Top 17 Boots To Buy for Boys In 2022

Stylish and comfortable boots for boys to engage in carefree play and fun.

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Despite the countless reminders you give them every day, most young children do not watch where they’re going. They might step into a puddle that dampens their feet, spoils their clothes, and leaves them with a cold. That’s why finding the best boots for boys is essential and a must-have footwear option to add to your little one’s wardrobe.

Be it rain, snow, or sun, boots are a sensible and stylish option for every season. Below, we’ve listed some of the best boots that are functional, easy to wear, and suitable for use in different types of terrains.

17 Best Boots For Boys To Buy

Best cowboy boots for boys

1. Best Durability And Wear-Resistance: Kids’ Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot

Kids Tombstone Western Cowboy Boot



  • The upper (body) of the boots are made from full-grain leather with a six-row stitch pattern.
  • The toes of the boots are designed to be wide and squarish.
  • There is a four-layer footbed for cushioning of the feet. There is also a lightweight stabilizing shank (metal piece within the arch of the foot) to provide stability.
  • The proprietary rubber outsole offers maximum durability and wear-resistance.

2. Best Faux Leather: Canyon Trails Kids Lil Cowboy Boots

Canyon Trails Kids Lil Cowboy Boots



  • These boots for boys feature a classic western style pointed toe. The design allows the boots to go with most types of attire.
  • The thick rubber outsole provides durability.
  • The upper (body) of the boots are made from high-quality faux leather.
  • The outsole is flexible, which allows for movement of the feet within the boots.
  • The footbed is adequately cushioned for the comfort of the feet.

3. Best Intricate Design Pattern: Smoky Mountain Boys’ Snake Print Cowboy Boot

Smoky Mountain Boys' Snake Print Cowboy Boot


  • The boots are delicately crafted and feature an intricate design pattern that will be loved by the child.
  • The boots are available in 25 design patterns, which may make it easy to find a design that the young man will love.
  • It is made from synthetic leather. The inside of the boots contains vinyl lining.
  • The pull-on closure allows the child to wear the boots without the need for laces.
  • The boot has a ‘western’ style heel, which is quite commonly seen in traditional cowboy shoes.

Best rain boots for boys

4. Best Lightweight And Easy-To-Clean: Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boot

Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boot



  • The oversized handles around the opening of the boot make it convenient for the child to wear these boots.
  • The boots are easy-to-clean. If dirty, wash them in mild soap and cold water and leave to dry.
  • These rain boots for boys are available in nine bright colors.
  • There is a reflective logo on the heel to make the shoe visible in low light conditions, thus aiding in safety.

5. Best For Optimum Grip And Comfort: Kamik Stomp Rain Boot

Kamik Stomp Rain Boot



  • The body of the boot is made entirely out of synthetic rubber. The outer sole is made of regular rubber.
  • The sole contains patterns for optimum grip on the ground.
  • The footbed is made of EVA material, which is soft and comfortable.
  • The inner lining is moisture-wicking. Check out this video to learn more.

6. Best Easy-To-Use Large Handles: Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot

Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot



  • The body is made from rubber while the sole is of synthetic material.
  • The large handles make it convenient for the child to guide their foot into the boot.
  • The boots are limited edition and available in a single print.
  • The sole has a pattern to provide optimum grip to the wearer.

Best Chelsea boots for boys

7. Best Zippered Design: Carter’s Kids Boy’s Cooper3 Grey Chelsea Boot

Carter's Kids Boy's Cooper3 Grey Chelsea Boot



  • The upper (body) of the boots is made from synthetic material while the sole is made from rubber.
  • A zipper on the shaft makes it convenient to wear the boot. The zip runs across the shaft to open the shoe wide.
  • The sole of the shoe has a pattern designed for optimum grip.

8. Best Memory Foam Footbed: Deer Stags Kids’ Zane Chelsea Boot

Deer Stags Kids' Zane Chelsea Boot



  • The pair of Chelsea boots are made from faux leather and feature a rubber sole.
  • The shaft has ‘goring,’ which are pieces of elastic stitched into it. It increases the elasticity of the shaft and makes it easy for the wearer to put on the shoes.
  • A heel tab makes it convenient to pull the boot on.
  • There is a soft textile lining on the inside. The footbed is made out of memory foam.

9. Best Anti-Slip: Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection Junior Banzai Chelsea Boot

Dr. Martens Kid's Collection Junior Banzai Chelsea Boot



  • A zipper on the inner side allows the shaft of the boot to open, which makes it easy for the child to put their foot into the boot.
  • The boot is made of leather and features a rubber sole.
  • The outer sole’s pattern is designed to make the boots resistant to slipping.
  • The cushioned footbed makes it comfortable to wear the boots for an extended duration.
  • The glossy finish of the boots adds style and makes the boots attractive.

Best chukka boots for boys

10. Best Rubber Sole: Deer Stags Kids’ Zeus Chukka Boot

Deer Stags Kids' Zeus Chukka Boot



  • The upper (body) of the boots is made of faux leather while the sole is made from rubber.
  • The footbed is made from memory foam for optimum comfort.
  • The outsole is designed to provide comfort and durability.
  • It is available in two color options: black and dark brown.

11. Nautica Kids Chukka Boots

Nautica Kids Chukka Boots



  • The upper of the boots is made from faux leather while the sole is made of rubber.
  • The boots have a couple of straps that lock them in place with a hook and loop. This design makes wearing the boots simple.
  • The boots are lightweight and designed to be comfortable even when used for extended hours.
  • These chukka boots for boys are available in seven color options.

