50+ Creative And Best Business Ideas For Kids To Make Money

Teaching kids entrepreneurial skills can make them independent and money-smart.

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Several business ideas for kids exist, which can help them sharpen their entrepreneurship skills at a young age. Exploring your child’s business skills at a young age has several advantages. For example, it teaches them the importance of spending money wisely, hard work, financial independence, and having a good work ethic. It also makes them confident and smarter and inculcates the habit of saving, which is an essential life skill.

Read this post to learn about some intriguing business ideas for young entrepreneurs.

52 Best Business Ideas For Kids

1. YouTuber

Becoming a YouTuber can be a viable business opportunity for your child if you help them create engaging content. Create a YouTube account so they can share their ideas through videos and post them consistently.

2. Blogger

If your child is passionate about writing,  blogging can be a successful way to make money online. Help them create the website so they can share the write-ups.

3. Computer setup provider

Some children being tech-savvy, may help the elders set up new computer devices and charge for their services.

4. Practice coach

Athletic children who are trained in sports can offer practice sessions to other kids post-school hours. You can also help them begin coaching sessions if your child is skilled at a particular sport.

5. Lifeguard

Older children who have lifeguard certification can opt for this role in their communities, parties, or water parks.

6. Music tutor

Music tutor business ideas for kids
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If your child can sing or play an instrument, they can offer music lessons oto their peers or participate in events to earn money.

7. Face painter

Face painting is a fun activity recommended for children above three years. If your child is good at face painting and playing with colors, you can help them offer this service for birthdays or Halloween parties.

8. Balloon artist

Kids’ parties are incomplete without balloons. If your child knows a few tricks and can be creative with balloon decorations, they can earn handsome money by offering this service.

9. Artist

Children interested in arts and crafts can create drawings, paintings, or other designs and sell them as greeting cards, postcards, etc.

10. Copywriter

Copywriting business ideas for kids
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If your child has a flair for writing with a good command of the language,  they can offer writing or editing services to professionals. They might also assist students who need help with writing, grammar, or spoken languages.

11. Holiday baker

If your child enjoys baking cookies, cakes, etc., you can train them during the holidays and start a business during the festive season.

12. Data entry operator

Children familiar with spreadsheets and word processing programs can find a flexible part-time job in the data entry field without capital or huge startup money.

13. Gifts wrapper

Gift-wrapping services can be taken up as a small business to earn quick money. Your children can get creative in wrapping by adding beautiful-looking wraps, accessories, notes, etc.

14. Holiday decorating expert

Children with unique, eye-catching decorative ideas may cash on their skills by providing decor services during holiday seasons such as Christmas (tree decoration), Diwali (light decorations), or other festivities.

15. Elderly caretaker

Elderly caretaking business ideas for kids
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If you have a child who can be a good companion to the elderly, help with essentials, cleaning, and doctor’s visits for elders, this service can help earn some extra bucks.

16. Hot beverage stand owner

Children who want to make extra money in winters can sell hot beverages, such as coffee or tea in their communities, parks, or at social events. Additionally, stock up on some snacking options, including cookies, hot dogs, or marshmallows to aid in extra cash flow.

17. Community helper

Children willing to help needy people may tie-up with local organizations to perform daily chores and assigned tasks. Those who don’t wish to volunteer can opt for paid jobs.

18. Smartphone/Apps usage consultant

Today’s kids are well versed with smartphone usage. They can make money by guiding the elderly about the features and usage of smartphones, including the specifications and useful apps.

19. Meal planner and shopper

Older children can help to plan meals daily and shop for the items required to make that meal. This service can be useful to work professionals who find it challenging to plan menus for their families.

20. Social media influencer

Social media influencer business ideas for kids
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If your child has a good social media following and has a knack for creating engaging content across various platforms, they can consider becoming a social media influencer. They can earn by promoting brands and advertising products after attaining popularity.

21. Clothing designer

If your child is fascinated by designing costumes, you can convert their interest to a business plan. You can encourage them by giving small assignments or creating interesting costumes for special events such as weddings, festivals, Halloween, or birthdays.

22. Bicycle instructor

It is an easy earning plan for children who love cycling and have extraordinary riding skills. They can guide others to ride a bicycle. You may also advertise the same on your child’s bicycle to draw the attention of potential customers.

23. Event organizer

Some children show a great deal of enthusiasm in planning events and parties. To begin with, you may ask your child to plan small parties for the family,  so it helps them enter professional party planning and event management to make money from this business.

24. Voice-over artist

Child voice-over artists are required in films, documentaries, and television. You may consider offering voice-over services if your child has a good voice and can modulate as per the character’s requirement.

25. Chef

Chef and cooking business ideas for kids
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If your child enjoys cooking and is a pro at it, you can venture into the cooking business. Ask them to start by cooking simple meals for people (elderly, working parents are potential customers) in your neighbourhood. Eventually, you can move to full-fledged paid services.

