13 Best Chalk Bags That Are Lightweight And Easy-To-Use, 2022

A convenient and compact chalk bag can facilitate efficient climbing expeditions.

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If you enjoy rock climbing or are beginning to learn, you need a good-quality chalk bag to dry your hands to prevent accidents. So, here’s our list of the best chalk bags to keep slippery, wet hands at bay. These bags are also useful for several indoor and outdoor activities such as weightlifting, CrossFit training, and gymnastics. These bags are durable, long-lasting, and come with secure zippers and locks to prevent spillage.

Available in various sizes and materials, choosing the right bag can be challenging. So, take a look at the various products listed below and their features to find one that suits your requirements.

13 Best Chalk Bags

1. Best Multi-Fuctional:Sukoa Sports Chalk Bag

Sukoa Sports Chalk Bag

If you’re looking for a multi-functional chalk bag, then this Sukoa Sports Chalk Bag is one of the options to consider. It can be used to hold chalk for rock climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting, CrossFit, and bouldering.


  • Features a large chalk compartment that could accommodate both your hands and big hands easily
  • Chalk bucket has an adjustable drawstring to prevent chalk spills and wastage
  • Comes with a double-loop clip belt for easy attachment to harnesses and carabiners
  • Two zipper pockets to store valuables like mobile phones, cards, and cash
  • Made with water-resistant material
  • Available in two colors—Sukoa pink and Sukoa orange

2. Best Compact:AMC Panda Design Chalk Bag

AMC Panda Design Chalk Bag

Available in more than six colors, the AMC Chalk Bag features a climbing panda design. Its compact size makes it well-suited for rock climbing and other outdoor and indoor sports.


  • Small and lightweight cylindrical chalk bag that holds enough chalk
  • Drawstring of the chalk compartment is easy to close and avoids spillage
  • Wide opening to accommodate large hands
  • Fleece lining that keeps the chalk in place
  • Has an adjustable waist belt strap with a sturdy clip
  • A zip pocket to hold essentials in place
  • The inner fabric of the bag can be pulled out for easy cleaning
  • Bag can be attached to a harness or worn around the waist
  • Made of waterproof material

3. Best Durable:Two Ogres Essential-Z

Two Ogres Essential-Z

Made of durable 600D polyester, the Two Ogres Essential-Z chalk bag is designed to withstand exposure and contact with any rugged surface while rock climbing. Featuring a compact and comfortable design, the chalk bag can also be used for gymnastics or weightlifting. This video takes you through this product’s unique features to make it easier for you to make a buying decision.


  • Seven-inch chalk bag has a five-inch opening, making it easy for big hands
  • Brand’s signature fur lining holds the chalk in place
  • Drawstring closes the opening and prevents chalk spillage
  • Features an adjustable belt buckle, brush holder, and a stiff rim
  • Zipper pocket to hold small articles like keys, money, and cards
  • Available in two colors—grey and blue
  • Comes with a one-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects

4. Best Abrasive-Resistant:Rhino Valley Chalk Bag

Rhino Valley Chalk Bag

This professional chalk bag from Rhino Valley is made of premium quality material. It can withstand rough usage and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can wear it around your waist or simply clip it to your harness or belt.


  • Exterior of the chalk bag is made of Dacron material, which makes it waterproof and abrasive-resistant
  • Interior features soft corduroy material to hold the chalk powder in place
  • Chalk bag is 6.5 inches high and five inches wide
  • Comes with an adjustable waist belt
  • Also comes with a D-ring carabiner that can be used to directly attach the bag to the harness, belt, or waistcoat
  • Good quality drawstring makes it easy to open and close while ensuring no leakage
  • Available in three colors—grey, light blue, and red—all in combination with black

5. Best Fashionable:prAna Chalk Bag

prAna Chalk Bag

prAna Chalk Bag is a simple yet fashionable bag with functional features. This bag is designed to hold chalk powder and comes with a belt to attach it to your waist. If you prefer a soft-styled bag to a structured chalk bag, you can go for this.


  • Made of deadstock fabric that makes it look fashionable
  • Features an adjustable drawcord closure and an elastic brush holder
  • Comes with a waist belt that features a quick-lock buckle
  • Lined with fleece lining for holding the chalk powder
  • Comes with double belt loops for extra stability
  • Five inches high and six inches wide
  • Available in five different colors, namely black, indigo, cobalt, electric lime, and metallic
  • Suitable for both men and women

6. Best Sturdy:GGBuy Chalk Bag

GGBuy Chalk Bag

This GGBuy Chalk Bag is one of the best options if you’re looking for a sturdy chalk bag. With a stiff, box-like structure, the chalk bag lets you chalk both your hands simultaneously. Attach it to the harness or wear it around your waist and use it based on your convenience.


  • Made of Oxford polyester fabric, the chalk bag feels soft but is abrasive-resistant
  • Box-shaped design remains sturdy, making it easy to chalk both hands easily
  • Features a nylon Molle webbing camping carabiner that allows direct attachment to the harness
  • Comes with an adjustable belt with a buckle to wear around the waist
  • Can be used as a chalk bag for rock climbing, weight lifting, bouldering, and gymnastics
  • Features a front pocket and a side pocket with mesh to carry small items
  • Available in four colors, namely black, khaki, black camouflage, and khaki camouflage

7. Best Anti-Spill Design:Athletrek Chalk Bag

Athletrek Chalk Bag

Large opening, anti-spill design, durable material, and ample storage space are the key features of the Athletrek Chalk Bag. You can use the bag to carry chalk powder for any purpose, be it trekking or indoor gymnastics.


