11 Best Chessboards In India In 2024

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Chess has the longest and most glorious history of any checkered board game, dating back 1,500 years, and finds mention in the Indian mythological epic Mahabharata. Millions of people worldwide, from beginners to advanced competitors, continue to enjoy the two-player war game.

The advantages of this two-player game are manifold. It improves visualization, analytical skills, strategic thinking, concentration, and memory. A good chess set enhances the overall gaming experience. So, pick from our list of the best chess boards in India and start your game now!

11 Best Chess Boards In India

1. Paramount Professional Vinyl Chess Set

The Paramount Professional Chess set measures 17×17 inches and adheres to Fide (World Chess Federation) height and weight proportions. It comprises a vinyl mat and 32 Staunton-style chess pieces. This roll-up board is designed with an algebraic notation on the perimeter for game analysis. The tournament-ready board includes two extra Queens, a long chess bag, and two small pouches for black and white pieces, allowing safe storage and easy transport.

2. Pytho Handmade Wooden Chess Set

This exquisite handmade wooden chess board can complement your home décor. The Pytho chess set features a magnetic board and 12 hand-carved chess pieces, with the chessmen on the 12-inch board measuring 7-inch tall. The magnet keeps the pieces in place while playing in windy conditions or in a room with the ceiling fan on.

Water-resistant lacquer has been used for polishing the authentic Sheesham rosewood for a smooth, shiny, and durable finish. In addition, it is foldable and has built-in storage for easy portability and storage.

3. Ekta Magnetic Chess Board Game

The Ekta chess board is ideal for children aged seven and above. This strategy game promotes concentration, creativity, and logical thinking. The light magnet keeps the pieces stable on the board while also allowing them to glide freely. The set is made of paper and long-lasting plastic.

4. Skywalk Hand Crafted Roman Brass Chess Set

This classic decorative chess set from Skywalk is a battlefield on the board. The handcrafted set includes a wooden board and unique brass Roman chessmen. The board measures 14x14x2 inches, each soldier is 2.3-inches tall, and the King is 3.5-inches tall.

The board is made of Sheesham wood from Saharanpur, while the brass statues are sourced from Aligarh. A felt cover inside the box protects and carefully stores the chess pieces.

5. StonKraft Magnetic Wooden Chess Board

The magnetic wooden chess board from StonKraft measures 10×10 inches. The folding board comes with a chess book to help beginners learn the game or professional players improve their skills. The King is two inches tall, and the other pieces are proportional to him.

This set is handcrafted from medium-thickness Indian Rosewood and Boxwood. The Staunton magnetic pieces are yellow and brown and have a felt base to avoid scratches on the board. The board is decorated with inlays and has separate storage for each of the 32 pieces.

6. Famous Quality Folding Magnetic Chess Board

The Famous Quality folding chess board, made of non-toxic, long-lasting material, measures 9.5 inches and has a smooth surface. The magnetic travel-sized chess set meets all international standards and improves imagination, communication, and sociability.

The light magnetic pieces are easy to move and remain stable on the board. Each piece is well-designed and made of solid plastic with a felt bottom. This set is easy to store and carry.

7. Ada Handicraft Professional Tournament Wooden Chess Board

If you’re serious about your chess game, ADA Handicraft offers a professional tournament standard wooden chessboard. The 12×12-inch large board has 32 pawns and folds down to 12×6 inches in size. Each chessman has a smooth, processed bottom that allows for silent movement and protects the wood from scratches.

The pieces are large and easy to use and come in a storage bag. The wood is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for travel.

8. TWS Magnetic Educational Toys Travel Chess Set

TWS brings you a travel-friendly chess set that is magnetic and foldable. The well-crafted set is made of durable, fine-textured HIPS plastic, making it smooth and lightweight. There is a 64-square playing field, and each chessman has a light magnet at the bottom.

When open, the board measures 9.84×9.84×0.78 inches, and when folded, it measures 9.84×4.92×1.56 inches. The pieces can be kept inside the folded board for easy portability and storage.

9. Lunatic Craftwork Collectible Wooden Chess Game

Lunatic Craftwork offers a 14X14-inches chess set that includes a hand-crafted wooden board and Staunton pieces. The folding board is made of Sheesham and boxwood and has a classic, authentic, and aesthetic feel. When the board is shut, it is held together by two brass clasps.

The inside of the folded box acts as a storage unit with individual compartments for each chessman. The board acts as a souvenir or heirloom that can be passed down to the next generation.

10. Jaynil Enterprise Folding Travel Chess Set

Jaynil Enterprise brings you a folding chessboard that will keep children and adults entertained. The magnetic educational game is made of high–quality, long-lasting materials that are non-toxic and have a smooth surface.

Each of the 32 pieces is well-detailed and made of black and white solid plastic with a felt bottom. The light magnet at the bottom keeps the chess pieces stable. This chess set is suitable for children aged six and above and is highly portable.

11. Kids Mandi Kids Tournament Chess Board Set

The Kids Mandi tournament chess set for children measures 17×17 inches and includes a green vinyl roll-up board. The King measures 3.70-inches tall. It is a versatile set comprising 16+16 black and white plastic pieces that are stylish, portable, and long-lasting.

The mat is washable, lightweight, and easy to carry. This set is also ideal for professional chess players for on-the-go practice.

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How To Choose The Right Chess Board?

The best chess sets must be of high quality. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a chess set.

  1. Quality: The board’s construction should be solid and long-lasting. It should lay flat and even, with clear, non-fading markings on the boxes. If it is a magnetic board, the magnet should be light so that it is easy to move the pieces.
  2. Weight: Chess boards can be either heavy or light. Choose one that is appropriate for your needs. A lightweight vinyl or plastic board will suffice if you are looking for a set to play for fun or take on picnics.
  3. Storage: Unless you want to display vintage or handcrafted sets for home decor, you should look for an easy-to-store boards. Choose a chessboard that comes with a storage bag because chess pieces may get misplaced. Many foldable sets fold inwards, allowing the chess pieces to be stored inside. Some even have separate compartments for each piece. These sets are compact and travel-friendly.
  4. Queens: While this may not be an essential factor to look for in a chessboard, some sets include two extra Queen pieces for when you crown a pawn.

Playing chess helps improve your analytical skills and strategic thinking while allowing you to spend quality time with family and friends. If you play chess regularly or plan to train your little one to master the game, you need to invest in a good-quality chessboard that lasts for years. Since the markings decide the moves, they should be clear and fade-resistant. Furthermore, when you invest in a compact and portable chessboard, you can take it along on your picnics and other spots as well.

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