17 Best Camera Bags In India In 2024

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As professional cameras’ options have increased over time for photography lovers, so have the best camera bags in India. The choices are ample, from slings to hard cases and shoulder bags to backpacks. The choice of the suitable camera bag and the space required to carry the lenses depends on the gadget and its accessories.

We bring you a range of top brands’ choices to help you select the best camera bags for your everyday use.

17 Best Camera Bags In India

1. Amazon Basics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag

Amazon Basics DSLR camera bag is spaciously designed for easy storage of your professional camera and its essential accessories while ensuring protection during regular use. It has a soft grey interior for a classy look and slot for Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad Mini, and Google Nexus.

Its internal dimensions of 10.2×3.7×6.8in is suitably designed to store one-unit DSLR and two units lenses. It includes a one-year limited warranty and offers extended use.

2. Nikon DSLR Shoulder Camera Bag

One of India’s best camera bags, the Nikon bag comes with a typically spacious design with an easy-to-carry shoulder sling. The black-colored Nikon DSLR bag has SLR spaces and carries multiple slots for other accessories.

The shoulder strap buckle and a broad sling make it comfortable to carry, reducing stress on the shoulder. It is one of the best sellers under electronics and accommodates the camera body and lens separately.

3. Smiledrive Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

The carry case for DSLR/SLR cameras is available in a backpack design for easy handling. It has separate compartments for carrying the lens and other gadget accessories during travel. It is sleek and easy-to-handle.

The product includes a 12-year-long warranty and can accommodate a tripod, flashlight, and other accessories. It is lightweight and can carry several gadgets and equipment units. The waterproof camera bag and metal zippers ensure safety in all weather conditions. It has a customizable and adjustable padded divider.

4. Fur Jaden DSLR SLR Camera Laptop Backpack

Fur Jaden unique backpack is known for its accommodative design that also doubles as a laptop bag. The 14-inch backpack can carry a tripod holder with its customizable interior. You can also adjust the backpack straps for tripod attachment. The bag weighs 500g and is compatible with a tablet.

5. Universal Lightweight DSLR Camera Lens Backpack Bag

The stylish camera bag comes well-compartmentalized to accommodate all essential accessories along with a DSLR/SLR camera. It is lightweight and unique, with adjustable padded dividers per your gear carrying requirements. It is water-resistant and is also compatible with all top gadget brand models.

6. Endurax Waterproof Camera Backpack for Women and Men

The Endurax camera backpack holds a unisex design suitable for men and women. It can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and includes a built-in DSLR shoulder photographer bag.

The bag weighs 1.3kg and is easy to carry, making it a popular option. Its grey color with hints of brown makes it a user-friendly choice.

7. Cosmus Horizon DSLR Navy Blue Camera Backpack

The compact EOS camera bag from Canon features an easy-to-carry sling design. It features a press-release hook for easy use.
It is lightweight and compact, weighing 330g, and is suitable for travel. You can accommodate a unit of several Canon camera models, such as 200d, 1500d, and 77d. It has sleek compartments for easy storage of Canon lens.

8. Canon Unisex 9413 EOS Camera Bag

The compact EOS camera bag from Canon features an easy-to-carry sling design. It features a press-release hook for easy use.
It is lightweight and compact weighing 330g and is suitable for travel. You can accommodate a unit of several Canon camera models, such as 200d, 1500d, and 77d. It has sleek compartments for easy storage of Canon lens.

9. Lowepro Format 120 II Camera Bag

The black-colored DSLR camera carry bag is sleek and classy. It is suitable to fit a mirror-less camera, compact DSLR, or camcorder with necessary accessories.

It is a modern, multi-device shoulder bag that provides convenient access to your video gear and camera. Made of weather-resistant fabric, the bag is lightweight. It has a detachable shoulder strap and handles, offering multiple carrying options and custom fit. Its secure pockets keep accessories in place.

10. Cambrick Spark DSLR Waterproof Camera Bag


The Cambrick DSLR camera backpack is designed for outdoor use and ensures heavy-duty carrying performance. Its spacious design accommodates a one-unit DSLR, six to eight lenses, and monopods. The separate pockets provide space for memory cards.

