7 Bengali Wedding Decoration Essentials

In India, the vibrancy of our rituals and customs is just beyond compare. The way we put our hearts into arranging for the marriage celebrations, be it of any state, just makes our rituals stand apart. When it comes to Bengali wedding decoration, the case is no different. It is such a delightful sight to enjoy the grandeur yet simplicity of a Bengali wedding. The wedding décor, rituals and the delightful wedding attire make it a sight to behold. Here are a few highlights of the Bengali wedding decorations that you just cannot miss in a typical Bengali wedding affair.

Bengali Wedding Decoration Essentials

Ashirbaad And Dala Bengali Wedding Decoration

Ashirbaad And Dala Bengali Wedding Decoration

Once the families have made sure that the the boy and the girl do not have a matching lineage, they approve of the marriage and give blessings to the would-be-bride with their blessings and gifts. The elders of the family present the bride with well decorated kasha plates with saris and ornaments as a token of their love and affection for the girl and a gesture that they are willing to welcome her in the family. The dala or plates are decorated nicely with colourful patterns and contains rice granules and grass, as a sign of purity and piousness along with the flaming diya, and the tika for the aashirbaad as everybody blesses the bride.

Aai Buro Bhaat Bengali Wedding Decoration

Aai Buro Bhaat Bengali Wedding Decoration

This ritual signifies the last night of the would-be-bride at her parental home as a maiden and she enjoys a hearty meal especially made for her, including the best of the delicacies. The elders and the close friends are around to keep her company and give a cheerful bachelorette party with some awesome food and celebrations. The food platter is beautifully decorated with pretty bowls containing all the savoury and sweet items that are most preferred by the beautiful would-be bride.

Gaye Holud Dala Bengali Wedding Decoration

For the gaye holud dala decoration, a beautiful basket is selected, preferably in jute. But now alternate materials are also used. The basket consists of all the items that the bride and the groom will need such as new clothes, accessories, cosmetic items and some delicacies with sweets too and they are parcelled to the the respective parties by each other along with the bowl of auspicious haldi and oil for the gaye holud ritual to take place.

Potto Bostro Arrangement And Chandnatola

Potto Bostro Arrangement And Chandnatola

Once the groom arrives with his family and relatives on the mandap, he is welcomed with a tika and boron by the elder members of the bride’s family. Then he is offered the well decorated potto bostro that consists of the clothes the groom is supposed to wear for marriage, accessories and jewellery. The tatto along with joda ilish decorated as bride and groom are also presented by the family of the bride. The garland exchange ritual takes place under the chadnatola, which is a silk cloth that is spread over the heads of the couple for the ritual to take place.

Piri Bengali Wedding Decoration For Shubo Drishti

Piri Bengali Wedding Decoration For Shubo Drishti

For the shubho drishti and saat paank, the piri is decorated by the family of the bride with awesome alpana designs and patterns in white chalk or rice powder. This piri is then used to carry the bride around the groom for seven times, in circles, which is done by the brothers and relatives of the bride, before the shubo drishti. A pair of betel leaves are used by the bride to hide her face till the ritual is done after which she removes them to see her groom eye to eye for the first time during the marriage celebrations.

Bou Boron

Bou Boron Bengali Wedding Decoration

Once the rituals of sindoor daan and bidaai are over, the bride is ushered into her new family through another set of auspicious rituals. A copper plate is arranged with a wide surface area that contains milk and red lac on which the bride has to put her feet first as she enters through the main door of the groom’s family. A white silk cloth is kept along with it on which the footprints of the bride are taken and this is considered very auspicious too.

Phool Sojja Bengali Wedding Decoration

Phool Sojja Bengali Wedding Decoration

For the preparation of the first night of the bride and groom as a married couple together, the bedroom is well decorated with subtle lights, scented candles and flowers, especially the bed which gives the room a new appeal altogether.

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