26. Juice/ Lemonade seller

A juice or lemonade stand is a profitable yet low investment option of business for children. You can help them run it easily. Offering irresistible ice-cold fruit juices and lemonades can draw people in large numbers.

27. Jewelry designer

Children who are creative about accessories and jewellery may venture into the jewellery designing business. Begin with purchasing stuff to make jewellery and sell them to family, friends or at craft fairs and online marketplaces.

28. Personal shopper

Children who enjoy shopping can assist in shopping to someone who finds it challenging. If your child is a fashionista, they may also make money by offering wardrobe makeovers.

29. Dance teacher

If your child has dancing skills, allow them to offer dancing classes to other children who want to learn dance.

30. Kid DJ

Kid DJ business ideas for kids
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Children who love to create and mix different music can become DJs with the necessary equipment and training. Your child may start playing at parties, events, and fundraisers to make money.

31. Hair accessory designer

Children who can make pretty hair accessories (scrunchies, clips, and personalized hair bands) in fun patterns or color combinations may earn money by selling them at fairs or online.

32. Car washer

Kids can wash neighbours’ cars in their community to make money in their free time. They can go door to door, asking if anyone in the neighbourhood needs a car wash for a few bucks.

33. Freelance writer

Students who are good writers can take up freelance writing to earn some extra bucks part-time. Creative writing and story writing combined with illustrations is highly rewarded.

34. Academic tutor

If your child has a flair for teaching, they may offer teaching services to other students by helping them prepare for tests or tutoring them on general subjects at different levels.

35. Candle maker

Candle making business ideas for kids
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Making a variety of candles can be a good child business idea. Children can use their creative thinking skills to make custom candles in interesting shapes using various scents, materials, and colors.

36. Social media marketing expert

You can utilize the social media skills of your child in offering help to local businesses that require promotion.

37. Transcriber

If your child has fast typing skills, they can make money by becoming a transcriptionist. They may transcribe for medical fields or movies.

38. Photographer

Photography can be a good business opportunity for children who love taking pictures. Initially, you can help your child start a small home-based business before setting up a studio.

39. Photo editor

The photo editing business could help your child make money if they know how to use photo editing software and have special interests in editing and creating beautiful images from the existing ones.

40. Pet sitter

Pet sitting business ideas for kids
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Children who are great around pets can offer pet sitting services (clean, feed, etc.) when needed by the pet owners.

41. Comic/Fiction artist

If you find your child interested in storytelling or comics, encourage them to write. Then, start selling their write-ups among friends and family, to begin with, and eventually get them published.

42. Lawn caretaker

You can start a lawn care business if your child is interested in going around the neighbourhood and offer to mow lawns at some fee.

43. Garage sale

Older children can earn by cleaning and organizing the garages or closets of people in their community.

44. Dog walker

Some people need help to walk their dogs. Your child may grab this opportunity to get some exercise and money from this service.

45. Greeting card maker

Greeting card making business ideas for kids
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Personalized greeting cards businesses are in demand. Selling creative greetings for birthdays and other events in your circle and online platforms is a quick and easy money-making way for your child.

46. Candymaker

Who doesn’t love candies? Since homemade candies ensure both health and taste, you can help your child make candies as a home-based business.

47. Cake decorator

Children can earn well by decorating cakes for special occasions. You can equip your child with some icing, fondant, and piping tubes to begin with.

48. Knitter

Children who can sew and knit wonderful, handcrafted scarves and hats can also learn money by selling them.

49. Florist

Gardening enthusiasts can plant flowers and sell them as bouquets.

50. Errand runner

Your child can earn a few extra pounds by picking up and delivering necessary items to people nearby on time.

51. Painter

Children who enjoy painting may sell their artwork directly to customers, or paint rooms or sheds in their neighbourhood to make a quick buck.

52. Swimmer

Swimming And Business Ideas for kids
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Older children who are trained swimmers may earn by giving swimming lessons to younger children in and around their neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a child own a company?

No. Children younger than 18 years cannot possess the legal ownership of any company.

2. At what age can you start a business?

A child can start a business at any age after gathering adequate information about it and receiving proper guidance from their elders.

Starting and running a business can be hard but also rewarding. Recognizing your child’s area of interest, sharpening their skills, and putting their talent to work is the key. Spreading the word on social media may help greatly. Keep motivating and supporting your kidpreneurs’ to look beyond the traditional ways, find a market niche, and prosper in the business world.

Key Pointers

  • Being a YouTuber is currently in trend, and it may be a good business option for your child.
  • Children who enjoy arts and crafts can sell their drawings, paintings, and other designs online.
  • If your child loves pets, being a pet sitter or dog walker may be ideal for them.
  • More interesting ideas such as being a baker, florist, and clothes and jewelry designer are listed below.

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