4 Enticing Essentials For The Perfect Bengali Groom Dress

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Marriages are very women-centric in our country. Whenever we think of a wedding, we only think of how beautiful the bride is going to look, what will be her lehenga be like, her hairdo, her makeup and everything else. But what about the regal groom? Why does he get that cold shoulder from everybody? Well, I guess that’s because they are way too fussy about dressing up and yes, they are lethargic beings walking the face of earth.

But now, times have changed. Potential grooms have finally got their mind set and they know how important it is for them to look good at their nuptial. Now the brides-to-be have to share the attention they get, and let a few eyes ogle on their significant halves as well.

Grooms now have a lot to choose from. There are a variety of designs available in the market for them. All of them are beautifully and intricately designed.

Weddings in Bengal are rich in culture and are celebrated with great pomp. The Bengali groom dress is simple yet superbly elegant. So to make it easy for all the regal Bengali grooms, we have jotted down the essential elements a Bengali groom dress comprises of.

Have a look!

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Well, Bengalis call it dhuti. This is the most important element of a Bengali groom’s outfit. This is either made of silk or khadi. The dhoti is worn in white, beige or cream colour. One can always choose to wear a cotton dhoti depending on whichever is comfortable. The customary colour of the dhoti is usually white, but now with the fashion trends gearing up so fast, Bengali grooms do experiment with a lot of colours, depending on the look they want to sport for their wedding.

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The kurta the groom wears for his wedding is called punjabi in Bengali. This piece of cloth is usually made of silk or tasar. The embroidery is usually intricate and minimal. Bengalis don’t prefer heavy kurtas. One can wear a punjabi in any colour he wishes to. Most Bengali grooms either prefer cream or maroon colour kurtas. These kurtas look royal. For a modern look, one can opt to wear a sherwani too. Sherwani’s look as good as the punjabi kurta, and with a host of amazing dapper designer sherwani’s available in the market, it can sway your decision. But if you want to look a traditional Bong, then your call should be punjabi.


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Called as “jodh” in Bengali, this is a silk drape worn by the groom for the wedding rituals. In Bengali weddings, the groom has to wear this drape and dhoti for all the ceremonies of the wedding. The groom usually wears the dhoti and punjabi and then changes into the drape. As the wedding ceremony takes place, the bride and groom walk around the holy fire with the jor knotted around the bride’s dupatta.


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You must have seen all Bengali grooms sporting a headgear during the wedding. This traditional headgear is called the topor. This is made of paper and shoal. This is designed in the shape of a cone hat but has many intricate details to it. White is considered auspicious in the Bengali culture and is a must in the Bengali groom’s attire. The topor is available in many designs and is a piece of art.

So these are the four most essentials things of the Bengali groom attire. I know it sounds simple, but trust me it is quite difficult to carry. So all the Bengali brides-to-be, watch out! The men in their wedding attire are going to make your heart go la la la!

A very happy wedding in advance!

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