Best Candid Wedding Photographers In Kolkata

Four things that change the course of traffic in Kolkata are cricket, monsoons, processions, and weddings. During the wedding season, with weddings happening in every lane and by-lane, Kolkata becomes absolutely chaotic. And for to-be-married couples, what is more chaotic and troublesome is finding the right wedding photographers, and booking them in advance before their schedule book looks packed.

Picture This

After getting references from a hundred people, you pick one of the best photographers and sign the deal. And when time comes to see the album, you exhale a deep sigh of disappointment.

”Why has he taken pictures of people eating poppadum?”

”Why is everybody looking like wax statues in the photographs?”

Sounds familiar? You are not at all pleased with his work. All he has done is made the guests and the newly-wedded couple look like wax statues, and has shot guests gobbling down chicken tikka and rasmalai like they have never eaten before.

The Art Of Capturing Candid Moments

The growing trend of destination, royal, traditional, themed, and other kind of weddings has raised the bar of expectations. Families want pictures that capture the true essence of a wedding — celebration of happiness. And it can only be captured by candid photography. Capturing candid moments is about backstage drama and emotional highs. The essence of candid wedding photography is to make every wedding look like a Big Fat Bollywood Wedding in the album; to make the brides look like Madhuri Dixit; and the guests look like they are a part of the Monsoon Wedding style drama.

For many who lack that creative bent of mind, candid photography is not everybody’s cup of tea. The photography crew comprises of highly trained photographers who spend hours, maybe days, to think of ideas and other ways to capture your most treasured moments in perfect frames — capturing those fluttering butterflies in your tummy through those occasional shy glances, that confounding juxtaposition of your expressions during the vidaai, the escalated happiness of turning a new leaf; all abstract feelings that cannot be expressed at the moment through words, but by expressions, can all be captured in frames by candid photography.

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Candid wedding photography has become serious business in Kolkata. And we at The Bridal Box have short-listed the best candid wedding photographers from the city for you, professionals who have years of experience, and will make you sob and smile at the same time while you browse through the pictures.

1. Malvika Periwal

A quiet, and absolutely loving individual, Malvika believes that candid wedding photography is about capturing love shared between the couple and their families. Wedding is the celebration of love, and a new beginning. And there is no better way to capture those moments than candid wedding photography. She feels blessed for being given an opportunity to create memories for the couple and the families that they will cherish forever. Based out of Kolkata, Malvika has been in the business for over three years now, and works with a talented team of photographers and videographers from all over India.


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Emotions rule. Your wedding album should not look like a family reunion album with people you never met or liked. So, get arty. And go candid ! So  who’s your favorite from our list of the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata? Think we missed some? We would love to hear from you.

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2. GH Photography

Absolutely in love with one another, Gunjan and Harsh (G & H) embarked on this journey of candid photography to capture moments that once gone forever, can never be replicated or produced again. They believe that candid Indian wedding photography poses are the reminiscence of love, laughter, and nostalgia. And they ensure these emotions are treasured in the form of colourful images.


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3. Studio Sultania

Studio Sultania is a forty-three year old photo company. They specialize in candid wedding photography, and aim at delivering unique, expressive pictures that capture the best memories and moments of the two families.



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4. Saurabh Rungta Photography

Saurabh Rungta is a multi-talented, young entrepreneur who captures the aesthetic compositions of stylised photography. He specializes in destination weddings, and his expertise lies in pre-wedding, bridal, and couple photography. He believes that candid wedding photography captures memories just the way they were felt and seen. He also believes that these captured memories have optimum value only when they are printed and preserved. Hence, he always recommends printed and customized coffee-table albums or magazines to his clients.



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