The bag can fit a 14-inch laptop in a separate sleeve. Its side pockets also provide enough storage space for essential accessories. It is made of waterproof material and has a strong waist belt to ensure improved grip and comfort.

11. VTS DSLR Camera Backpack Bag from VTS

The DSLR camera backpack from VTS is well-compartmentalized for storing the gadget and accessories. It is made up of 600D and 210D water-resistant material.

The adjustable partitions with soft lining provide safe storage space while the water-proof cover lends additional protection. Other protective features include dual flex buckles and adjustable compartments. The camera bag comes with a load capacity of two to three sets of large professional SLRs.

12. Vanguard BIIN 37 Sling Bag for DSLR Camera

The Vanguard BIIN series is more of an organizer than a camera backpack and has a classy military green and black color. It can hold several gears secured and organized. The separate upper compartment can accommodate small gear, other essentials, and a tote. You can store a water bottle in the mesh pockets, and its strap system further improves the utility.

13. Ample Italia DSLR SLR Backpack Camera Bag

The camera backpack case is a convenient fit for DSLR/SLR cameras of Canon and Nikon. It is also considered one of the best DSLR camera bags for travel for its accommodative design.

Featuring a black exterior and a red interior, it is a customizable bag with adjustable padded dividers and several mesh pockets. It also doubles as a regular backpack for carrying other essentials. An external base zipper enclosure ensures protection from the rain with its waterproof covering.

14. Badger Water Resistant Camera Backpack

Badger’s outdoor travel camera bag case supports safe storage and can accommodate DSLR and its accessories. It is lightweight and heavily padded to ensure damage-free storage during travel. The customizable camera compartment is handy to use.

The black and grey colored bag has two separate internal and external mesh pockets for storing accessories. Its adjustable shoulder strap provides support for long travel. It measures 25x14x4cm, weighs 300gm, and includes a separate back padding for convenient carrying.

15. Techlife JNL – 7513 Waterproof Camera Shoulder Bag

The grey and red colored camera shoulder bag from Techlife can accommodate DSLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. It has sleek dimensions of 255x205x290mm. The bag is made of waterproof frosted material to protect it from rain. Its adjustable shoulder straps allow easy carrying while travel. The disassembly feature enables its use as a handbag.

16. EOS Fabric Canon SLR Camera Shoulder Bag

The camera bag model 2087 from EOS features a compact design. Available in black color, it has a long sling for easy handling. The compartments allow easy accessory storage, enabling professional photography at easy reach wherever you go.

17. Priyam New Series Waterproof DSLR Backpack Camera Bag

Sleekly designed in black and ash grey with a hint of yellow, this carry case for DSLR cameras doubles up as a laptop bag. It has sufficient space for accessory storage. The high-quality water-resistant material ensures protection to the gadget and its accessories.

The bag features a metal zipper that ensures the ease of opening and accessing your gadget. Its customizable compartments make way for your gear as per your need with the divider removal feature. Its lightweight weighing 490g, and is handy for travel.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Camera Bag?

Here are some factors you should consider while buying a camera bag.

  1. Type of bag: Camera carry bags are available in various types, such as slings, shoulder supports, and backpacks. Choose a bag depending on the time and place and your photography needs.
  1. Size: Your photography requirements and setup defines the carry case size. Select the bag size based on your frequent needs.
  1. Design and utility: The utility of a camera carrying case is defined by the accessibility of stored gadgets and accessories and the spaciousness. Check the functions that a bag serves to decide on the best product.
  1. Style of use: Along with the use and function, sparing some time for classy design and detailing should help select the right product. You may have to spare a few bucks for an elegant-looking bag.
  1. Warranty benefits: The durability of a camera bag also emphasizes its quality and fabric use. If you lack a keen eye for this detailing, consider the warranty assigned to your selected product.

Look no further as your search for the best camera bags in India might end with the above list. Make an informed selection based on the essential factors to choose the suitable camera bag.

Buying the right camera bag can help keep your camera safe and carry it easily while traveling. Since camera bags can store other accessories that you need for photography, you should check for the storage space and different pockets to accommodate everything and keep your camera accessories organized for easy access. These bags are available in multiple styles, including backpacks and sling bags, so you can choose one that suits your preference. We hope our list of the best camera bags in India can help you analyze the available options and their features for your convenience.

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