Bengali Mehndi Designs: Top 5 Bridal Mehndi Designs Of 2016

Bengali mehndi designs, Bengal is famous for its culture, artistry, creativity and literature. Artisans from Bengal are popular for their creative work in art and painting all over the globe. Bengali women have adorned their hands and feet with ‘Alta,’ the traditional red dye (for Bengali mehndi designs) that is considered very auspicious in Bengal. It is believed that Goddess Durga adorned her hands with her own blood, when a lady taunted her for not being womanly and bride-like on the day of her nuptial with Lord Shiva. So Bengali women consider alta as holy blood of Goddess Durga and have followed the tradition of alta design from ages. We have listed 5 spectacular Bengali mehndi designs with alta for all the women out there. Take a look!

1. Modern Alta: Bengali Mehndi Designs

Modern Bengali Mehndi Designs

Alta designing was originally practised in Bangladesh. The designs were very simple and elaborate. A single round in the between, with the finger heads filled with the deep red alta. These designs are usually simple and easy to make. But with time, artisans have modified these designs to look more intricate and beautiful. This design is a perfect Bengali alta design for the brides. This design looks traditional and the simplicity of the design is mind blowing. So if you are looking out for an alta design that is simple but still looks classy, you can opt for this beautiful design.

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2. Intricate Bengali Alta Mehndi Design

Intricate - Bengali Mehndi Designs

Intricate alta designs have gained popularity in the recent times. The mehndi culture has always dominated the market. To cope up with the trend, alta designing artisans experimented with alta in a thicker form to make intricate designs. Usually, alta is very watery and it is difficult to make designs which have great detailing. So by making a few changes in the constituents of alta, artisans were able to make mind boggling designs like all other mehndi designs.

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3. Alta For Feet: Bengali Mehndi Designs

Bengali Mehndi Designs For Feet

Alta is easy to remove and doesn’t fade away. One can have the design for a day or two and then remove it with ease. These designs on feet look so alluring that you just can’t get your eyes off it. Women usually wear alta for weddings and Durga pooja. During Durga pooja, married women ought to wear alta. Both alta and sindur are essential for all married Bengali women during the festive occasions.

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4. Paisley Alta Bengali Mehndi Designs

Paisley Bengali Mehndi Designs

Paisley designs with alta are the most commonly used pattern. These designs can be made both intricately or elaborately. Either ways, they look striking. These designs cover the hand up to the fingertips without looking very heavy. Being less intricate, these designs are best suited for a Sangeet party or reception.

5. Simple Bengali Alta Mehndi Design

Simple - Bengali Mehndi Designs

I am sure all of us love mehndi designs, but try out these alta designs as well. They will definitely be eye catchy and will make you stand out.

If you are specifically looking out for Bengali mehndi designs then alta designs will be the best you can opt for. Do let us know what you think about these beautiful designs.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock