The Best Candid Wedding Photos Of 2015: Our Top Picks

A round-up of the best candid wedding photography that 2015 had to offer. The best of what’s natural.

1. Simplicity Itself

Often, it’s not about how tender the scene is, but how you capture it. The rose petal throwing hand on the left adds authenticity to the shot, and the photographer in the back legitimizes what is indeed a resounding moment.

2. Looking The Part

Candid wedding photography – simply capturing what’s there.

3. Through The Veil

See above.

4. A Picture Of Concentration

Even the best of us are allowed to be a bit befuddled on our wedding day.

5. Smiles Can Be Revealing

Amid all of the seriousness of the ceremony, we’re reminded of why everyone has gathered in the first place.

6. A Penny For Her Thoughts

Forced emotion isn’t a necessary ingredient in compelling photos, as this excellent shot proves.

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7. Everybody In One Frame

Yields two good wedding photos.

8. Perspective

The distance of the subjects as well as the editing in the this picture makes for a cool presentation of a busy scene.

9. Love Is In The Air

Let the celebrations begin.

10. Shaahi Bhoj

In preparation of a feast fit for a king (and queen).

11. A Time For Family

This couple’s tender (but engineered) moment for the camera was interrupted by their son who wanted to get in on the act, and the shot was transformed from the ordinary (in wedding terms) to the memorable.

12. The Bride Descends

And rounding off some of the best candid wedding photos is this beautiful photo of the bride in her full resplendent glory.