  • Water-resistant chalk bag is made of strong nylon material.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use pull cord that enables opening with a single hand and closes the bag tight to prevent wastage of chalk
  • Large opening to accommodate big hands and for comfortable use
  • Has two brush holders and two pockets with zips to hold essentials
  • Comes with two reusable chalk balls, belt strap with two clips, and a small carabiner
  • Can also be used as a chalk bag for gymnastics, CrossFit, and weightlifting or as tool bag to hold tools while working around the house
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

8. Best Accessible:Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag

This is a compact and sturdy chalk bag that can carry chalk powder with much ease. You can chalk your hands without much trouble as the bag is easily accessible from your waist.


  • Cylindrical chalk bag with a flexible wire-rim opening
  • Lower half of the bag is made of abrasion-resistant material
  • Fleece-lined interior to hold the chalk
  • Drawstring to close the bag.
  • Features a zipper pocket to store small items
  • Comes with a waist belt and a brush holder
  • Available in more than six different shades and two different sizes

9. Best Waterproof:Rhino Valley Climbing Chalk Bag

Rhino Valley Climbing Chalk Bag

Featuring a three-dimensional cylindrical shape, the Chalk Bag is another Rhino Valley product to consider. Compared to the previous model, this chalk bag is a bit larger and wider and designed to cater to bigger beings.


  • Exterior of the chalk bag is made of nylon, which makes it waterproof, durable, and easy to clean
  • Soft fleece material helps you spread the chalk evenly on the hands
  • Stiff outer rim of the bag keeps the bag open for easy access to the chalk
  • Chalk bag is 8.6in high, and the opening is 5.2in wide.
  • Easy-to-use drawstring for proper closure and comfortable hand immersion
  • Exterior zipper pocket has a waterproof cover at the top
  • Comes with a D-ring carabiner and an adjustable waist belt that can fit a waist up to 93cm
  • Folds up easily, making it easy to store or carry

10. Best Stylish:Survivor Chalk Bag

Survivor Chalk Bag

This is a stylish yet sturdy chalk bag that can be used not only while climbing but also during powerlifting, CrossFit, gymnastics, etc., to get that perfect grip. The bag is designed for spill-free chalking and worry-free rock climbing.


  • Cylindrical chalk bag with a drawstring-attached main compartment and two zippered exterior pockets
  • Drawcord closes the chalk powder compartment tightly, while the pockets can carry small items
  • Six-inches long and five inches wide and features an attractive design on the exterior
  • Refillable chalk ball and a liquid chalk bottle come with the bag as complementary add-ons.
  • Features a waist belt and a brush holder

11. Best Easy-To-Use:PETZL Saka Chalk Bag

PETZL Saka Chalk Bag

The Saka Chalk Bag by PETZL is simple and functional. Hang it around your neck or hook it to your belt for easy access to chalk powder during your climbing adventures outdoors or indoors.


  • Measures seven inches in length and six inches in width
  • Features a rigid rim that helps maintain the open shape of the bag
  • Made with non-absorbent lining that prevents sticking of chalk to the bag
  • Comes with a brush holder and a long belt
  • Can be hooked to the belt with the help of its loop
  • The drawstring closure prevents spillage of chalk
  • Available in two colors

12. Best Quality Material:BG Climbing Shark Chalk Bag

BG Climbing Shark Chalk Bag

A funny and a cool-looking chalk bag from the Animal Edition series of BG Climbing, this one is designed in the shape of a shark fish with its mouth wide open. The functional features of the bag make it a perfect fun accessory for your rock climbing expeditions.


  • Wide opening to accommodate a single hand and lightweight for ease of carrying
  • Adjustable and elastic drawcord for tight closure to prevent chalk wastage
  • Comes with an easily attachable waist belt
  • Made with good quality material
  • Also features a brush holder
  • Can be used for gym, outdoor activities, and bouldering
  • Available in single design and color

13. Best Polyester:Navaris Chalk Bag

Navaris Chalk Bag

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Made with 100% polyester, the chalk bag from Navaris is durable and resistant to harsh surfaces. The chalk carrier is available in black and blue and is reasonably priced for all your trekking needs.


  • Comes with an adjustable drawcord that firmly closes the bag and prevents chalk spillage
  • One-meter-long adjustable waist belt that can fit waist sizes up to 40 inches
  • An extra loop is provided to hook it directly to your harness or belt loop using a carabiner
  • Two additional pockets are provided to store small items
  • Hand washable for easy maintenance

How To Choose The Right Chalk Bag?

Choosing a chalk bag might seem simple, considering its simple design and less-complicated features. However, giving little attention to those simple yet much-required features can help you find the best chalk bag that would last long. Listed below are a few things you might consider while choosing a climbing chalk bag.

  • Material used: Good quality exterior and interior material are required to make a durable and spillage-free bag. While the exterior material should be tough and water-resistant, the interior must have some lining to hold the chalk powder in place. Typically, fleece lining is used for most chalk bags.
  • Size: When it comes to size, both the capacity and the width of the bag matter. While the capacity to choose is based on your requirement to carry chalk, the width of the bag opening must match your palm size.
  • Carrying medium: A waist belt or the extra loop to hook it to the harness should be there to carry the bag easily. Some bags feature both the options and should be preferred to those with just one option. If you are choosing one with a waist belt, make sure it fits your waist size.
  • Good quality drawstring: Since most chalk bags provide a drawstring-type closure, make sure the string pulls the bag opening tightly so that you can prevent chalk wastage. Further, the drawstring should also be easy to open and close.
  • Additional features: Although not quite essential, the add-on features like zippered pockets and brush holders should be considered based on your personal preference.

The right climbing chalk bag may not be aesthetically appealing but is functional and offers ease of use. It must also last long and become your favorite companion in all your adventures. Just keep these considerations in mind when choosing a chalk bag, and you’ll mostly end up making the right choice.

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