby Activity Chain

This activity chain from Fisher-Price’s Brilliant Basics range is a toy that both infants and toddlers enjoy. It is useful in developing gross motor skills and helps in building hand-eye coordination. The pieces of the chain are lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. They can help the ability to grasp objects as well as introduce little ones to things like counting objects and identifying colors and patterns.

10. Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Beats Tambourine

Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Beats Tambourine


This musical toy from Fisher-price can be introduced to babies from three months of age onwards. Older babies will find it easy to hold it, and this helps in developing their gross motor skills. The toy tambourine has bright, vivid colors and makes click-clack sounds that aid in working on sensory skills. It also makes a roly-poly rocking action that appeals to infants.

11. Fisher-Price Stacking Cups

This set of Stacking Cups from Fisher-Price makes an apt first toy for infants aged six months and above. They can practice stacking them up like a tower or nesting them one into the other. The set of eight cups in four bright colors helps in developing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills in little ones. The cups are easy to grasp and encourage dexterity and independence.

12. Fisher-Price Honeybee Silicone Teether

Fisher-Price Honeybee Silicone Teether


This has been designed to provide relief from itchy, painful gums during the teething process of babies and young toddlers. In the shape of a sweet colorful honeybee, this teether has super soft wings made of silicone that the baby can chew on. It has an easy to grip handle and provides visual stimulation to the little ones. It should be sterilized regularly.

13. Fisher-Price Wobbly Fun Ball

Fisher-Price Wobbly Fun Ball


This Wobbly Fun Ball of 6-7 inches diameter from Fisher-Price comes under their Brilliant Basics range. It stimulates the senses of babies with the two small bells it has inside. When the ball moves, it makes a jingling sound. The ball helps build motor skills and in developing hand-eye coordination. It also has holes and slits that encourage babies to poke and grasp.

14. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Stroller Mobile

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Stroller Mobile


This mobile from Fisher-Price attaches easily to the canopy of baby strollers. It features sweet overhead animal friends that the baby can look at and interact with. The three translucent toys are designed to catch the light, which makes them more attractive to babies, whereas the two soft toys that are within the babies reach jingle. The toys help in developing both gross motor as well as sensory skills

15. Fisher-Price Stack & Roll Choo Choo

This choo choo train from Fisher-Price has been designed for infants from six months of age onwards. It can be played in three different ways. They can be stacked on top of each other, connected like a train, or nested in each other. This helps the baby to understand sizes and fits. It also introduces them to colors and letters.

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How To Select The Right Fisher-Price Toy For Kids?

  • Each Fisher-Price toy comes with a prescribed age group for which it is suitable. This will help you select an age-appropriate toy for your child.
  • In addition to this, you can look at your child’s preferences. If your child loves drawing, they would appreciate a Doodle Pro, but if they enjoy music, they may love a Xylophone.
  • Select a toy based on the place you would like your child to use it. For example, a stroller ride would warrant a stroller mobile, a Doodle Pro would come handy on a trip, while a play gym would need more space and generally used at home.

Fisher-Price is known for being the global leader in children’s toy market, and it is not without reason. Their toys are of the highest quality and construction.

Purchase from the above list of the best Fisher-Price toys for children and spend quality time with them. Also, choose age-appropriate toys from the numerous options available. Toys are essential for brain development in young children and help develop various skills. It also enhances their imaginations and creativity. However, make sure to buy safe and toxin-free, and chalk hazard-free toys for young children. Learning toys can also be used to teach colors, shapes, numbers, and language basics to young children.

Infographic: Notable Milestone-Based Toy Categories By Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price toys have been cherished for decades as one of the most popular and trusted toy brands. With their focus on age-appropriate and developmental toys, Fisher-Price enables parents to create an enriching environment that supports their child’s milestones. Explore the following infographic to discover the diverse range of milestone-based toys produced by Fisher-Price.

Fisher Price Milestone Based Toy Categories (infographic)

Illustration: The Bridal Box Design Team

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