Best winter boots for kids

12. Dadawen Classic Waterproof Leather Winter Boots

Dadawen Classic Waterproof Leather Winter Boots



  • The boots are available in two inner lining options of faux fur lining and textile lining.
  • The boots are made from suede leather on the outside. The faux fur inner lining version keeps the child’s feet warm.
  • These winter boots for boys offer dual closure – one with standard shoelaces and another with a hook and loop to keep the boots secure on the child’s feet.
  • The collar of the boots (opening of the boots) is elastic to provide a secure fit.
  • The midsole is flexible while the outsole is made from rubber to offer durability.

13. Exeblue Winter Boots For Kids

Exeblue Winter Boots For Kids



  • Thick lining of faux fur within the boots keeps the little one’s feet warm.
  • The rubber sole is anti-skid and wear-resistant. The sole has a ridge pattern that provides the little feet with optimum grip.
  • The capped front of the boot protects the toes from bumps.
  • The slip-on design of the boots makes it convenient for the young man to wear his winter boots.

Hiking boots for boys

14. Wetike Kids Hiking Boots

Wetike Kids Hiking Boots



  • There are deep grooves within the rubber sole of the boots to provide maximum grip while hiking.
  • A steel buckle on the heel opens and works like a claw for additional grip while hiking loose surfaces.
  • The upper of the boots is made with a mix of suede, leather, and mesh. These materials are breathable yet keep the feet warm.
  • The boots are waterproof and provide resistance against winds.
  • The boots come in 17 color choices with some options offering hook and loop closure instead of standard shoelaces.

15. Timberland MT Maddsen Hiking Boot

Timberland MT Maddsen Hiking Boot



  • The upper of the boots is made from full-grain waterproof leather and synthetic materials. It makes the boots breathable.
  • The boots feature a gusseted tongue, which is a membrane present below the upper of the boots. The membrane prevents water and debris from entering the boots.
  • The midsole is adequately cushioned and is flexible to keep the feet comfortable.
  • The rubber outsole is designed to provide optimum traction while hiking.
  • A plastic shank within the arch of the sole helps provide torsional rigidity to the boots.

Best work boots for boys

16. Deer Stags Mak2 Comfort Work Boots

Deer Stags Mak2 Comfort Work Boots



  • A padded insole keeps the feet comfortable even with extended use.
  • A gusseted tongue prevents water and dust from entering the work boots.
  • A pull tab and wide-opening laces make it easy for the boy to slip their feet into the boots.
  • Ankle padding provides a snug fit and also offers protection to the little feet.
  • The grooves on the outsole provide adequate traction.
  • The boots are made entirely out of synthetic material.
  • These work boots for boys are available in three color options depending on the chosen size.

17. Rugged Bear Boys Lace Up Work Boot

Rugged Bear Boys Lace Up Work Boot

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  • The upper and sole of the boots are made from synthetic material.
  • It is designed to provide adequate support and comfort to the child’s ankles.
  • The laces are long for a secure fit to the feet.
  • The sole is made from slip-resistant synthetic material, which provides optimum traction to the young man.
  • The boots are available in two color options of black and tan.

Types Of Boots

Boots are similar to shoes but have a long shaft that goes over the ankle. The collar or mouth of the boot rests above the ankle and acts as a cushion for it. The type of sole, upper material, and the length of the shaft vary on the type of boots you pick.

Different types of boots have different purposes. The following are some of the common types of boots that you can pick for boys:

  1. Rain boots: These boots are usually made entirely out of rubber, which is a waterproof material. There may be two handle-like straps on the top edge of the boot, which makes it easy to wear them.
  1. Winter boots: It comes with a rubber sole and a leather ‘upper’, which is the main body of the boot. These are made to provide warmth and protection from snow. Winter boots with a very long shaft (called gaiter) are called snow boots.
  1. Cowboy boots: These are often made entirely out of leather and may feature exquisite design or stitching on the shaft. These boots get their name because of their association with cowboys.
  1. Chelsea boots: The ankle-length boots are of British origin and have a close-fitting, with elastic side panels.
  1. Chukka boots: These ankle-length boots are usually made from suede leather and tend to have a thin sole.
  1. Work boots: The boots have reinforced toes and feature leather or other material that is resistant to damage.
  1. Hiking boots: These boots are similar to hiking shoes with a long shaft and are made from flexible materials that aid in hiking.

Some boots may not belong to a specific category or provide any specific benefits to the wearer. So how do you determine which pair of boots is ideal for your child? We tell you that next.

How To Choose The Right Boots?

You could keep the following checklist with you when selecting boots for boys:

  1. Purpose: How and where will the shoe be used? The answer to this question will help you decide the type of shoe you buy.
  1. Easy and comfortable: The boots are easy to put on the feet and are comfortable even for extended use.
  1. Right sole design: The ridges and patterns on the sole may change even within a category of boots. Pick a sole design that will help fulfill the requirements. For example, cowboy boots with deep ridges on the sole may provide more grip on a loose surface than cowboy boots with a minimal sole pattern.

Winter is one of the favorite seasons of many children as they get to play with snow and enjoy the bonfire. Thus, they need the best winter boots to protect their feet and keep them warm when enjoying the outdoors. These boots are designed to prevent slips and trips when walking on snow or rough terrains. Besides the looks, consider factors such as warmth, breathability, cushioning, inner lining, and grip and ensure it is waterproof and lightweight. Further, you could also pick a pair that goes well with different outfits.

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