10 Best Birthday Love Quotes For Her To Make Her Mushy

Expressing your love to her just on Valentine’s Day ain’t enough. Every day should be special. A bouquet of flowers on Tuesday. Because it is Tuesday. Dinner date on Saturday. Because nothing in this world can be more de-stressing than looking into her eyes. But wait a minute. What about her birthday? It has to be the most special day. Because you want to show her how thankful you are to God for bringing her in this world for you. We have shortlisted ten mushy birthday Love quotes for her that will make her go weak in her knees, and melt her heart in a pulp, and flush her with the colour of love.


Birthday love quotes

Perfect for those couples who have a sizzling chemistry brewing in between them. Say it like you mean it. You don’t want to flatter her. You want to compliment her. Because you love her.


Birthday love quotes 1

Awww. Exactly! That was our first reaction too! Ain’t that just the sweetest birthday wish ever? Isn’t she the light at the end of the tunnel in your life? We bet she is! And it’s time you let her know it too.


Birthday love quotes 3

She is like a breath of fresh air. She is the oxygen that you breathe (romance without melodrama is nothing. Agree?) If you two are on a holiday together, this birthday wish with breakfast in bed sounds just perfect!


Birthday love quotes 4

Show her that her presence in your life is the best thing that has ever happened to you. It will only make her birthday more memorable.


Birthday love quotes 5

If you’ve known her for a long time, and really wish to celebrate all her birthdays together, then this is the one. Pop the question on her birthday and surprise her!


Birthday love quotes 6

We’ve all felt this way at some point of time in our lives. And we always pray never to let this feeling fade away. Express it to her on her birthday, and make it the most special birthday of her life.


Birthday love quotes 7

” Long walks and romantic banter, holding hands and mushy chatter. All this and a lot more, everything for you to soar. After all it’s your special day, sit back and be pampered in every way. Happy birthday.”

Aren’t you the romantic kind? We know you are. Which is why you totally loved this quote. But don’t just say it to her. Take her on a long romantic walk. Hold hands and chat under the shimmering starlit sky. Serve her favourite breakfast in bed, tell her how young and beautiful she looks (all women like to hear this). And don’t forget to give her one thing she has been eyeing for a long time – she will surely feel pampered then.


Birthday love quotes 8

It’s amazing how differently, and beautifully, somebody can wish his love happy birthday. Your love for her has grown deeper and stronger. It has touched the sky ever since you first said the three magical words. And you know it in your heart that it will never grow less. It will shine like a rainbow in the universe. Share this birthday love quotes for her to tell her how you feel.


Birthday love quotes 9

Just beautiful! Such a poetic wish for her. Written in a unique, yet a simple style, this wish lets her look deep down inside your heart. Open your heart to her and let her know that she makes every day special in your life. And on her special day, here is one of the best birthday love quotes for her.


Birthday love quotes 10

We all want to do something special for our love on her birthday. But hey! Let’s be practical. Not everything can be done to impress the one we love. So here is a birthday birthday love quotes for her you can easily relate to. If only you could be Bruce Almighty and scribble a note in the sky for her, you would have.

But for now, let’s just keep the almighty powers on the side and tell her, she makes you want to do the craziest of things in life.