11 Best Exercise Cycles In India In 2024

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Exercise is essential for maintaining good health and a toned body. However, going to a gym for a full-body workout is not always convenient and cost-effective. Here’s where an exercise bike comes in handy. These cycles are designed for use at home or in the gym and work with weight loss programs, providing upper and lower body exercise.

There are different types of exercise cycles based on their design and features. We have compiled the best exercise cycles in India that you may consider for a good home workout.

Types Of Exercise Cycles

There are four types of exercise bikes/cycles.

1. Recumbent bike: Recumbent bikes are excellent for people who suffer from lower back pain. They have a backrest and allow the user to sit back and relax while cycling for a weight loss workout. These bikes are easier to use and suitable for the elderly. They are low-impact but can be used with fat-burning exercises.

2. Upright bike: These bikes have no back support and allow you to lean forward while working out. It is excellent for leg muscle development and cardio exercises. Upright bikes are more like ordinary bicycles, and riding them for long periods can strain the wrists and lower back.

3. Spin bike: Spin bikes can support more weight and have a heavier flywheel, ideal for weight loss and muscle development. However, the spin bike is not ideal for the elderly or the differently-abled.

4. Air bike: Air bikes can have moving or fixed handles and adjustable resistance. The more you paddle, the faster the fan spins, making the workout more challenging. Air bikes are frequently used in cross-training. These bikes provide good upper and lower body workouts.

Health Benefits Of Exercise Cycles

The use of an exercise cycle may provide the following benefits.

1. Joint-friendly: A stationary bike is a low-impact exercise machine with few jerks and bumps. It may protect your joints and ligaments when compared to cycling an actual bicycle.

2. Burn calories: An exercise cycle gets the heart pumping and burns calories without straining the back and joints when compared to bicycling on roads. It allows you to adjust the resistance and speed, allowing you to maintain consistency throughout the exercise routine.

3. Blood circulation: Using an exercise bike regularly could improve heart function and blood circulation. It may boost the health of the circulatory system and improve overall metabolism.

4. Stronger muscles: An exercise cycle could help tone the calves, quads, and glutes. It also targets other body muscles such as the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, and shins. It could make your muscles stronger in the long run.

5. Mental well-being: Cycling and exercising could stimulate hormones that may help improve your mood. It may improve your mental well-being in the long run.

11 Best Exercise Cycles In India

1. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Reach Air Bike is an exercise cycle with moving handles and an adjustable cushioned seat. The stationary cycle can support up to 100kg and gives you a full-body workout. The dual-action arms are ideal for increasing upper body endurance. Different pedal resistance settings strengthen the lower body and legs. It has an LCD tracker with an easy-to-use interface that displays the time, distance, calories burnt, and speed.

The handlebars are packed with high-density foam, which prevents strains, stiffness, and muscle cramps. A belt allows for less momentum-based recovery, more efficient pedaling, and quiet operation. These bicycles are long-lasting, portable, and made of high-quality metal.

2. Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle

Reach AB-110 Air bike has the provision of moving and stationary handles. It accommodates an easy interface with a user-friendly tracker. The LCD shows distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

An ergonomic seat with a cushion offers maximum comfort, while handlebars packed with high-density foam prevent stiffness, sprains, and muscle aches. Belt resistance improves pedaling and requires minimal maintenance, while a pedal strap keeps the foot stable. This bike operates quietly and efficiently.

3. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle

An exercise cycle is almost a must-have for your home gym. Sparnod Fitness Air Bike provides a full-body workout with dual-action, a movable-cum-stationary handle with adjustable resistance for light and heavy workouts. The seat has a backrest with an adjustable height. Dual-action handlebars target upper body muscles while pedaling focuses on the lower body.

There is a tension knob that controls the variable workout intensity/resistance, and an LCD shows speed, time, distance, and calories burned. This upright stationary bike has a broad, anti-slip wide base for optimum stability.

4. Qualimate Smart Fitness Cycle

Qualimate Smart Fitness bike is a foldable and portable exercise cycle, simple to assemble and is an excellent accessory for toning body muscles. The compact cycle strengthens the arms and legs while increasing blood circulation and stamina. It increases focus and concentration while relieving physical and mental tension.

Its height allows it to fit under desks and tables easily. The anti-slip and anti-scratch feet provide stability, while the pedals have non-slip surfaces and adjustable toe loops. You can customize your workout intensity and track your progress through the LCD screen.

5. Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle

If you are looking for a weight loss exercise machine, the Powermax fitness cycle is a good choice. With an eight-level training intensity feature, it is ideal for home use. The magnetic bike has an LCD screen that monitors distance, time, speed, calories, and pulse.

A flywheel system weighing maximizes training. This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 110kg and a one-way ribbed belt drive system for stability and flexibility. The anti-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps and a comfortable seat with back support keep you safe from accidents or muscle jerks. In the event of uneven flooring, this bike includes adjustable caps for a stable position.

6. Evoke Ojas -110 Exercise Cycle

This Evoke Ojas exercise cycle is ideal for a home gym. It has movable handles and a maintenance-free belt, allowing for less momentum-based recovery, better pedaling technique, and more efficient workouts. This cycle’s maximum weight capacity is 110kg, and it features multi-level resistance with an adjustable tension knob. It features a cushioned seat and an LCD screen to show you workout metrics. During a high-intensity workout, close pedal cranks and pedal straps provide extra stability.

7. Healthex Exercise Cycle

Healthex offers a steel frame exercise cycle ideal for weight loss and home use. The air bike is portable and non-motorized. It has an electronic display that measures distance, time, speed, and calories. The seat is adjustable and cushioned for optimum comfort. There is a manual tension knob for strength adjustment and ergonomic adjustable arms with padded grips.

8. Body Gym Air Bike Platinum DX Exercise Cycle

This exercise cycle from Body Gym is an excellent alternative to outdoor cycling since it provides a total-body workout. It has a manual control that allows you to adjust the resistance system to your preferences and comfort. A monitor displays information such as speed, time, distance, and calories. This cycle can support a maximum weight of 100kg. The seat is adjustable, and the handle movement is optional.

9. Holokai Mini Digital Fitness Cycle

Holokai Mini Digital fitness cycle is an indoor foot and leg exercise bike made of durable, high-quality steel pipe iron. It is compact, lightweight, and portable. Adjustable resistance allows a customized workout, while an LCD monitors the workout routine vitals. The belt-drive mechanism and flywheel make the ride smooth.

This cycle tones your muscles, increasing stamina and strength. It also improves cardiovascular, bone, and joint health. Regular use may improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

10. Device Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle

The Device Mini Pedal exercise cycle is a light workout bike. It has a digital, five-function display to track progress, including RPM. The adjustable resistance is controlled by a tension screw, which is easy to operate. The bike is portable, lightweight, and sturdy, making it ideal for use at home or in the office. It has a sturdy chrome frame, strapped pedals, and two free pairs of heel pads.

11. KS Healthcare BGA-1001 Steel Exercise Cycle

KS Healthcare exercise bike is made of strong stainless steel and has sturdy back support. The multicolor cycle can support up to 100kg of weight. It includes a monitor display that allows you to scan and track your speed, time, distance, and calories. The seat’s height is adjustable. A manual control knob allows you to customize the bike’s resistance system, and it has an adjustable handle for maximum comfort.

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How To Select The Right Exercise Cycle In India?

Keep the following points in mind when shopping for an exercise cycle in India.

1. Adjustability: Pick an exercise cycle, which is adjustable for maximum comfort. This feature allows other family members to use it while avoiding unnecessary stretches and pulls. The seat and handles should be adjustable to the user’s height and weight.

2. Durability: Do not compromise quality over price because this may result in injuries. Choose a bike that is sturdy and durable based. The belt’s and straps’ quality is also critical. The cycle should be wobble-free, anti-skid, and have a robust frame.

3. Resistance levels: A bike should have various resistance levels so that you can customize the exercise intensity to your comfort and requirement.

4. Weight capacity: Choose a bike with a weight capacity of at least 100kg.

5. Features: LCD screen, cushioned seat, skid-proof pedals, pedal strap, pulse sensors, and movable handles are some essential features to look for in an exercise bike.

Cycling is a great and most affordable way to stay fit. It helps you in your physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise cycles help you lose weight and work out your upper and lower body. However, finding the best exercise cycle is not easy. The above exercise cycles were selected after thorough research and comparing various products available in the market. Before making the purchase, check factors like adjustability, durability, resistance level, weight capacity, and other useful features.

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