10 Awesome Crown Tattoo Designs

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Crowns are worn by kings and queens and are thus symbols of royalty and power. They are of varying kinds, some being embellished with precious stones and gems while other being made of vine leaves and other natural things which are considered holy. However they look, if you have a crown encircling your head, you are bound to feel more powerful than the common multitude.

Crown tattoos are common among both the genders, though their usage of the tattoo designs varies. In general crown tattoos symbolize leadership, nobility or royalty, religion, power and even luck. Besides symbolizing power, the crown tattoos are attractive to look at too!

Amazing Crown Tattoo Designs

1. Crowns With Precious Stones:

precious stone tattooThese are the most typical kind of crown tattoos. They look regal and colourful. The design of the crown is generally the typical shape including all kinds of precious gems. These tattoos are generally coloured and common in both the genders.

2. Crown Tattoos Embellished With Other Elements Like Skulls, Flowers And So On:

crown tattoosCrown tattoos can be modified to make them look more masculine or feminine. Males generally add skulls and animals to make it look fiercer while girls choose floral patterns to go with their crowns. Those fascinated with macabre tend to include skulls as a prominent part of their crown tattoo.

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3. Crown As A Symbol Of Christianity:

crown as symbol of christianityThe crown in Christianity depicts the crown of thorns that Jesus was made to wear when he was crucified. Many pious followers of Christianity get a crown tattoo along with a cross to represent their devotion of Jesus and this crown of thorns which is supposed to symbolize all the pain that he bore for the human race.

4. Crown With Names:

crown with names tattoosMany people get crown tattoos with their names beneath it to make it all the more obvious that they are crowning themselves as they move forward in their lives.

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5. Crown With Lions:

crown with lions The crown is also considered to be a symbol of the zodiac sign Leo. When people mean to use this symbolism of the crown, they get it tattooed along with a fierce lion which is the animal of the said sun sign. Generally the crown is tattooed on the head of a regal looking lion face.

6. Black Crown Silhouette:

crown silhouetteCrowns are embellished with diamonds and other precious gemstones. Crown silhouettes while showing the shapes of these gemstones don’t specify which is which.

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7. Crown With Princess Written Underneath:

princess written underneath Many girls get a crown tattooed on their skin with the word princess written beneath it. Guys get the same with prince or king.

8. Crown locket:

crown locketThis is a very common design among girls. The tattoo shows a crown which is winded through a chain as a locket. It gives the bearer a gothic funky look.

9. Tiny Black Crown:

tiny black crown The best part about the crown tattoo is that it looks good in all sizes and shapes. For people who are looking for tattoos that wont mark too large a part of their bodies, a small crown is the best kind. You can get it down anywhere – on your foot, palm, arm, neck etc. it looks cute yet regal in its own way.

10. A Crown Outline Tattoo:

crown outline tattooThis is a crude tattoo but still manages to look good. It includes a bare outline of the basic shape of a crown.

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