22 Stylish Backpacks To Flaunt This 2020

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It’s about time we put away those shoulder bags and totes and bring them backpacks into the picture! Backpacks are the cutest accessories, and they give out that amazing back-to-school vibe.

It doesn’t matter if your backpack is too blingy or bright or small. As long as it looks cute, you can rock it with any outfit. Backpacks are also super functional and easy to carry around while making you look casual and trendy. They are convenient and comfortable, and they make a style statement.

Plenty of fashion brands are coming out with backpacks these days. We can’t wait to share with you some of the best backpacks trending in the market at the moment. Check them out below!

1. Michael Kors Abbey Medium Black Signature Leather Roses Backpack Bag

This gorgeous black bag with red roses all over from Michael Kors is cute, classy, and, above all, it’s from a brand that never fails to impress. This bag is made from authentic leather with small pockets on either side and is the perfect combination of classy and cute. It is the best leather backpacks for women.

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2. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Gianna Backpack

Tommy Hilfiger’s Gianna backpack is a classic. The color palette of this bag makes it look simple, elegant, and neat. This bag is made from faux leather and comes with fold-snap button closure. It is perfect for mini-adventure trips and to pair with casual outfits. It gives out a youthful vibe and is high on the style and comfort quotient. 

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3. G-Favor Backpack Purse For Women

This backpack is designed for college kids. It is lightweight, quirky, and spacious. This backpack is made with waterproof PU leather, is 100% vegan, and comes in three beautiful colors – black, brown, and gray. It has two side pouches on the outside and ample space to store your stuff. 

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4. Orla Kiely Women’s Etc Giant Linear Stem Backpack Tote

This backpack from Orla Kiely is quite different from your regular backpacks. It comes with built-in tote handles. It is made from cotton canvas and leather, looks super cute, and works effortlessly with casual outfits. It is the best canvas backpacks for women.

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5. Michael Kors Jessa Small Pebbled Leather Convertible Backpack

We have only love for this super cute Michael Kors backpack. It is small and compact and looks classy as hell. This backpack comes in four different colors – black, silver, soft pink, and true green. It has exterior zips and side pockets that make it functional. Its cross-body straps make it look uber stylish.

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6. Nine West Women’s Floret Medium Backpack

Nine West’s Floret backpack comes with smooth zip closure. It is made from high-end leather and looks chic and classy. It has ample space to store your things and broad straps that make it comfortable to wear all day long. This bag comes in five amazing colors, so pick your favorite! 

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7. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Imogen Backpack

We are so impressed with Tommy Hilfiger’s Imogen Backpack. It is basic but oh-so-stylish and classy. This backpack is made from faux leather and is super lightweight yet very durable. It is perfect for casual trips or a day out with friends.

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8. XDesign Travel Laptop Backpack

This exquisite bag from Xdesign is one of a kind. It has tons of storage space, thanks to its many compartments. You can easily fit a 16-inch laptop in this bag. It is sturdy, looks neat, and comes in pleasant colors. This bag can be used for traveling or small road trips and it is the best backpacks for work. It has an in-built USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other electronic devices on the go.

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9. Fossil Camilla Leather Convertible Small Backpack

Fossil Camilla Leather Convertible Small modern Backpacks for women. It is made from leather and comes in seven stunning colors. Its zip closure is smooth and slick. This backpack will look gorgeous at brunches and on casual days out with friends. This backpack is durable and long-lasting.

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10. Nautica Armada Formation Top Handle Backpack

Nautica’s Armada Formation backpack comes with a top handle and a zip closure. It looks super youthful and quirky. This backpack is simply comfortable and trendy for college girls. It has ample space, and its fabric is strong and durable.

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11. Pincnel Anti-theft Backpack

This super stylish backpack is perfect for all purposes. It looks trendy and comes in many bold colors. It is made from soft, durable PU leather with two pockets on either side. Its large storage space makes it easy to store your items. Its straps are broad, making it comfortable to carry around all day long. The back zipper design of this backpack lends it an anti-theft function to protect all your belongings. It is the best women’s backpack for everyday use.

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12. Knomo Luggage Beauchamp Business Backpack

This backpack from Knomo is compact, neat, and sturdy. It is made from nylon and has a smooth inner fabric lining. It comes with zip closure, is super lightweight, and stores all your essentials. This Knomo backpack comes in four colors – black, fig, dark navy, and pine.

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13. Cheruty Anti-theft Fashion Backpack

We are in love with this lightweight backpack by Cheruty. It is cute, stylish, and super handy. This bag is made from high-quality nylon and is also waterproof and extremely durable. It is perfect to wear to school and for running errands. There is plenty of space to store your stuff, along with pockets on its side. This functional backpack also has a back zipper anti-theft design.

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14. KJARAKÄR Backpack

If you are looking for a bag that is both stylish and functional, this is it. Not only does it look super trendy, but it is also spacious and easy to carry around. Its fabric is soft yet sturdy and extremely durable. It comes in five amazing colors that won’t fail to impress you.

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15. KROSER Laptop Backpack

KROSER’s Laptop Backpack can be used for not just laptops but other purposes as well. It is sleek, and it’s got great style and space. Its fabric is of high and durable quality, making it all the more amazing.

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16. Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Women’s Backpack

Kenneth Cole’s backpacks are simple yet so neat and elegant. They come with multiple zips and side pockets for extra storage. The fabric of the Chelsea bag is high-quality nylon, making it as durable as ever. This bag comes in four great colors. It is perfect for college and weekend getaways.

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17. Himawari Laptop Backpack

This backpack from Himawari is designed for business trips. It is spacious and looks classy and super stylish. It is an all-purpose fashion/business travel backpack for woman with two side pockets. This is the best backpack for woman as it has a built-in USB port to charge your electronic devices when you are on the go.

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18. TUMI Voyageur Carson Laptop Backpack

This waterproof backpack from TUMI is super cool. It is lightweight, and it comes with broad shoulder straps that are super comfortable. This backpack comes in plenty of amazing colors. It is made of high-quality nylon that is long-lasting and extremely durable.

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19. Calvin Klein Belfast Nylon Key Item Backpack

The Calvin Klein Belfast backpack is small and cute.  It can be paired with casual outfits for brunches and breakfast parties. It has a smooth zip closure and is made of high-quality fabric that is durable. It is the best women’s backpack for work.

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20. Tommy Hilfiger Julia Backpack

Tommy Hilfiger’s Julia backpack is super chic, stylish, and classy. Though it is compact, it makes a big style statement with its powder blue color. This backpack comes with a zip closure and synthetic lining. It is perfect for luxury vacations.

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21. UTO Women’s Backpack

This high-quality leather fashionable backpack for women from UTO is amazing for impromptu travel plans. It looks adventurous and is sturdy and spacious. This backpack comes in multiple colors, and all of them look amazing.

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22. The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

This backpack is perfect for college girls and travel junkies. It looks trendy, has ample storage space, and its fabric is super soft, cushiony, and durable. It has two large compartments for books, laptops, and other necessities. This North Face backpack is affordable and available in multiple colors.

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These are some of the best-selling backpacks for women. Backpacks are not just a necessity – they also make a bold fashion statement. They are also super easy to style and carry around. Which of these backpacks did you like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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