Bengali Wedding Photography - All You Need To Know

Bengalis are known all over India to be a creative, passionate and an intellectual set of people. And a Bengali wedding would definitely reflect this! Full of timeless customs that are loaded with significance and meaning, a Bengali wedding is truly like no other. Whether it is the Dodhi Mangal ceremony, the Shakha Paula or the Basar Ghar ceremony where you step into your new household, these are all moments that will happen just once in your lifetime. In the hands of the right lensman, these ceremonies and rituals would make for outstanding examples of Bengali wedding photography – an artistic dream that you’ll never be tired of seeing again and again!

Bengali Wedding Photography

Image : Rig Photography

While it generally goes without saying, we must reiterate anyway that when it comes to Bengali wedding photography, you’re best off looking for a photographer who understands the customs involved in your beautifully Bengali wedding, as this would help them to truly capture the significance of each moment.

Whatever style of photography you will end up choosing, bear in mind that your photographer should be someone you are very comfortable with. Having a rude or inconsiderate photographer for your wedding would not only ruin some great snaps, but also your wedding day!

First, here are some steps that will help you find the perfect photographer for the perfect Bengali wedding photography:

1. Going Through Their Portfolio

Bengali Wedding Photography - Going Through Their Portfolio

Image : Photographians Photography

Once you have short-listed the photographers whom you like, the most important thing you can do is to really go through their portfolio and see whether you like their style. These are the kind of pictures you are likely to end up with. If you do not really like their distinct style, walk out immediately. Make sure you ask them questions and concerns you may have about your wedding day photography. How many members will be there in the team that come to photograph your wedding? How many shots will they provide of each ceremony? Is there any part that you would not like to be covered on your big day?

2. Communicate clearly

Bengali Wedding Photography - Communicate clearly

Image :Rig Photography

You should communicate clearly what you are looking for from your pictures. Is there any specific idea you have in mind? Unless you communicate, your photographer will not be able to understand what you have in for your Bengali wedding photography shots. If he/she has put up with your questions patiently, it probably means that this might work out. This is exactly the kind of person you would want on your special day to freeze those moments that you have so deeply cherished.

3. Ask A Friend To Help

Bengali Wedding Photography - Ask A Friend To Help

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Even if you are going for a professional photographer to cover your big day, it makes sense to also ask a friend to help you out. Most of us have at least one friend who is quite the shutterbug. They might just come up with some fabulous shots. After all, they may not have that professional experience, but they will know you and your story better than any professional ever could.

Now that you have a rough idea about what to look for when you meet with prospective photographers, you will also need to consider what style of photography would be best suited for your big day. If you are tired of the conventional wedding photography, do not worry. There are other options that you will not be able to say no to.

4. Candid Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography - Candid Photography

Image : Manas Saran Photography

This is a new trend that is fast catching up in the Indian markets, and of course, in Bengali wedding photography as well.. Here, the photographer is a fly on the wall, silently capturing all those special moments that make your wedding unique.

The main thrust of candid photography is to capture the emotions that run high on any wedding day. Whether it is the groom’s longing look at his bride, or the raucous laughter that you share with your friends, a candid photographer’s role is to tell it like it is.

Bengali Wedding Photography - Bengali bride

Image : Rig Photography

Now you may be worried that these photographers would charge a bomb which might be out of your budget. But you should know that there are candid photographers who would suit every budget, and not all charge over a lakh per day! It’s all about finding the right photographer.

5. Contemporary Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography - Contemporary

Image : Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography

Contrary to popular thought, contemporary wedding photography is not quite the same as candid photography. Contemporary wedding photography aims to capture and tell the story of your love in an innovative way. Yes, there will be some candid shots thrown in, but this is not the main part.

Contemporary photography is all about capturing the mood and theme of your wedding to give you some truly spectacular snaps that you would love to see even twenty years down the line.

So, go out there and find the photographer whose work resonates best with you. Once your special day has passed, these photographs will be all that you have to remind you of the most special day of your life.