8 Soulful Christian Wedding Songs To Sway Souls

Whether you’ve just been engaged or your wedding is just a few weeks away, planning the perfect wedding is quite the ride of a lifetime! And few ceremonies are more beautiful or classy than a Christian wedding.Christian wedding songs are an integral part of the weding just like the bridal gown in white, to the church orchestra and the cute little flower girls, the Christian ceremony is one that we just can’t take our eyes off from the start to the finish.We have sorted a few Christian wedding songs to sway your souls.

While planning your wedding, there are so many different things you need to plan out – the dress, the decor, the food, the vows. In the midst of all this, you should also take some time out to carefully plan out the music that you will be playing at your wedding. Your wedding music is what will really set the tone and ambience for the wedding, and maybe even jerk a tear or two from your guests. Here are some tips on what you should be keeping in mind as you pick out songs for your wedding day:

The Theme Of The Wedding

Think of your wedding as a movie. The songs you pick will be that perfect soundtrack that sets the tone and mood of your movie, each of which has been handpicked by you. So make sure that the songs you pick will be in sync with your wedding theme.

Discuss Beforehand With The Church

If you’re going to have a church wedding then it would be best that you discuss your playlist with them beforehand to avoid any glitches on your big day. You will also need to take into consideration some logistics like the length of the aisle at your church and the length of your bridal procession. You don’t want the music to stop midway now, do you? If you’ve chosen a shorter piece, perhaps it can be looped until your procession is done. You should also consider getting a musician or a chorus to perform on your big day, which would add a bit of excitement to your wedding. No two renditions of a song are truly alike and a talented musician might just make his/her version of the song even better than the original. If you have any close friends who are great singers, you should consider asking them to sing at your wedding. This will make these moments even more precious and memorable.

Here are some song suggestions that might help you make that perfect playlist for your wedding day:

Processional Music

The processional music is played when you, the bride, will enter the wedding ceremony. This is the one moment of your wedding that you would want to remember for the rest of your life. That fleeting moment as you walk down the aisle to pledge your love and support to your significant other will be made truly perfect with the right song. But remember that this is your moment, and yours alone. The song that you pick should really reflect who you are and also the special bond of love you share with your husband-to-be! Here is a list of songs that might just work out for you:

The Wedding March

The Wedding March by Wagner is the classic processional music. Millions of beautiful brides have walked down the aisle to this song, which captures the grandeur of the moment and that little fluttering in your heart.

For an alternate version of the Wedding March, you should definitely check out Felix Mendelssohn’s version. He composed this in 1843 for a production of Shakespeare’s classic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This song shot to popularity after Queen Victoria used it in her wedding in 1858. This is the perfect marriage of history and literature for your big moment.

The Prince Of Denmark’s March By Jeremiah Clarke

This is not quite as common as the wedding march, and is a great alternative. This is a true classic that was composed in 1700’s. This song is hauntingly beautiful and delicate, and is sure to tug at many heart strings as you walk down the aisle. This was the song that was played at Princess Diana’s wedding, and could we ever forget how regal and exquisite she had looked!

Vivaldi’s Spring Allegro

Spring is the time for fresh blooms, warmth and the cheer of new love. And the great composer, Vivaldi has indeed captured the essence of spring in this fleet-footed, mellifluous composition. This composition, with its little trills will meander right into your soul before you even know it. What a great way to begin the newest chapter of your life! This is one of the most famous christian marriage song.

Pride And Prejudice Theme Piano Arrangement By Andrew Lapp

Here’s yet another piece of music inspired by great literature. This arrangement comes close to actually capturing the mood and feel of a Jane Austen novel. Darcy and Elizabeth would be the perfect inspiration for your special moment as you pledge undying love to each other.

Recessional Music

Just as you make a fabulous entrance to your wedding, it is equally important to have the right kind of song as you leave. These songs are usually more cheerful and upbeat. After all, everyone will be pumped up from the adrenaline of having witnessed a stellar ceremony and the right music will just take everything to the next level. Not only that, you will have a wider reign to incorporate a song that holds special significance for you and the groom.

Neville’s Waltz By Patrick Doyle

That’s right. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this song is a must. It is light and airy, and captures perfectly that overwhelming feeling of teenage love with all its sighs and longing. This piece is sure to keep the mood light and fun.

Concerning Hobbits By Howard Shore

This song just flows. It truly captures the cadences of a long journey – a fitting match for the new journey you are about to embark on. This is a must on your playlist if you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings.

I’m yours cover By Vitamin String Quartet

This cover of Jason Mraz’s song could be the perfect song for your wedding day recessional. This is not only laid back and airy, it will get the guests humming along the lyrics to this cute love song. The string quartet is sure to lift you to a whole another level, as you bid your adieu to the guests.

Dona Nobis Pacem

This is a very calming song that will help you sign off with that air of elegance and charm. The name of the song, Dona Nobis Pacem, in Ecclesiastical Latin means “Grant us peace”. This would mean that you end your wedding ceremony with a prayer. This song is so soulful that your guests will not be able to help but join in and pray for your marriage to be happy and tranquil.