Best Asha Savla Bridal Mehndi Designs – Our Top 10 Picks For 2019

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The name Asha Savla is quite popular in the world of Mehendi designs. Her books have inspired many mehendi artists and her academy teaches many prospective mehendi artists. Her designs are a mix of traditional mehendi art work along with modern touch.

The range of designs includes anything from full hand designs for brides to simple designs to party mehendi designs for mehendi lovers. Here we are presenting our top 10 Asha Savla bridal mehndi designs. Do try them out!

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The Best Of Asha Savla Mehndi Designs

Design 1:

half hand mehndi design for hands

1. This is a half hand design and it stretches from the elbow till the finger tip. The motifs drawn here are traditional. However, this is an elaborate design and the only area kept bare is a small part on the palm. The paisley and floral motifs are the main features of the design. This art work is a beautiful hybrid of old and new techniques.

Design 2:

covered with mehendi designs

2. The design that is shown here is not mirrored or symmetrical. As you can see, one hand is fully filled with mehendi design and the other is partly covered with mehendi. The main motif remains the paisley and floral designs. The finger tips are covered with floral and leaf patterns.

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Design 3:

starts mehendi designs

3. This design starts from your wrist and extends till the fingertips. The palm is covered in mehendi but a small part is left untouched to give it a modern look. The floral paisley design is common motif here as well. The details are dealt with extreme precision.

Design 4:

full hand mehendi designs

4. This one is a half hand mehendi and will suit a bride’s hand perfectly. The intricate details and motifs look traditional whereas the bare finger tips give it a modern look. The paisley and floral designs are present along with many small geometric and traditional motifs.

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Design 5:

peacock and leaf patterns mehendi designs

5. This design is inspired by the peacock and leaf patterns mehendi. The peacock and leaf pattern mehendi designs are quite popular among Indians. The fingers are filled with geometric patterns and floral motifs. The tips are decorated with leaf pattern.

Design 6:

asymmetrical mehendi designs

6. This also is an asymmetrical design, which means both hands don’t have the same design. One hand shows a paisley and floral design while the other has a peacock inspired paisley and floral design. The finger tips are filled with simple and intricate designs.

Design 7:

brides hands mehendi designs

7. This design perfectly suits the bride’s hands. The design has a good amount of spacing which gives it a modern feel. The floral motifs used in the palm and the fingers look perfect and the small details in the palm make the design more beautiful.

Design 8:

shading technique mehendi designs

8. This design uses a shading technique to highlight the leaf pattern on the palm. Peacock patterns and paisley designs are the highlights of this mehendi. The use of different sizes and shapes make this a modern mehendi with the ability to become a bride’s mehendi as well.

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Design 9:

feet mehendi designs

9. This one is a feet mehendi design. It looks chic and simple when applied on the feet. The design is based on peacock feathers and leaf patterns. This design is a fun way to make your feet look beautiful. While this is fine for regular occasions, it may not be the best choice for the bride.

Design 10:

asha savla bridal mehndi designs

10. Shading, traditional motifs make this mehendi design stand out. The design uses small and intricate stripes and motifs to fill in larger motifs of paisley and other traditional motifs. The fingers are filled with small patterns. The palm is decorated with elaborate designs.

So these were our top ten mehendi designs for 2019 by Asha Savla.

Do share with us your favourites or point the ones you liked. Do try them out this Diwali!

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