11 Best Baby Car Seats In India In 2024

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Do you hold your baby in your arms while traveling in your car? If yes, it would be good to invest in some quality car seats, as holding them in your arms may not be the safest way. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), usage of car seats reduces the risk of injury by 71–82% in children

A baby car seat is a specially designed seat with harness straps that can fit your baby snugly. These car seats are saviors when you have to travel alone or long distances with your baby. The usage of car seats is widespread in western countries but is still at a nascent stage in India. If you wish to try a car seat, then here is a list of some of the best car seats in India.

Safety Measures To Follow When Using A Baby Car Seat

Before going through the list, let us first have a look at some of the car seat safety tips (2).

  • Always place your baby in a rear-facing position in the car seat, and put the baby seat at the back of your car.
  • The shoulder straps should go at or below your child’s shoulder level. Make sure you adjust the straps as your child grows.
  • After fastening the harness, the straps should lie flat without sagging or twisting.
  • The top of the chest clip should come at the armpit level.
  • Follow the instructions, and install the car seat properly.
  • Do not place a blanket underneath or behind your baby’s head or body while they are seated in the car seat.
  • It is time to change to the next level car seat when your baby’s head nears the top of the seat.

11 Best Baby Car Seats In India

1. Luvlap Store 4-in-1 Baby Car Seat

Babies outgrow things pretty quickly, so buying multipurpose things can save you space and money. Here is a 4-in-1 car seat that can be used as a car seat, carrycot, rocker, and feeding chair. This car seat is designed for babies aged zero to 15 months and can carry up to 13kg of weight. It is available in five different colors.

Many safety features make this one of the best baby car seats in India, and the product is also said to meet the European Safety Standards.


  • Headrest and harness can be adjusted to three positions
  • Head and side-impact support
  • Five-point safety harness secures the baby from the shoulders, waist, and crotch
  • One lever to adjust height and harness
  • Extra padding and soft cushion
  • Adjustable sunlight-protection canopy
  • Removable and washable car seat

2. R for Rabbit Picaboo 4-in-1 Car Seat

This is another versatile car seat that can be used as a carry cot, rocker, and feeding chair. It comes with a lightweight design to carry around with ease, and the deep, soft padded side wings keep your baby safe and give them a comfortable ride. This car seat is designed to suit infants aged between zero and 15 months and can carry up to 13 kg of weight.

This infant car seat is ECE R44/04 certified and can be considered safe for babies. The car seat cover is removable and washable, so you need not panic if your little one drops or spills food. You can choose from four color options.


  • Handle can be adjusted to four different positions
  • Removable hood
  • Three-point harness
  • Integrated canopy to protect the baby from sunlight
  • Adjustable safety belt
  • Comfortable headrest

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3. R for Rabbit Jack and Jill Grand Innovative ECE R44/04

If you are looking for a car seat that will suit your child even after they grow up, go for this convertible baby car seat from R for Rabbit. The Jack and Jill Grand Innovative car seat grows with your child and can be set up to accommodate your growing child.

Group 0 – Infant car seat: It can be used as a car seat in a rear-facing position for infants aged zero to two years. It can hold up to 10kg of weight.

Group 1 – Toddler car seat: The car seat can accommodate toddlers aged two to five years and carry weight of 10-18kg in the front-facing position.

Group 2 – Child car seat: This car seat can be used in the front-facing position for children aged four to seven years. It supports weight from 18 to 25kg.


  • Easy-to-install mechanism
  • Padded side wings for safety and comfort
  • Three inclined positions
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Machine-washable seat cushion
  • Padded safety harness near the shoulders

4. Trumom Baby Convertible Car Seat

Suitable for children aged zero to seven years, this convertible car seat comes with a side impact protection to keep your baby safe during the ride. You can install this seat in a rear-facing position for babies and forward-facing position for toddlers and younger children. The soft-padded side wings give comfort and protect your child’s head, neck, and spine.

If you are looking for a car seat that grows with your child, then go for this Trumom car seat. This seat comes with sturdy construction and washable parts, so it could be a good one-time investment.


  • Three recline positions from 110° to 145°
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Compatible with all car seat types
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Machine-washable seat cover
  • Extra-padded seat for a comfortable ride

5. Luvlap Sports Convertible Car Seat

Certified as per European Safety Standards, this car seat is designed to give your little one a safe and comfortable ride. It is suitable for newborns and kids up to two years and can hold up to 13kg. The seat can be installed both in rear-facing and forward-facing positions, depending on your child’s weight.

This car seat comes in a stylish design and four different colors. If you like to travel often, this could be one of the best baby car seats in India with many safety features.


  • Five-point harness that secures your child from the shoulders, waist, and crotch
  • Adjustable headrest and harness in three different positions
  • Soft padding for the harness, head, and seat for comfort and safety
  • Side-impact protection
  • Armrests for added comfort
  • Adjustable height with a single lever
  • Cushiony seat

6. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat

This baby car seat can be used in three ways and comes in ten different colors. It can be used as a car seat, carry cot, and rocker. Be it a visit to the mall or a trip to the grocery store, you can secure your baby in the seat and carry them around with ease.

