Bengali Saree Draping: 12 Steps To Drape Your Saree Perfectly

When it comes to draping sarees, we Indians have a wide variety of draping styles to offer to the world. Apart from the conventional saree draping style, we have the Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Bengali saree draping styles which are pretty popular.

Here is an easy step by step Bengali saree draping tutorial!

We’ll show you how to drape a saree in a Bengali way, along with some tips on Bengali bridal attire that can come to your aid for sure.

First, here a video tutorial on Bengali saree draping. Take a look at it.  You can read the step by step instructions on how to tie the saree given below.

Step 1: Start by tucking the saree along your waist and turn around to cover your body one full circle before you tuck it in again, just below the navel. You need to wear a petticoat as it is a must to keep the saree in place when you are tucking it or moving around. This is the basic step for Bengali saree draping, and a part of the Bengali bridal look in general.

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Step 2: After that, you make a broad pleat with the help of both your hands, making folds placed on the right. Do make sure that the pleat falls at the end of your right leg. Preferably a box pleat done with care can enhance the look of the drape further.

Step 3: While tucking the box pleat below the navel, you will have to make sure that the bottom of the pleat is made in a way that it levels with the ground before you tuck it inside. When you’re doing a Bengali saree draping style, this is important.

Bengali Saree Draping - Pleating

Step 4: Holding the box pleat of the saree with both the hands, you will have to flatten and stiffen the front of your saree to get a neat and clean finish to it.

Step 5: Once the formation of the box pleat is done and it is tucked in, you can remove any additional crinkles or wrinkles in the saree and achieve a smooth finish before moving on to the next step of the Bengali saree draping ‘how to’ guide.

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Step 6: For the sixth step, you will have to hold the pallu around both the ends of the saree and pleat it again in a slender way. After that, you can use cloth pins to keep the pallu in place and put it right over your left shoulder in a gentle manner so that the pleats are not disturbed in any way. Tip: Incase of a wedding, make sure you finish you finish your makeup beforehand.

Bengali Saree Draping - The Perfect Pallu

Step 7: After pleating the pallu, set the front part of it straight aligned to your body and make sure it also touches the ground. To prevent a pesky fall, it is preferable that you keep it few inches above the ground or wear heels.

Step 8: The pleats of the front and the pallu should align in a straight line parallel to each other so that you can adjust the plating of the pallu of the bosom area without forming any wrinkles in a coordinated manner.

Step 9: Take off the cloth pins now from the pallu that has been already placed on the left shoulder. Stretch the right border of the pallu to your chest and tuck the end of the pallu at the right side of your hip in a neat way.

Step 10: Now you will have to undo the clips of your pallu and bring the back end of the same stretching towards the right end corner of the pallu. Tie down an ornate and a bit heavy key ring with hanging keys to the end of the pallu and bring it in the front.

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Step 11: Take the corner of the pallu that you just brought forward to the right side of your body and gently flip it over your right shoulder. The ornate key ring is not just for decoration purposes. It has a great functionality too. The heavy key-chain keeps the corner end of the pallu placed at the right shoulder in place and prevents it from dropping down now and then, when you get busy with your work.

Step 12: Adjust the front pleats of the saree in neat pleats and pin it in places wherever you need the requirement. The finished look is going to be just exceptional. Take a look at it!

Bengali Saree Draping - Dual Drape

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