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Dolphins are no doubt the most adorable of all animals alive, except maybe the Koala bears. They will never fail to bring a smile to your face with their mindless flip flopping in the water and their cute looking faces. Besides looking cute, dolphins are symbolic of a large variety of things. They are generally portrayed as saviours in movies and stories and are thus symbolic of guidance and prosperity. Among the women, the dolphin tattoo is very common because of its looks while among the men, it’s generally used for its use in symbolism.

The Best Dolphin Tattoos For Girls

1. Yin-yang dolphin:

yin yang dolphin blotterIn the Chinese culture, dolphins represent the yin-yang system of maintaining balance and harmony. They symbolize qualities like prosperity and balance in social and family oriented matters too! This yin-yang adaptation of the dolphin tattoo designs is thus, very common for those looking to utilize the dolphin’s symbolic meaning.

2. Tribal dolphin tattoo:

tribal dolphin tattooDolphins represent a number of different concepts in different cultures. They represent fidelity, fun, smartness, free thinking and guidance. Besides these they are also symbolic of reincarnation in some cultures. The tribal dolphin form is black with complicated designs and is perfect for anyone looking for a tattoo to mark a new beginning in their lives.

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3. Sun dolphin:

sun dolphinDolphins don’t just symbolize water they are also the representative of Apollo, the sun god. Thus the dolphins are also drawn with the sun sometimes. These dolphins represent light in our lives and also the good health, prosperity and warmth that the sun brings in it.

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4. Chain link dolphin:

chain link dolphinThis is an ingenious kind of dolphin tattoo design. The shape of the dolphin is made of iron links and though it is complicated it looks good and emphasizes on the dolphin’s reliability and stability.

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5. Dolphins with backgrounds:

dolphins tattoo designThese kinds look realistic and beautiful. They include scenes from the under the sea along with the dolphins.

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6. Dolphin caricature:

dolphin caricatureDolphins can also be made with a number of props like cigarettes and smoke to make them look more like characters out of fables. These images are coloured, graphic and generally very cute to look at. Since these tattoos are more of the look oriented, they are more common with the females than the males.

7. Black and white dolphin outline:

white dolphin outlineThis is the most common kind of tattoo that can be made for dolphins. It makes use of the typical black curves and broken line technique of tattoos. They look good and symbolize all that dolphins generally do but they are not as graphic as the other kinds.

8. Dolphin silhouette tattoo:

dolphin silhouette tattooAnother easy design for a dolphin tattoo is a silhouette. Granted the dolphin silhouette doesn’t look half as cute as the real one, with a good background it can look very pretty!

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9. Small side faced dolphin:

dolphin faced swimmerA small side faced dolphin, not necessarily coloured is an easy way to portray all that a dolphin symbolises. It looks as cute as any other dolphin and can be incorporated with other symbols and designs.

10. Front faced realistic dolphin:

realistic dolphin tattoosThis is more difficult to make but looks superb! The front faced dolphin generally comes with a background of its own.

These are the best dolphin tattoo designs for girls. Hope you liked this collection of tattoos. Share your thoughts if any with us!

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