This car seat is designed such that it can be locked in the car using the seat belt. It is also lightweight and easy to carry and store.


  • Foldable and easy-to-grip handle
  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Three-point safety belt
  • Ergonomic seat design for maximum comfort
  • Padded neck and head support
  • Double-cushioned seat
  • Removable and washable seat cover
  • Four handle positions for convenient handling

7. Little Pumpkin-Kiddie Kingdom Infant Car Seat

Using the Little Pumpkin car seat, you can safely take your baby on long trips and carry them without straining your arms. This car seat can also come in handy as a carry cot, feeding chair, or rocker.

It comes in an ultra-lightweight design and is flexible enough to use in different directions, making it one of the best car seats in India. It is suitable for children aged zero to 15 months and can hold up to 13kg. It is available in black grey and brown beige.


  • Three-point harness
  • Padded belts near the shoulders for added comfort
  • Handle is adjustable up to four positions
  • Foldable built-in canopy
  • Plush and cushioned seat
  • Removable and washable cover

8. Sunbaby Car Seat Bubble

This car seat cum carry cot can come in handy while traveling with your baby. It also has a rocking function, so you can rock your baby to sleep. The car seat meets the ECE R44 & R04 safety standards and should be placed in the rear-facing position for infants.

The Sunbaby car seat is made of durable materials and has quite a few safety features to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The body of this car seat has a double-knitted soft fabric to give the baby extra comfort.


  • Three-point safety harness
  • Padded head and sideways support
  • Foldable built-in canopy
  • Ergonomic and sturdy handle

9. Chicco Cosmos Baby Car Seat

The Chicco Cosmos baby seat can be used in two versions.

Group 0+: This version is suitable for babies aged zero to three years and can carry weight up to 13kg. The car seat has to be installed in a rear-facing position with the airbags.

Group 1: This version is suitable for children aged up to four years and can hold a weight of up to 18kg. The seat has to be installed in a forward-facing position.

This car seat meets the European safety standards and is designed to provide superior comfort for your baby to relax or fall asleep during car rides.


  • Comes with an easy-to-install, color-coded belt guide
  • Four-position recline for superior comfort
  • Plush upholstery and a wide seat for maximum comfort
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Padding on the sides

10. Infanto Baby Car Seat

If you are looking for a sturdy and stylish car seat for your little one, try this simple and attractive car seat from Infanto. This car seat is suitable for children aged six to 36 months and comes in an attractive red.

The car seat comes with a basic design and can be a good choice if you are looking for a car seat in your budget.


  • Can fit in the front or rear seats of most cars
  • Two-point harness
  • Adjustable seat belts
  • Adjustable seat positions
  • Front rail guard for safety
  • Padded seat for added comfort

11. Sunbaby Booster Car Seat

If you have young children aged seven to eight years, you can use a booster seat to make sure they are seated securely in the car. This booster seat is made of plush upholstery with a fabric covering, to give your child maximum comfort. It has to be installed in a forward-facing position and is suitable for children aged three to 11 years.


  • Belt guide for easy installation
  • Removable and breathable fabric covering for easy cleaning
  • Rounded design for superior comfort
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Padded armrests
  • Meets the European safety standards
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Baby Car Seat?

It is important to choose the right car seat to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable during car rides. Here are a few points to consider while buying a car seat.

  • Type: There are various types of car seats, such as an infant car seat suitable for babies aged zero to 15 months, a convertible car seat for babies aged zero to five years, and finally, a booster seat suitable for children aged seven years and above. Some models are convertible and grow with your child.So, choose a car seat that is suitable for your needs.
  • Car seat compatibility: Make sure your car seat is compatible with your car; otherwise, your investment will be of no use. Before purchasing a car seat, read the features carefully to determine if the car seat is suitable for your vehicle.
  • Easy installation: Some car seats come with belts that have markings for easy installation. Such car seats offer less hassle and are easy to install.
  • Multipurpose: If you want a car seat that can also be used as a rocker, carry cot, and feeding chair, then choose a model that has all these features. Even though these car seats are expensive, they come in handy while traveling as one chair can serve different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it alright if I let my baby sleep in the car seat?

If the car seat is designed for sleeping, and if your baby is healthy and accepting of the car seat, you can allow your baby to sleep in the car seat while traveling. However, if your baby is a newborn, do not let them sleep in the car seat for more than two hours. Sleeping in the car seat for too long might increase the risk of developing blind spots or flattening of the head at the back (3), or cause difficulty in breathing, as your baby might fall asleep plopping their head forward.

2. How long can my baby use an infant car seat?

You can use the infant car seat from birth until two years of age.

When traveling with a baby, safety should be your top priority. The best baby car seats are ergonomically designed to keep your little one safe and reduce the chances of getting injured. They come with features such as a headrest, harness, removable hood, and recline positions. When choosing one, you must consider the main factors to find the best suitable option, factor in your baby’s age, and ensure that the seat is compatible with your car and is easy to install.


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