14 Best Aerobics Classes In Kolkata

Visit and enroll yourself in these top centers to get a fit and healthy body.

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Do you want a fit body without starving? Then consider enrolling in one of these aerobics classes in Kolkata. This fun-filled workout routine is a great way to get a better body shape without lifting heavy weights. So now forget about all those diet foods and enjoy aerobics. Aerobics will keep you away from several health problems.

While everyone knows the importance of staying fit and healthy, finding enough spare time to hit gym or adhere to rigorous workout regime remains out of bounds for the majority. Aerobic exercise has enabled people trapped in hectic schedule and work pressure to find a fun way to shed excess flab and develop a healthy physique.

Reasons Why Aerobic Classes In Kolkata Are A Hit:

It is not without reasons that more and more women and men from various age groups are opting for aerobic exercise classes in Kolkata.

Aerobics proves to be much more interesting than doing typical exercises and this is why it has caught the fancy of the young generation as well as working professionals who seek stress busting through exercise.

With time, variations on aerobics like Aqua aerobics have sprung up and this has attracted a lot of people. The popularity of Zumba aerobics in Kolkata is also growing rapidly.

There are quite a few health and fitness institutes in Kolkata that offer aerobic classes nowadays. Most of these entities have flourished in the last decade and a few also offer tie up programs with popular online shopping sites like Groupon and Snapdeal.

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Below listed are some of the top health and fitness centres in Kolkata that offer Aerobic classes:

Where To Find Aerobics Classes In Kolkata?

Here are 10 best Aerobic classes in Kolkata where you will learn about the different aerobic styles.

1. Flash Fitness:

Flash fitness is located on Camac Street of Kolkata. Enjoy your fitness regime in this 1000sq. ft. studio where men, women and kids can learn aerobics from experts and internationally certified instructors.

2. Gaurav Goswami:

Gaurav Goswami conducts aerobics classes along with karate, boxing and kickboxing classes in Hooghly, Kolkata. A former national Taekwondo champion, he is an Arts Graduate from Kolkata University and has been teaching since 15 years. He conducts regular classes, gives home tuitions of these courses and conducts online classes also.

3. Anurag’s Dance Centre:

Anurag’s Dance Center is an extracurricular class located at Kali Krishna Tagore Street, Kolkata. Other branches of this center are at Kankurgachi and Burrabazar area. Regular classes and also home tuitions are conducted by this dance center. Other activities include singing, Maths, Instrumental and Taekwondo etc.

4. Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited:

Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited, referred mostly as Talwalkars is one of the top destinations in Kolkata to learn Aerobic exercises. There is a center in Salt Lake and few other places in Kolkata that offer Aerobic exercise classes along with Yoga, Weight Training and Cardio training courses. They offer state of the art setups as well as Dieticians and Trainers.

Talwalkars is renowned fitness centre in India with more than 100 branches in India. They conduct regular classes of aerobics, gymnastics, kickboxing at the institute. Talwalkars is well known for their expert team of instructors, personalized attention and experience. The center is located at Ballygunge, Kolkata.

5. Arijit’s Workout:

Arijit’s Workout conducts excellent aerobic classes along with other fitness classes including classes for yoga, weight loss, Pilates and personality development. Located at Chowringhee Road, Kolkata this class helps in inch loss without using any medication or gel.

Arijit’s workout, located at Chowringhee Road focuses on the top and the latest forms of weight loss and fitness exercise training. There are aerobic classes along with power yoga, free hand exercise and weight management sessions for people living hectic life.

6. S & S Institute:

S & S Institute is one such center in Kolkata where you can learn best aerobic styles accompanied with other hobby classes like spoken English, dance and personality development. Join this institute and learn from the best trainers of India.

7. Add Life:

Add Life is situated in the heart of Kolkata at 22 Camac Street. It offers first rate amenities to the pupils. It has a gym, best studio and special instructors for teaching aerobics and body training. You can learn at the institute or via online.

8. Mani C:

Mani C. is a dance choreographer by profession and conducts aerobics classes at Salt Lake, Kolkata along with western, yoga, and yoga meditation classes. She is an engineer by career, but has a passion for dance and aerobics. She takes regular classes and home tuitions also.

9. Chaitali G:

Chaitali G from Hridaypur, Kolkata, is an arts graduate and has got 5 years of experience in teaching aerobics. She has a fitness center in her home where she teaches aerobics to her students and assured workout techniques. She is an expert trainer and uses effective ways to teach all her pupils. She uses natural techniques for weight loss training without taking help of the machines.

10. Gold’s Gym:

Gold’s Gym is situated on a Jawaharlal Nehru road in Kolkata. It was started in the year 1965, at Venice, California and since then it has become the center for developing and teaching modern fitness techniques. It was also shown in the motion picture “Pumping Iron” in 1975. It got worldwide attention due to this movie. In this institute aerobics, Gymnastic and Kickboxing classes are conducted by expert trainers.

At this modern fitness center located at Kolkata’s JL Nehru Road, you get to learn a variation on aerobics exercise, called aerobics with kickboxing. This is beneficial for quick weight loss. This full power workout aids candidates burn more calories compared to traditional aerobic workout. It was set up in 2006 and since then has grown from strength to strength.

11. Active Aerobics:

It has 5 branches in Kolkata and the institute offers daily classes for men and women who want to lose weight and attain a fit body. This Government-registered aerobic center offers aerobic classes at reasonable price points. The wide range of aerobic classes includes Weight Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics and Cardio Aerobics.

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12. First Step Dance Academy:

This is a dance company that also offers dance aerobic classes along with various dance programs. The Elliot Lane based institute offers dance aerobic classes for fat reduction.

13. Rush Fitness:

This agency has 3 centres in Kolkata- in Elgin Road, Rashbehari and Salt Lake. It offers a variety of fitness programs that include aerobics. The programs are tailor made to suit the needs of people with varying needs and background including students and corporate executives. With its centrally air conditioned centres and facilities like steam room, nutrition counselling the center has succeeded in developing a large clientele.

14. Mantra Lifestyle Health Club:

This versatile fitness center started its journey a decade back in Kolkata and have 4 branches in the city- located at places like Tobin Road, Sinthee more, Barrackpore and Chiriamore. It offers fitness programs of various types of suit needs of men and women with varying levels of fitness and requirements. It offers various packages like Aerobics, yoga and spa services.

Aerobics is a fun way to stay in shape and healthy. As mentioned above, there are many different types of aerobics you can try out. Aerobic exercises keep you fit without going on a crazy diet. It can also be an easier alternative to heading to the gym! Let’s not forget that you do not need any equipment to try these aerobic exercises. In a busy world, where we are all so preoccupied with work and family life, it is important to care for yourself. Learning aerobics exercises is just a fun way to beat stress and stay in shape, and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. So, scroll up and check out these aerobics classes in Kolkata if you live in the city of joy!

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